manifestation of the spirits

Date the boy who dances with you in your dreams and proposes on bended knee. In the morning, he smiles at you knowingly, but looks away before you notice him blushing. He loves you deeply and uncontrollably, so much that his spirit has been manifested into the dream-state so somehow, somewhere he can love you. Go after him and tell him you feel the same way.

Queer Spirit Invocation (En & Fr) ©

(written for a ritual performance made in Paris at the queer week 2017 and in Rennes)

I, Witch and In Charge,
Who welcomes the injured,
Through my healing spells,
With my calming hands,
And with my devoted soul,
I call you,

You, the urban dandelion,
Courageous lion’s tooth,
Whose existence is a triumph,
You, the alchemical organ,
Whose transmutes shame into pride,
Child of the stars.

By the faggots’ shedding blood !
By the mutilation of the androgynous !
By the exile of dykes!
Oh Queer Spirit I invoke you !

Witch at the Burning Stake,
Seed of belladonna,
And Hydra’s head,
Charm of the night,
And immortality,

Envied Orgasm
Sacred Cyprin,
Spring’s ejaculate,

You, the terror of normality,
The sanctified punk,
As naked as dressed,
A living proof of temerity,
Oh Queer Spirit I invoke you!

Mistress of magic,
A change of consciousness manager,
Spirit manifested, and materialized,
Infuse your presence,
In this room, here and now.

You, the urban dandelion,
Courageous lion’s tooth,
Whose existence is a triumph,
You, the alchemical organ,
Whose transmutes shame into pride,
Child of the stars.

Turn us into a tree,
With hardened bark,
With an acid sap,
With cicatrizing leaves,
Whose roots will be deep.

Turn us into a smiley anger,
Remind us that we are at the origin of freedom,
Give us the furious eye of the assassin,
And the corpse of our torturers.
Teach us the fury to exist,

In our breaths,
And the black of our clothes,
And when fatigue takes us,
Teach us to rest.

And arm us with invisible daggers,
And of a burning armor made of nettles,
To cross all storms.

By the brambles’ thorns,
By Gods’ insolence,
By Ariadne and the links she weaves,
I invoke you!

Make us strong
Disrespectfully happy.
And I conjure you,
Revive the power in us,
The power behind the world, the stars,
The vital force.
And this for eternity.

Original text :

Moi, Sorcière et responsable,
Qui accueille les abîmés,
Par mes sorts guérisseurs,
De mes mains apaisantes,
Et de mon âme dévouée,
Je t’appelle,

Toi, le pissenlit des villes,
Dent de lion courageux,
Dont l’existence est un triomphe,
Toi, l’organe alchimique,
Dont la volonté transmute la honte en fierté,
Enfant des étoiles.

Par le sang versé des pédés !
Par la mutilation des androgynes !
Par l’exil des gouines !
Oh Queer Spirit je t’invoque !

Sorcière sur un bûcher,
Graine de belladone,
Et Tête d’Hydre,
Charme de la nuit,
Et immortalité,

Orgasme jalousé,
Cyprine sacrée,
Éjaculat du printemps,

Toi la terreur des normalités,
Le punk sanctifié,
Aussi nu qu’habillé,
Preuve vivante de témérité,
Oh Queer Spirit je t’invoque !

Maîtresse de la magie,
Régisseur du changement de conscience,
Esprit manifesté, et matérialisé,
Infuse ta présence,
Dans cette pièce, ici et maintenant.

Toi, le pissenlit des villes,
Dent de lion courageux,
Dont l’existence est un triomphe,
Toi, l’organe alchimique,
Dont la volonté transmute la honte en fierté,
Enfant des étoiles.

Change nous en arbre,
A l’écorce endurcie,
D’une sève acide,
Aux feuilles cicatrisantes,
Dont les racines seront profondes.

Change nous en colère souriante,
Rappelle nous que nous sommes à l’origine de la liberté,
Donne nous l’œil furieux de l’assassin,
Et le cadavre de nos tortionnaires.
Enseigne nous la fureur d’exister,

Dans nos souffles,
Et le noir de nos vêtements,
Et quand la fatigue nous gagne,
Apprends nous à nous reposer.

Viens !
Et arme nous de poignards invisibles,
Et d’une armure brûlante faite d’orties,
Pour traverser tous les orages.

Par l’épine des ronces,
Par l’insolence des Dieux,
Par Ariane et les liens qu’elle tisse,
Je t’invoque !

Rend nous fort
Irrespectueusement heureux.
Et je t’en conjure,
Réveil le pouvoir en nous,
Le pouvoir à l’origine du monde, des étoiles,
De la force vitale.
Et ce pour l’éternité.

© 2017 Jah Egregius

DIY: Brews and Potions

Witches standing over an open fire while stirring up potions in a cauldron is one of the many romanticized views of witchcraft. Today, witches brew many things for love, luck, health, wealth, and etc. Potions are a widely regarded instrument for witches. Potions are simply liquid spells that can be taken internally or applied externally to the body. Teas, enchanted perfumes, tinctures, and washes are the many forms these spells can come in. Some are used for healing, others are used in ritual or magickal work. 

Kitchen Herbs and Common plants for Brews

Back in the day, homemade teas and salves were the only medicine available. Using these things today is still very popular and a holistic approach to health that treats the mind, body, and soul together. What you use does not have to be expensive, it can come from your back yard or your home. Many of what you already have you can use to make tinctures, teas, and decoctions. Also, syrups, tonics, waters, and vinegars. If you work with the herbs you have at home already on hand, you will be able to create your own remedy with a distinct local flavor. 

The Power Behind the Plants

It is believed that many spiritual forces animate the world; called animism. When working with a plant or crystal, or performing a spell or ritual at a specific place, witches work with the spirits behind those plants or crystals, and call upon the spirit of that location to help them in their work. There is a special partnership and alliance between the witch and spirit, manifesting in forms of animals (familiars) or in the form of other plants, crystals, and locations. Over time, working with these spirits on various projects will deepen the relationship and the witch will gain information on magical associations, properties, and lore. These things often come through dreams, inspirations, or visions. The spirit will gain energy, attention, and physical shelter as animals or plants or crystals carried as a talisman. 

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Masterpost of Crystal Meanings

Tip: Press CTRL+F to search for traits/stones!

  1. Abalone – Handling Emotional Situations, Psychic Development
  2. Abundance Crystal – Bring state of abundance, prosperity
  3. Aegerine – Energizing, Protection Against Psychic Attacks,
  4. African Crystals – Bring energies that are primal and forceful to crystals
  5. Agate – Protection, Calming, Courage
  6. Agate Eyes – Evil eye
  7. Blue Lace Agate – Gentleness, Tranquility, Communication
  8. Botswana Agate – Transitions, Creativity, Solutions, Nervous System, Broken Bones
  9. Crab Fire Agate – Individuality, Courage
  10. Crazy Lace Agate – Protection from Evil Eye, Decision-making, Focus
  11. Barnacle Crystal – Helpful for group issues, harmony,
  12. Beryl– Varies by color of beryl,
  13. Binghamite – Good Fortune, Elves and Fairies Energy,
  14. Biotite – Clear Picture of Issues,
  15. Bixbite – Harmony, Compatibility,
  16. Black Color Energies  – Survival, Grounding, Protection, Lower Blood Pressure, Root Chakra,
  17. Blackstone (see Black Jasper) – Highly Protecting, Healing,
  18. Bloodstone (Heliotrope) – Centering, Adaptability, Reduce Anxiety,
  19. Blue Color Energies  – Truth, Loyalty, Communication, Peaceful Dreams, General Healing, Relieve Pain,
  20. Boji Stones – Release Blockages, Align Chakras,
  21. Bone – Vitality, Strength,
  22. Dinosaur Bone – Increases Energy, Memory, Said to Heal Broken Bones,
  23. Botswana Agate – Transitions, Creativity, Solutions, Nervous System, Broken Bones,
  24. Bowenite – Protection, Dream-solving,
  25. Brazil Crystals – Said by some to be the most powerful crystal energy, healing,
  26. Bridge Crystal aka Inner Child, Penetrator –  Public Speaking, Heal Old Childhood Issue,
  27. Bronzite – Focused Action, Courtesy, Inner Certainty, Muscular Tension,
  28. Brown Color Energies — Stability, Grounding, Protection, ADD, Instability, Immune System
  29. Bustamite – Clear Energy Blockages, Emotional Safety, Stress Disorders
  30. Calcite – Amplifies Energy, Reduce Fear, Reduce Stress,
  31. Blue Calcite – Soothing Amplifies Energy,
  32. Green Calcite – Prosperity, Increase,
  33. Honey Calcite – Gentle Amplification,
  34. Orange Calcite – Emotional Healing,
  35. Other Calcites – Black Calcite and Others
  36. Pink Calcite, Mangano Calcite – “Reiki Stone”, Self-Love, Universal Love,
  37. Red Calcite – Detoxify, Release Fear,
  38. Yellow Calcite – Energy, Personal Power,
  39. Candle Quartz – Lightbringer, Ancient Knowledge, Abundance,
  40. Carnelian – Creativity, Individuality, Courage,
  41. Castellated Crystal (Castle, Cathedral Crystal) – Balancing, Akashic Wisdom,
  42. Catlinite (Pipestone) – Spirit Communication, Prayer, Ritual,
  43. Cavansite – Stimulate Psychic Awareness, Rid Negative Thoughts,
  44. Celestite (Celestine) – Angelic Guidance, End Worry & Anxiety,
  45. Abalone – Handling Emotional Situations, Psychic Development
  46. Abundance Crystal – Bring state of abundance, prosperity
  47. Aegerine – Energizing, Protection Against Psychic Attacks,
  48. African Crystals – Bring energies that are primal and forceful to crystals
  49. Agate – Protection, Calming, Courage
  50. Agate Eyes – Evil eye
  51. Blue Lace Agate – Gentleness, Tranquility, Communication
  52. Botswana Agate – Transitions, Creativity, Solutions, Nervous System, Broken Bones
  53. Crab Fire Agate – Individuality, Courage
  54. Crazy Lace Agate – Protection from Evil Eye, Decision-making, Focus
  55. Barnacle Crystal – Helpful for group issues, harmony,
  56. Beryl– Varies by color of beryl,
  57. Binghamite – Good Fortune, Elves and Fairies Energy,
  58. Biotite – Clear Picture of Issues,
  59. Bixbite – Harmony, Compatibility,
  60. Black Color Energies  – Survival, Grounding, Protection, Lower Blood Pressure, Root Chakra,
  61. Blackstone (see Black Jasper) – Highly Protecting, Healing,
  62. Bloodstone (Heliotrope) – Centering, Adaptability, Reduce Anxiety,
  63. Blue Color Energies  – Truth, Loyalty, Communication, Peaceful Dreams, General Healing, Relieve Pain,
  64. Boji Stones – Release Blockages, Align Chakras,
  65. Bone – Vitality, Strength,
  66. Dinosaur Bone – Increases Energy, Memory, Said to Heal Broken Bones,
  67. Botswana Agate – Transitions, Creativity, Solutions, Nervous System, Broken Bones,
  68. Bowenite – Protection, Dream-solving,
  69. Brazil Crystals – Said by some to be the most powerful crystal energy, healing,
  70. Bridge Crystal aka Inner Child, Penetrator –  Public Speaking, Heal Old Childhood Issue,
  71. Bronzite – Focused Action, Courtesy, Inner Certainty, Muscular Tension,
  72. Brown Color Energies — Stability, Grounding, Protection, ADD, Instability, Immune System
  73. Bustamite – Clear Energy Blockages, Emotional Safety, Stress Disorders
  74. Calcite – Amplifies Energy, Reduce Fear, Reduce Stress,
  75. Blue Calcite – Soothing Amplifies Energy,
  76. Green Calcite – Prosperity, Increase,
  77. Honey Calcite – Gentle Amplification,
  78. Orange Calcite – Emotional Healing,
  79. Other Calcites – Black Calcite and Others
  80. Pink Calcite, Mangano Calcite – “Reiki Stone”, Self-Love, Universal Love,
  81. Red Calcite – Detoxify, Release Fear,
  82. Yellow Calcite – Energy, Personal Power,
  83. Candle Quartz – Lightbringer, Ancient Knowledge, Abundance,
  84. Carnelian – Creativity, Individuality, Courage,
  85. Castellated Crystal (Castle, Cathedral Crystal) – Balancing, Akashic Wisdom,
  86. Catlinite (Pipestone) – Spirit Communication, Prayer, Ritual,
  87. Cavansite – Stimulate Psychic Awareness, Rid Negative Thoughts,
  88. Celestite (Celestine) – Angelic Guidance, End Worry & Anxiety, Abalone – Handling Emotional Situations, Psychic Development
  89. Abundance Crystal – Bring state of abundance, prosperity
  90. Aegerine – Energizing, Protection Against Psychic Attacks,
  91. African Crystals – Bring energies that are primal and forceful to crystals
  92. Agate – Protection, Calming, Courage
  93. Agate Eyes – Evil eye
  94. Blue Lace Agate – Gentleness, Tranquility, Communication
  95. Botswana Agate – Transitions, Creativity, Solutions, Nervous System, Broken Bones
  96. Crab Fire Agate – Individuality, Courage
  97. Crazy Lace Agate – Protection from Evil Eye, Decision-making, Focus
  98. Barnacle Crystal – Helpful for group issues, harmony,
  99. Beryl– Varies by color of beryl,
  100. Binghamite – Good Fortune, Elves and Fairies Energy,
  101. Biotite – Clear Picture of Issues,
  102. Bixbite – Harmony, Compatibility,
  103. Black Color Energies  – Survival, Grounding, Protection, Lower Blood Pressure, Root Chakra,
  104. Blackstone (see Black Jasper) – Highly Protecting, Healing,
  105. Bloodstone (Heliotrope) – Centering, Adaptability, Reduce Anxiety,
  106. Blue Color Energies  – Truth, Loyalty, Communication, Peaceful Dreams, General Healing, Relieve Pain,
  107. Boji Stones – Release Blockages, Align Chakras,
  108. Bone – Vitality, Strength,
  109. Dinosaur Bone – Increases Energy, Memory, Said to Heal Broken Bones,
  110. Botswana Agate – Transitions, Creativity, Solutions, Nervous System, Broken Bones,
  111. Bowenite – Protection, Dream-solving,
  112. Brazil Crystals – Said by some to be the most powerful crystal energy, healing,
  113. Bridge Crystal aka Inner Child, Penetrator –  Public Speaking, Heal Old Childhood Issue,
  114. Bronzite – Focused Action, Courtesy, Inner Certainty, Muscular Tension,
  115. Brown Color Energies — Stability, Grounding, Protection, ADD, Instability, Immune System
  116. Bustamite – Clear Energy Blockages, Emotional Safety, Stress Disorders
  117. Calcite – Amplifies Energy, Reduce Fear, Reduce Stress,
  118. Blue Calcite – Soothing Amplifies Energy,
  119. Green Calcite – Prosperity, Increase,
  120. Honey Calcite – Gentle Amplification,
  121. Orange Calcite – Emotional Healing,
  122. Other Calcites – Black Calcite and Others
  123. Pink Calcite, Mangano Calcite – “Reiki Stone”, Self-Love, Universal Love,
  124. Red Calcite – Detoxify, Release Fear,
  125. Yellow Calcite – Energy, Personal Power,
  126. Candle Quartz – Lightbringer, Ancient Knowledge, Abundance,
  127. Carnelian – Creativity, Individuality, Courage,
  128. Castellated Crystal (Castle, Cathedral Crystal) – Balancing, Akashic Wisdom,
  129. Catlinite (Pipestone) – Spirit Communication, Prayer, Ritual,
  130. Cavansite – Stimulate Psychic Awareness, Rid Negative Thoughts,
  131. Celestite (Celestine) – Angelic Guidance, End Worry & Anxiety,
  132. Eliat Stone – Remove Hurt, Fear, Stress,
  133. Elestial Crystal  aka Skeletal Crystal – Uncover Secrets, Calming,
  134. Emerald – Love, Communication, Truthfulness,
  135. Empathic Warrior Crystal  – Empathy, Overcome Problems,
  136. Enhydro Crystal – Relationships, Stress Reduction,
  137. Epidote – Enhances Emotional and Spiritual Growth, Perception, Patience,  
  138. ET Crystal – Extra-terrestrial – ET communication, Celestial Beings, Intuition,
  139. Etched Crystal  (Natural) – Ancient Knowledge, Personal Meditation, Lost Healing Techniques,
  140. Eudialyte – Personal Power Stone, Manifestation,
  141. Fairy Frost (Devic) Crystal – Nature Spirits, Elements,
  142. Fairy Quartz – Peace, Heightened Calming Energy, Meditation,
  143. Fairy Stone – Healing Trauma, Health, Prosperity,
  144. Family Cluster  – Family Harmony, Harmony,
  145. Fire Agate –  – See Crystals A page for Agates
  146. Fire Opal – Vitality, Handle Change Comfortably, Clairaudience,
  147. Flame Agate –  – See Crystals A page for Agates
  148. Fluorite – Spiritual Wholeness, Peace, Organization,
  149. Fluorite, Blue John – Beneficial for Sensitives,
  150. Fluorite, Opalized – See Tiffany Stone
  151. Yttrian Fluorite – Manifestation, Wealth,
  152. Fossils – Business Accomplishments, Excellence,
  153. Fulgurites – Direct & Channel Energy, Leadership, Cloud-busting,  
  154. Fuchsite – Lore: Balance, Continuity, Stress Relief,
  155. Galaxite – Protect & Cleanse Aura, Astral Travel,
  156. Galena – “Stone of Harmony”, Insight,
  157. Lord Ganesha (diety, symbol) – Remove Obstacles, Abundance,
  158. Garnet – Romance, Love, Self-Confidence,  
  159. Green Garnet (Grossular Garnet, Grossularite) – Manifestation, Abundance, Confidence,
  160. Hessonite Garnet (Hessionite) – Passion, Creativity, Personal Expression,
  161. Garnet, Tsavorite (Tsavorite, Tsavolith) – See Tsavorite
  162. Generator (Merlin) Crystals – Generate and Magnify Energy, Remove Negative Energy,
  163. Girasol – Visualization, Dreamwork,
  164. Glass – Fire, Air, Earth, Water Elements Combined, Transformation, Rebirth, Focus,
  165. Dichroic Glass – Meditation, Seeing Past Illusions,
  166. Glendonite – Discovery, Learning, Life Purpose,
  167. Gold – Wealth, Happiness, Positive Feelings,
  168. Gold Filled – Balance Energy Fields,
  169. Goldstone – Ambition, Drive,
  170. Goshenite – Truthfulness, Creativity,
  171. Gray Color Energies – Neutrality, Self-Control, May Indicate Illness,
  172. Green Calcite – See the Crystals C page for all calcite.
  173. Green Color Energies – Nature, Harmony, Heart Chakra, Growth, Love, Prosperity, Heart, Blood Pressure,
  174. Green Apophyllite – See Crystals A page for all Apophyllite
  175. Green Moss Agate – See Crystals A page for Moss Agates
  176. Green Millennium – Balance, Harmony, Reduce Anxiety,
  177. Grounding Crystals – Practical Use of Crystal Energy,
  178. Growth Interference Crystal – Remove Energy Blockages,
  179. Gyrolite – Activates Minerals, Ancient Wisdom, Self-Confidence,
  180. Hawk’s Eye – See Blue Tigers Eye
  181. Heart Chakra – Anahata – love, emotions, colors are primarily green and/or pink,
  182. Heliodor – Will Power, Personal Power,
  183. Heliotrope (Bloodstone) – See Crystals B for Bloodstone.
  184. Hematite – Mental Organization, Stability, Grounding, Calming,
  185. Hemimorphite – Self-esteem, Personal Growth, Joy,  
  186. Herkimer “Diamond” (Herkimder “Diamond” Quartz) – Attunement, Mind/Body/Spirit Balance,
  187. Heulandite – Mystical Ancient Knowledge from Atlantis & Lemuria,
  188. Hiddenite – Insight, Intellect, Youthful Vigor,
  189. Himalayan and Tibetan Crystals – Meditative, Ethereal,
  190. Holey Stone (aka Odin Stone) – Prevent Nightmares, Protection, Visions,
  191. Honey Calcite – See the C Crystals page for all calcite.
  192. Howlite – Decrease Stress, Lower Pain,
  193. Included Crystals – Enhances inner qualities,
  194. Indicolite – Spiritual Quest, Psychic Awareness,
  195. Indigo Gabbro – High Energy, Expand Consciousness, Protection,
  196. Infinite (Infinite Stone) – Strong Healing, Draw Out Pain,
  197. Iolite – Psychic Healing, Curiosity, Sobriety,
  198. Isis Crystals – Cope with Loss, Wisdom,
  199. Jade – Love, Fidelity, Generosity, Abundance, PTSD,
  200. Japan Law Twin Crystal – Clear Aura,
  201. Jasper – Nurturing, Protection, Relaxation,  – New Updated Article
  202. Black Jasper – Highly Protecting, Healing, Determine Value,
  203. Brecciated Jasper – Work Success, Wholeness, Protection,
  204. Dalmatian Jasper aka Dalmatine – Remove Disillusionment, Loyalty,
  205. Exotica Jasper aka Sci Fi Jasper – Protection, Soul Nurturing,
  206. Fancy Jasper – Healing, Tranquility,
  207. Kambaba Jasper – Plant Growth, Soothe Nerves,
  208. King Cobra Jasper – Nurturing, Alleviate Anger, Organization,
  209. Leopard Skin Jasper aka Leopard Stone – Service, Power Animals, Visualization,
  210. Mookaite aka Mookaite Jasper – Internal and External Balance,
  211. Morrisonite Jasper – Relaxation, Nurturing,
  212. Ocean Jasper – Love Self & Others, Heal Emotions,
  213. Picture Jasper – Harmony, Visualization,
  214. Poppy Jasper – Protection, Astral Travel, Relaxation,
  215. Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite) – Perseverance, Communication,
  216. Red Jasper – Justice, Protection, Fairness,
  217. Succor Creek Jasper – See Picture Jasper
  218. Yellow Jasper – Solar Plexus (Belly) Chakra, Social Welfare,
  219. Zebra Jasper – See Zebra Stone
  220. Jet aka Black Amber– Heal Grief, Protect Finances
  221. Kansas Pop Rocks – Release Blockages, Align Chakras, more
  222. Katanganite (Katangite) – Clairvoyance, Raise Energy Vibrations, Meditation, more
  223. Key Crystals – Uncover Hidden Information, more
  224. Kinoite – Communication, Truth, Psychic, more
  225. Kundalini Quartz (Natural Congo Citrine) – Raise Kundalini, Willpower, more
  226. Kunzite – Stress, Broken Hearts, more
  227. Kyanite – Loyalty, Chakra Balance, Reduce Anger, more
  228. Green Kyanite – Heart Chakra, Balance, Love, Lessen Anger
  229. Orange Kyanite – Creativity, Sacral Chakra, more
  230. Labradorite ( Spectrolite) – Magic, Psychic Protection, Stress Reduction, more
  231. Lake County “Diamonds” ( Moon Tears, Konocti “Diamonds”) – Goddess Energy, Moon Energy, Relieve Depression, more
  232. Lapis Lazuli – Truthfulness, Inner Power, Organization, more
  233. Larimar – Freedom, Peace, Energy, more
  234. Larvikite (Norwegian Moonstone) – Psychic Work, Read Between the Lines, more
  235. Laser Wand (Lazer Wand) Crystals – Direct and Focus Energy, more
  236. Lavulite – See Sugilite
  237. Lazulite – Psychic, Reduce Worries, Meditation, more
  238. Left Activation (Time Link to Past) Crystals – Link to Past, Left Brain, Analysis, more
  239. Lemurian Seed Crystal – Love, meditation, healing, more
  240. Lepidocrocite (Lepidochrosite) – Reduce Distraction, Lessen Negative Thinking, more
  241. Lepidolite – Emotional Balance, Acceptance, Calm, more
  242. Libyan Desert Glass – Good Luck, Money Drawing, Immune System, more
  243. Lineated Crystals – Divination, Business Skill, Dexterity, more
  244. Lithio-Laser Crystals – Extremely Powerful, Integrate Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit, Break Down Internal Barriers, more
  245. Lithium Quartz – Heal Repressed Emotions, Stress Reducer, Balancing, more
  246. Lodestone (Magnetite) – Attracts Good Fortune and Love, Protection from Evil, more
  247. Lodolite (aka Landscape Quartz, Scenic Quartz, Garden Quartz) – Meditation, Manifesting Desire, Heightened Spiritual Energies, more
  248. Madagascar Crystals –Bring primal energies that are fluid and flowing
  249. Malachite – Transformation, Energy, Balance, more
  250. Manifestation Crystal – Blessings, Wishes, Childhood Trauma, more
  251. Marble, Picasso – Calming, Weight Loss, Self-Discipline, more
  252. Mariposite – Reduce Stress, Adapt to Change, Balance, more
  253. Melody’s Stone (Super Seven, Sacred 7) – Psychic, Healing, more
  254. Mica – Eliminate Negative Personality Traits, Release Blockages, more
  255. Moqui Marbles (Moki Balls, Shaman Stones) – Shamanism, Stimulate Chi, more
  256. Moldavite – Inner Journeys, Cosmic & Crystal Consciousness, more
  257. Molybdenum – Reliability, Stress Relief, Heal Holes in the Aura, more
  258. Mookaite – see Mookaite Jasper
  259. Moonstone – Sensitivity, Intuition, Protection, Obesity, more
  260. Rainbow Moonstone – Calming, Creativity, Compassion, Goddess energies, more
  261. Morganite – Angel Stone, Heart Stone, Ease Pain of Separation, more
  262. Morrisonite (Morrisonite Jasper) – Heart, Bridge Heart and Root Chakras, more
  263. Moss Agate – See Crystals A page for all agates.
  264. Mother of Pearl – Prosperity, Intuition, Transmute Negativity, more
  265. Multicolor Energies – Hope, Brings Multiple Positive Color Energies
  266. Muscovite – Angelic Contact, Lessen Insecurities, Problem Solving, Pancreas, Blood Sugar, more
  267. Nebula Stone – Removes Fear, Boosts memory, more
  268. Needle Crystal – Close Energy Holes, more
  269. Nephrite Jade – Emotional Balance, Protection, Love, more
  270. Novaculite – cut psychic or etheric cords, getting past problems, depression, more
  271. Nuumite (Nuumit) – Protection from Negative Energy, Activate All Chakras, more
  272. Obsidian – Protection, Grounding, Remove Negativity, Infections, more – includes Green Obsidian
  273. Mahogany Obsidian – Inner Strength, Psychic Protection, more
  274. Rainbow Obsidian (also called Sheen Obsidian) – “Stone of Pleasure”, Love, Light, Scrying, more
  275. Snowflake Obsidian – Balance, Serenity, Protection, more
  276. Okenite – Sense of Belonging, Purifying, Angels, more
  277. Onyx – Root Chakra, Protection, Assists with Challenges, Stabilizing, more
  278. Opal – Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity, more
  279. Opal Aura (aka Angel Aura) – See “A” Crystals page.
  280. Blue Peruvian Opal – Ingenuity, Self-Esteem, Stress Reduction, more
  281. Fire Opal – Vitality, Handle Change Comfortably, Clairaudience, more
  282. Pink Peruvian Opal – Love, Gentleness, Romantic, more
  283. Orange Calcite – See the C Crystals page for all calcite.
  284. Orange Color Energies  – Passion, Creativity, Abundance, Freedom, Sexuality, Bladder, Lower Intestine, Sacral Chakra, more
  285. Orange Millennium – Emotional Blockage, Fear, Cohesive Energy, more
  286. Papagoite – Optimism, Euphoric Oneness, more
  287. Parent Crystals (Parent / Child Crystals) – Building Relationships, more
  288. Peach Aventurine – See Crystals A page for all Aventurine
  289. Peacock Ore (Peacock Stone) – See C Crystals page for Chalcopyrite.
  290. Pearls – Calming, Purity, Charity, Truth, more
  291. Pectolite – Wisdom, Truthfulness, more
  292. Peridot – Heart Chakra, Balance, Compassion, more
  293. Petalite – Spiritual Healing, Spirit Guides, Remove Black Magic Spells, more
  294. Petoskey Stone – Third Eye, Emotional Awareness, Clear Negativity, more
  295. Petrified Wood – Practicality, Business Success, more
  296. Phantom Crystals – Awareness, Meditation, Mysticism, More
  297. Phenacite (Phenakite) – Extremely High Energy, Third Eye, Clear Energy Centers, more
  298. Pipestone (Catlinite) – See C Crystals page.
  299. Phlogopite (Phlogopit) – Remove Spiritual Blocks, Mental Anguish, more
  300. Phosphosiderite – Healing, Past Life, more
  301. Pietersite (Tempeststone) – Beauty in Life, Angels, Relaxation, more
  302. Picasso Marble (Picasso Stone) – Calming, Weight Loss, Self-Discipline, more
  303. Pink Color Energies  – Nurturing, Kindness, Love, Life Path, Overeating, Childbirth, Heart Chakra, more
  304. Pink Mangano Calcite – See the C Crystals page for all calcite.
  305. Plancheite – Raise Vibrations, Protection, Psychic, more
  306. Prasiolite – Self-Reliance, Prosperity, Prophesy, more
  307. Prehnite – Strengthen Life Force, Increase Energy, Spirit Communication, more
  308. Psilomelane (Crown of Silver) – Gazing/Scrying, Meditation, more
  309. Purple (& Violet) Color Energies  – Inner Sight, Psychic, Mystery, Spiritual, Relieve Stress, Addictions, Third Eye Chakra, more
  310. Purpurite (purperite) – Break from Self-destructive Habits, Spirituality, more
  311. Pyrite – Healer’s Gold, Protection, more
  312. Quantum Quattro Silica – Healing, DNA, Immune System, more
  313. Amphibole Quartz – See Angel Quartz (Angel Phantom Quartz)
  314. Aqua Aura Quartz – See Crystals A page for Aqua Aura
  315. Azeztulite Quartz – See Crystals A page for Azeztulite
  316. Candle Quartz Crystal (Pineapple Quartz, Atlantean LoveStar- see Crystals Cpage.
  317. Cherry “Quartz” – Also see Glass
  318. Quartz – Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance and Energy, more
  319. Eisenkiesel Quartz – Enhance Energy, Concentration, Protection, more
  320. Fairy Quartz (White Fairy Quartz) – Peace, Calm, Meditation, more
  321. Hematoid Quartz – Pain Relief, Emotional Balance, more
  322. Himalayan “Ice” Quartz, aka Nirvana Quartz – Perseverance, Spirit, Meditation, more
  323. Litio-laser Quartz – Extremely Powerful, Integrate Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit, Break Down Internal Barriers, more
  324. Lithium Quartz – Heal Repressed Emotions, Stress Reducer, Balancing, more
  325. Red Orange River Quartz – Energize, Accept Life Path, Decisions, more
  326. Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, Opens The Heart, Romantic, Self-Love, more
  327. Rutilated Quartz (Quartz with Rutile) – Self-Reliance, Diminish Fears, Mystical Crystal Diagnostics, more
  328. Smoky Quartz – Centering, Good Luck, Protection, more
  329. Snow Quartz aka Milky Quartz or White Quartz – Good Fortune, Purification, Calming, Meditation, more
  330. Solar Quartz – Emotional Uplifting, Spirit, Harmony, more
  331. Spirit Quartz – Transform Negative Energy to Positive, Dreamwork, Shamanic Journeys, more
  332. Tangerine Quartz – Inner Self, Balance Emotions, more
  333. Tibetan “Black” Quartz – Purification, Aura Cleansing, Protection, Energy Blockages, Powerful Healing, more
  334. Tibetan Scepter Quartz – Connection to True Self, more
  335. Tourmalated Quartz Ttourmaline in Quartz) – Protection, Reduce Anxiety, more.
  336. Rainbow Aura (light, aka Angel Aura) – See Crystals A page for Angel Aura
  337. Rainbow Crystals – Hope, Uplifting, more
  338. Realgar – Energy, Unlocking, more
  339. Recordkeeper Crystals – Information through Meditation, more
  340. Red Aventurine – See Crystals A page for all aventurine
  341. Red Calcite – See C Crystals page for all calcite.
  342. Red Color Energies  – Survival, Physical Needs, Physical Energy, Sexual Energy, Action, Blood, Spine, Feet, Base Chakra, more
  343. Rhodizite – Master Crystal, Super High Energy, more
  344. Rhodochrosite (Rhodocrosite) – Stone of Love and Balance, more
  345. Rhodonite – Grace, Elegance, Decrease Anxiety, more
  346. Richterite – Stress, Calm, more
  347. Right activation (Time Link to the Future) – Increase Right Brain Functions, Time Link to the Future, more
  348. Root Chakra – Muladhara (Base) – survival, power, growth, stability, love of life, colors are primarily black or red, more
  349. Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, Opens The Heart, Romantic, Self-Love, more
  350. Rubellite – Passion, Detach from Pain, Abundance, more
  351. Ruby – Happiness, Prosperity, Integrity, Devotion, more
  352. Ruby Aura Quartz – Passion, Vitality, Survival, more
  353. Ruby in Fuchsite – Balancing, Solutions to Problems, more
  354. Ruby in Zoisite – Energy Amplification, Psychic, Heart, more
  355. Rudraksha – Sacred, more
  356. Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana, Spleen Chakra) –  creativity, personal expression, abundance, color is primarily orange, more
  357. Saginite – Protection, Self-Confidence, more
  358. Tabby (Tabular) Crystals – Activate other stones, more
  359. Tangerine Aura – Self-Confidence, Release Sexual Blocks, more
  360. Tanzan Aura – Intuition/Pyshic, Spirit Guides, Reclaim Passion, more
  361. Tasmanite – See Atlantisite
  362. Tanzanite – Magic, Success, Stress Relief – more
  363. Tektite – Wisdom, Knowledge, Strengthen One’s Energy Field, more
  364. Third Eye Chakra – Ajna (Brow) – mental clarity, psychic abilities, colors are primarily indigo, violet or purple, more
  365. Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – communication, truthfulness, colors are primarily blue or turquoise, more
  366. Ulexite – Far Sight, Clairvoyance, Balance, more
  367. Unakite – Find Animal Guide, Heal Abandonment, Weight Loss, Gardening, more
  368. Variscite – “True Worry Stone”, Tension, Kidneys, Nervous System, more
  369. Verdite  – Opens Chakras, Ancient Knowledge, more
  370. Vermeil – Happiness, Intuition, more
  371. Wavellite – Decision-making, Energy Flows, more
  372. White Color Energies  – Light, Balance, Divinity, Cosmic Consciousness, Color Healing Substitute for Any Other Color, more
  373. Window Crystals – Clairvoyance, Scrying, more
  374. Witches Finger – Lightwork, Healer Stones, more
  375. Wonderstone –Eliminate Worries, Depression, Anxiety, more
  376. Wulfenite – Move Energy, White Magic, Emotional Blocks, more
  377. Yang Crystals – Self-Confidence, Assertiveness, more
  378. Yellow Calcite – See the C Crystals page for all calcite.
  379. Yellow Color Energies  – Joy, Success, Mental Clarity, Business, Personal Power, Relaxation, Nerves, Digestion, Solar Plexus Chakra, More
  380. Yellow Jasper – Social, Protection, Balance, more
  381. Yin Crystals – Intuition, Harmony, more
  382. Yin/Yang Crystals – Balance Masculine and Feminine Energies, more
  383. Zebra Stone – Connect to Mother Earth, Stimulates Energy, more
  384. Zeolites – Remove Toxins, Remove Negative Energy, more
  385. Zincite – Synthesis, Personal Power, Group Efforts, more
  386. Zoisite  – Trust in Universe, Release Fears, more
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure chapter 1: Jonathan Joestar gets a shitbag for an adoptive brother because the latters's father was mistaken for a Good Samaritan.
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure chapter 910: In an alternate continuity following the universe forcibly undergoing entropy and a second Big Bang, the AU version of Jonathan Joestar's great great grandson is also the AU version of a serial killing antagonist down to having the same psychic manifestation of fighting spirit. This man was magically fused with his friend after rock people killed them for interfering in their fruit smuggling ring. The resultant hybrid person, the current protagonist, loses a fight to a baby after failing to crush it in a door.
100 “Epic” Adventure Ideas...

Here are one hundred adventure seeds you can use to generate ideas for your adventures and campaigns.

  1. A ancient and evil balor sorcerer imprisons old friends of the player characters, holding them hostage in return for a service. 
  2. A band of several death slaadi rogues and sorcerers begins to waylay all planar travelers who chance through their recently claimed turf on the Astral Plane.
  3. A ranger hero recognized around the world begins to organize a group of explorers for reasons unknown…
  4. A bardic college develops a style of music that charms and dominates any that listen to it too long.
  5. A beholder cluster, made up of many beholders driven mad, begins to war with lesser beholder communities, apparently all seeking a beholder artifact. 
  6. A prominent deity grows sick and will die if the cause of its divine ill is not discovered. 
  7. A beloved prophecy long accepted as true fails to occur because of the characters’ meddling, and the world turns against them…
  8. A blinding, yellow haze seeps down from the sky, covering the world…
  9. A celestial tree hundreds of miles long reaches its roots down and begins to grow on the world’s surface. Creatures from other worlds live in the heights of the tree. 
  10. A child is born who prophecy indicates will one day ascend to godhood. 
  11. A black disease blights the forest, killing all vegetation as it continues to expand without limit at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  12. A clan of psionic militants breaks away from the kingdom — literally. A huge chunk of land hundreds of acres wide floats up and away (taking with it many terrified non-psionic people). 
  13. A conjunction of parallel planes somehow energizes a lowly peasant to the power of a greater deity — but only until the conjunction ends. 
  14. A cross-time catastrophe has cut off the Material Plane from all others. 
  15. A dragon kills the ruler of the largest nation and takes over, calling itself the Dragon King.
  16. A flaw in a true resurrection spell leaves one player character undead by night and alive by day. 
  17. A floating city arrives from across the sea, apparently fleeing the depredations of the Warlord, a barbarian of an epic caliber.
  18. A flock of angelic avengers and celestials is ravaging across the continent. 
  19. A meeting is called by a storm giant blackguard. Powerful giants from around the world (and other worlds) begin to congregate. Though no one knows the meaning of this calling…
  20. A glorious gemstone in which the first light of creation still lingers is purportedly languishing in an ancient, crumbling demi-plane. 
  21. A great chase ensues through endless parallel dimensions as wizard researchers follow the faint trail of the long-vanished elder elves. 
  22. A group of gargoyle paragons claims the Cathedral of Pelor as its own new home. 
  23. A hero of renown (a quasi-deity, really) is to be wed to an elven prince, but the prince’s royal family claims the prince is under a spell. 
  24. A hole is gouged in the veil separating life and death. As the tide of life pours out into the void, all creatures everywhere begin to die as they accumulate negative levels. The hole must be mended. 
  25. A red dragon and two of its siblings emerge from a red-lit cavern in the earth. 
  26. A lesser deity declares the PCs as its mortal enemies, enjoining all its worshipers and allies to find and slay them. 
  27. A longstanding illusion is pierced, revealing that the king is nowhere to be found, and that all dictates of the kingdom have been actually flowing from the thieves’ guild. 
  28. A new deity decides to leave the Outer Planes to set up its palace on the face of the Material Plane. Once it arrives, it demands worshipers and servitors. 
  29. A mad chronomancer with a mastery of time, has determined how to destroy the past (and therefore the present). Unless it can be stopped, time itself will unravel. 
  30. A planar conjunction will soon come to pass, allowing the legions of hell (or worse) direct access to a selected part of the Material Plane for 24 hours. It can’t be stopped, but some famous characters may attempt to defend key cities or strongholds from the onslaught. 
  31. A player character’s heart is stolen and replaced with a magical gem or a strange alchemical creation. Who knows how long the replacement will last? 
  32. A powerful wizards’ guild enters all-out war with the dominant religious order of the world. 
  33. A quasi-deity wants an escort as it ventures into the Abyss to release a companion quasi-deity from bondage. 
  34. A rogue moon threatens to crash down upon the world, ending all life. 
  35. A sentient spell-virus is raging out of control among spellcasters. All who fall victim to it become part of one unified mind controlled by a malign intelligence. 
  36. A species of “fish” introduced from another plane has provided good eating and relief from famine over the last year. Now, thousands (possibly millions?) of the fish-like creatures begin a sudden growth spurt, transforming en masse into terribly powerful and bloodthirsty predators. 
  37. A splinter community of humans evolves into a sub-race sporting strange and variant powers. 
  38. A syndicate of assassins dramatically expands its membership by introducing a mind-control potion into a city’s water supply. 
  39. A team of nightmares draws a chariot driven by a powerful fighter into the city. 
  40. A titan seeks those brave enough to release it from its age-long bondage; its rescuers may face the wrath of higher deities. 
  41. A vampire scion from another plane begins to conquer world after world with the help of a reforged artifact of legend, Midnight’s Heart
  42. A volcano erupts. In the aftermath, a portal to the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire remains open permanently.
  43. A well-known wizards’ guild’s magical dumping ground of failed experiments and stale spell components becomes sentient.
  44. A wizard attempting to summon a powerful devil slips up and somehow summons an abomination instead: an infernal lord of the hells. 
  45. A wizard claims to have developed an epic spell ritual that, if cast, will slay a deity.
  46. All magic items crafted from a particular city begin to bestow negative effects on their owners with each use. 
  47. All who fall asleep on a selected world cannot be awakened and eventually die in their sleep. Exhaustion is beginning to take a hold on even the greatest heroes of its realm…
  48. An adventuring party stumbles upon the tomb prison of an long dead half-god and releases it. 
  49. An anti-magic plague is released by an unknown agency, causing sickness and eventually death to any who prepare or cast arcane spells. 
  50. An artifact belonging to one of the characters must be destroyed, lest some great catastrophe, which has secretly been gathering, come to pass. 
  51. An artifact capable of forever dominating all red dragons everywhere is discovered.
  52. An enclave of gnomes customizes an iron colossus into a walking war platform.
  53. A group of NPCs known for good deeds suddenly embarks on a death spree, murdering merchants and their envoys…
  54. A group of NPCs decides to destroy the PC adventurers, for reasons that are initially obscure. 
  55. A sentient, free roaming, self-casting disintegrate spell breaks loose from a wizard’s laboratory. 
  56. A legendary paladin leads a crusade to hell. 
  57. An inter-dimensional caravan must float on the River Styx through the dangers of several lower planes. 
  58. Spirits begin to manifest from machines as complicated as simple steam-powered wheels — is it a warning from the gods of the forge to desist? 
  59. Angry druids raise the beasts, animals, and dire animals of the wild, intent on beginning a new world order in which nature comes first. 
  60. As the world ages, frequent earthquakes threaten to plunge the major nations under the sea. 
  61. Blue-skinned merchants begin to sell enormously popular items composed of dreamstuff — “mined from the very dreams of a deity,” claim the merchants.
  62. Deeper than the Underdark, the world is discovered to be hollow. Hanging in that vast opening is an unknown, uncharted inner world of strangeness.
  63. Dwarf miners follow a vein of adamantine to a hinged valve sealed with divine magic of an age older than any of the current deities. 
  64. A group of seemingly amateur rogues steal the magical scepter of the Dragon King. 
  65. Evil opportunists slay the Guardian of the Flame of Destiny, hoping to remold the Law of Reality to their own liking. 
  66. Ghosts of every sort begin to rise again, and they won’t recognize their own undead state. 
  67. Mind flayers successfully gain control of a surface nation, plunging the region into permanent darkness. 
  68. Jade pyramids of prodigious size rise from the earth. Sounds unlike any heard before echo faintly from within their stony cores. 
  69. Construct-like creatures of insane complexity called “machines” move across the land, preparing the way for a larger invasion of automated entities. 
  70. Magic begins to fail, supposedly because it is being “used up” faster than it naturally regenerates. 
  71. Mercenary half-dragons who ride chromatic dragons as steeds sell their swords (and spells) to an evil empire. 
  72. Newborns begin to be born without souls.
  73. Off-plane raiders begin to steal people away for use as slaves and food. 
  74. Once every ten years a small cave provides access into a magical, underground world where all living beings give off colorful light, ruled by mysterious fey lords with mysterious agendas. 
  75. One of the player characters learns about his or her real mother or father — in fact, that parent was a demon, and that demon has come calling. 
  76. Planetars and solars bring heaven’s war to the Material Plane, slaying any and all they deem evil or immoral. 
  77. Chromatic dragons decide that their “species” is the only true draconic race, and they begin a campaign of genocide against all other dragon types. 
  78. Several well-known cities and all their inhabitants suddenly disappear without a trace. More could follow…
  79. Someone is breaking the Seven Seals that maintain the integrity of the multiverse…
  80. The ancient Great Library has secret vaults where the Words Once Spoken are supposedly inscribed in the Book of Sleep. To speak them again would remake the universe. 
  81. The Clock that Rules the Universe is under attack by insane gnome alchemists, who are raiding it for parts. 
  82. The End Times threaten to begin. 
  83. The gods of Law put all humanoid races on trial for their excesses.
  84. The Lord High Priest of Pelor denounces her deity and faith. 
  85. The most feared and reviled weapon of legend, an artifact sword that drains life energy with a touch, is lost by its owner. 
  86. The Mother of Spiders emerges from her Cocoon of a Million Years to find a mate for her next spawning. 
  87. A vast necropolis undergoes a mystical transformation. Now, each coffin, sarcophagus, and mausoleum leads to separate cemetery dimensions and realms of death. 
  88. The PCs’ stronghold mysteriously gains new extra-dimensional halls and rooms of unknown origin, content, and extent.
  89. The populace decides that they want one of the PCs as their new ruler, which doesn’t please the current ruler. 
  90. The secret texts of a prominent religion, recently discovered, call into question the church’s real goal, its actual origin, and the agenda of its god. 
  91. The souls of a good queen and her family are drawn into the Abyss by an unknown demonic agency. 
  92. The spirits of the dead begin to possess the bodies of the living at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  93. The sun is infested with moon-sized parasites, and may soon fail like so many other stars have fallen to this celestial infestation. 
  94. The winter, which was overly cold, lasts too long — the goddess of winter, Auril, is suspected to be the cause…
  95. The woods begin to grow without bound, invading field, plain, and city. 
  96. The yuan-ti attempt to awaken the Slumbering Serpent, a little-known abomination born of their own race and a god of serpents.
  97. Twenty percent of all astral travelers begin to disappear in mid-trip. Mid-travel diversion spells are suspected. 
  98. Two parallel planes move too close to each other, and denizens and objects of one constantly slip onto the other, and vice versa. 
  99. Unless stopped, an ancient demi-lich will inject itself onto the Negative Energy Plane, where it can possess any undead anywhere in the multiverse. 
  100. When a friend or a respected associate is resurrected, the soul returned to the body has different memories from the original. Whence does this soul come? 
An Analysis of Bakugou’s Superiority Complex

I think you’re at least kind of right. Bakugou knows Midoriya has something that he lacks, and that causes him to feel bitterness towards Midoriya. It’s also hard for Bakugou to deal with the idea that Midoriya is more like All Might than he is. Although, I don’t Bakugou ever admired Midoriya back when Midoriya was Quirkless. I think he hated Midoriya because Midoriya makes him feel weak.

I think Bakugou’s hatred of Midoriya comes from him having a textbook case of superiority complex.

A superiority complex is “a psychological defense mechanism in which feelings of superiority counter or conceal feelings of inferiority.” In other words, Bakugou’s narcissism and feelings of superiority are due to him trying to cover for his inferior feelings. When Bakugou is feeling weaker than Midoriya in some cases, he’ll lash out against Midoriya and treat him as inferior in order to protect his feelings of weakness. Whether Midoriya realizes it or not, he picks on Bakugou’s insecurities, and, in order to protect his ego, Bakugou bullies Midoriya and tries to make himself feel superior.

I don’t think Bakugou’s superiority complex has always existed. I think Midoriya simply triggered it.

From when he was a young child, Bakugou has always been praised.

As his mom points out, all that praise for his talents has made him narcissistic.

Bakugou’s feelings of superiority come from all the praises during his childhood. That much is self-explanatory. Because of those praises, he has high expectations for himself.

Because Bakugou was praised for his Quirk and Midoriya had no Quirk, it was easy for Bakugou to come to the conclusion that Midoriya is inferior.

As a result, when Midoriya, someone who’s supposed to be beneath him, tries to help him, it’s a huge blow to Bakugou’s ego. Midoriya is supposed to be a Quirkless loser. Bakugou isn’t supposed to need his help.

Any time Midoriya tries to help Bakugou, it makes Bakugou feel weak. In order to feel less weak and to prove his superiority, he bullies Midoriya and brings him down. A superiority complex exists to cover for an inferiority complex. In Bakugou’s case, his inferiority complex comes from Midoriya making him feel weak and like he has lower self-worth. His superiority complex kicks in when he bullies and brings Midoriya down in order to feel stronger. If Bakugou can keep convincing himself that Midoriya is weak and that he’s superior, then Bakugou can feel strong. The weaker Midoriya is, the stronger Bakugou feels. It’s a vicious mindset that Bakugou develops over the years, and he can’t get over this mindset and acknowledge Midoriya’s strength easily.

Bakugou’s superiority complex is so bad that he even considers losing if it means not having to work with Midoriya. Working with Midoriya is just that big of a bruise to his ego, and it makes him feel stronger thinking Midoriya is not good enough to work with him.

He still has to mentally think Midoriya is a piece of shit even while working with him.

Bakugou has gotten into this mindset where he has to prove he’s better than Midoriya in order to make himself stronger. Midoriya makes him feel weak. In order to combat those feelings, Bakugou has to put Midoriya down.

Midoriya getting a Quirk from All Might and catching up to Bakugou in terms of ability makes Bakugou feel weak. That’s why he can’t accept Midoriya’s strength so easily. Midoriya is supposed to always be beneath Bakugou. When he catches up to Bakugou, that only pisses Bakugou off because that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a failure on Bakugou’s part to allow Midoriya to catch up to him.

Once Bakugou realizes Midoriya received All Might’s power, he thinks that means there must be something Midoriya has that Bakugou doesn’t. Midoriya did something right while Bakugou did something wrong. Since All Might chose Midoriya, a kid who was always weaker than Bakugou, it makes Bakugou feel weak. This aggravates his inferiority complex. Bakugou feels so weak that he blames himself for getting captured by the villains and leading to All Might’s downfall.

It doesn’t help Bakugou’s inferiority complex when he feels like Midoriya is always looking down on him. He hates it when people do that.

Just a reminder, if people feel weak or incompetent and they let that consume themselves, then they have an inferior complex.

An inferior complex isn’t always conscious. In Bakugou’s case, it was initially subconscious and then became more conscious after All Might lost his powers. His inferiority complex is aggravated by anyone who makes him feel weak. Midoriya especially makes it worse. However, other people have aggravated Bakugou’s inferiority complex as well.  

If someone stands against Bakugou, Bakugou wants that person to give it his or her all. If that person doesn’t, to Bakugou, that person is looking down on him and making him feel weak.

Todoroki does just that during the Sport’s Festival.

Bakugou’s superiority complex isn’t the only defense mechanism for his inferiority complex. Often he just gets REALLY PISSED OFF against the people who make him feel weak. For instance, this is what he’s like after his fight with Todoroki.

Bakugou also shuns anyone who makes him feel weak, like Todoroki for example.

There are other smaller examples of other students picking on Bakugou’s inferiority complex. Midoriya and Todoroki are just the big examples.

Not everyone with a superiority complex is as destructive as Bakugou. In fact, out of all the students with an inferiority complex, Bakugou seems to cope with it the worst since he hurts others in the process.

Aoyama is a milder example someone with of a superiority complex. Remember, a superiority complex is simply a defense mechanism for an inferiority complex.

People, like Aoyama, who feel insecure about themselves and let that insecurity consume them have an inferiority complex.

To cope with the inferiority complex, they act more superior. Although, in Aoyama’s case, instead of tearing people down like Bakugou, he simply boasts himself, tries to get attention, and acts like he’s amazing.

Aoyama acts like he loves himself, and he loves the attention. There could be an argument to be made that Aoyama doesn’t have a superiority complex since he doesn’t bring others down in order to make himself feel superior. However, he boasts how amazing he is, gets dramatic, and seeks attention as a way to cope with his feelings of inferiority.

Right now, Bakugou and Aoyama are the only students I can think of who have developed a superiority complex from their inferiority complex.

There are certainly other students who have an inferiority complex. It’s inevitable given the nature of being a hero. Being a hero is very competitive. In order to be successful, students need to stand out from their peers, and their peers in turn will will use their weaknesses against them. Villains also take advantage of any weakness students may have. It makes sense for students to feel like they’re inadequate compared to the amazing talent of their peers or to feel like they’re not as strong as they should be.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t really look like Midoriya has an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex occurs when people become too focused on their deficiencies and start to feel intense lower self-worth. Midoriya doesn’t have that. Midoriya has usually been pretty pragmatic about his weaknesses and doesn’t let them make him think he’s inadequate or worth less.

Bakugou’s bullying never caused Midoriya to give up or feel worth less. Midoriya has always thought Bakugou is amazing. As a result, Bakugou became a role model for Midoriya instead of someone who pushes him down.

Hearing that Togata could have been the successor for One for All and that Nighteye thinks Togata would make a better successor doesn’t make Midoriya think he is unworthy of One for All. Midoriya still thinks he’s worthy of One for All and will push himself to prove it.

Keep in mind, Midoriya not having an inferiority complex does not mean he isn’t sometimes humble or hard on himself. He’s not cocky. He will have moments where he doesn’t take credit for his achievements or is disappointed in himself. That’s part of human nature. 

Here, Midoriya is giving others credit for his achievements. 

When he says this, he’s not saying he doesn’t deserve to be where he is or that he’s not deserving of his Quirk. He’s simply giving people who have helped him throughout is life credit. He wants to be the number one hero for their sake as well as his own. That’s not an inferiority complex. 

During the moments Midoriya is hard on himself, it’s usually because it’s the rational conclusion, such as in the example shown below. 

All Might tells Midoriya that he can only use to five percent of his power. Midoriya reasonably thinks that doesn’t sound like a lot. Midoriya isn’t being unreasonably hard on himself or thinks he’s weak. He’s just coming to the rational conclusion based on what he knows. Midoriya knows he needs to work on controlling his Quirk without breaking his bones. Midoriya feeling like he has a lot to work on doesn’t mean he thinks he’s a lesser being or has low self-esteem. 

People having moments where they’re hard on themselves or think they can do better is normal. An inferiority complex is when those inferior feelings happen all the time whether subconsciously or not. Bakugou often feels weak, and this manifests into the angry and mean-spirited behavior we know. Bakugou always subconsciously or consciously thinks he’s weak. It’s a more general feeling rather than one that happens occasionally. Midoriya doesn’t always think he’s not good enough or not deserving. If he’s not good enough in a certain area, then he’ll come to the rational conclusion for that particular area. An inferiority complex is a general feeling of inferiority rather than the occasional moments of feeling inferior. It makes people feel like they’re worth less overall. It’s a neurotic condition, meaning people with an inferiority complex worry frequently about their inferiority, even when it’s irrational or not important. The negative attitudes at times are irrational. 

Take Momo’s inferiority complex for example. She is very sensitive to her shortcomings from the Sports Festival. She is very hard on herself for not living up to her high expectations. She even goes as far as saying she “hasn’t left behind any noteworthy results.” Even though Momo is a very rational thinker, this is a VERY harsh criticism on her part and has affected her attitude since then. 

Momo’s negative feelings about herself occur when she compares herself to Todoroki. She starts feeling not good enough and loses confidence in herself. An inferiority complex affects the general perception and behavior one has towards himself or herself. 

Her inferiority complex prevents her from speaking up about a plan because she thinks she’s not good enough to share her idea. 

She thinks so little of herself that she comes to the conclusion that if Todoroki’s plan didn’t work, then hers can’t work either. 

An inferiority complex affects the behavior of individuals. In Momo’s case, hers makes her more passive because she feels like she’s not good enough to voice her opinion. In Aoyama’s case, it makes him more self-centered in order to compensate for his inferior feelings. In Bakugou’s case, it makes him become a bully because bringing people down makes him feel more superior. 

Midoriya not having an inferior complex makes sense. Midoriya is supposed to be Bakugou’s foil. Bakugou’s weaknesses are supposed to be Midoriya’s strengths.

If both boys have an inferiority complex, then they don’t make that good of foils. While Bakugou has feelings of weakness that he lets consume him. Midoriya doesn’t let his flaws make him feel weak or insecure and tries to push himself to be number one anyway because he believes he’s worthy of being number one.

Keep in mind, not everyone with an inferiority complex lets it hold them back or has harmful ways to cope with the inferiority complex like Bakugou does. An inferiority complex is simply a constant feeling of being inadequate and not measuring up. Some people with an inferiority complex use it to improve the skills they think they lack. It can be a driving force to improve. Bakugou, in a way, has also used his inferiority complex to improve himself. Unfortunately, he also tries to handle his feelings of weakness by lashing out and bringing others down.

The worst way to cope with an inferiority complex is to develop a superiority complex from it. People with a superiority complex still have low self-esteem like others with an inferiority complex. However, they also bring down others in order to cope with their low self-esteem and end up being isolated from people as a result.


The Ghosts of Mewni’s Past

An attempt to expand the lore of Cressieverse.

Each Queen has a respective feast day, whether it be their birth day or or their death (whatever is more significant). On their respective feast day, the spirit of a Queen will manifest and rise from their resting place in The Constellation (also known as The Graveyard of Queens). There, one day will be given for her to be celebrated by the kingdom, with permission from the current Queen. Many queens can be born or die on the same day, thus, not all Queens are celebrated. The less popular Queens fade from obscurity, while the more well-known are celebrated and glorified yearly. And those who are forgotten would want to make sure that people will say their name once again, whatever it takes.

A Queen’s cause of the death is visible on their so-called spirit, from the most peaceful to the most violent. Each shown has a different cause of death, and I wrote hints in each of the Queen’s captions. Try to guess correctly!

The Law of Attraction Technique More Powerful Than Visualizing:

What is it? Re-writing or imagining the day as you wished it had been. Every incident and conversation.

Where did it come from? Neville Goddard, a mystic teacher who taught in Los Angeles and New York in the 1950s, was the first to understand and apply the technique of revision.

How do I do it? In your mind recall the day from when you woke up. Make each incident conform to your ideal wishes. So, if you woke to a loud bang from the neighbour above, you would change that to seeing that you woke peacefully. If you received a letter with disappointing news, mentally read the letter you wished you had read instead! Imagine all your bills were paid. Imagine he/she didn’t snap at you, but infact helped you. Imagine that phone call you’ve been waiting for. Imagine you had a sense of peace that never left you today. Imagine you had more than enough time, money and energy left over at the end of the day! And either see this in your mind or write it out. The essential point is to feel the reality of what you wished had happened.

Why does it work? Neville Goddard said revision allows you to radically change your attitude to your present circumstances and to the world. And to the degree you can change your attitude, the world around you will change to reflect that.

What are the benefits?
•It is similar to mindfulness meditation because it helps remove the residue of stress that builds up daily.
•It helps you press Pause on the negative flow if you are in one.
•It enhances your mental faculties of imagination and willpower as you imagine what you’d like
•It helps you believe you are more in control of your life than you know.

•A woman that saw a hat she wanted but couldn’t afford, imagined she had it and was later gifted the exact same hat.
•A boss that was hard to work with for 11 years, became more appreciative of his employer overnight, praising her design skills. All the designer did that morning was imagine on her walk to work that her boss was with her the whole commute, praising her.
•A young person imagined a tax refund letter and a revised bill, with an apology for the over-charge, came within a week.

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Change your today, and tomorrow will follow.


An orisha (spelled òrìṣà in the Yoruba language, and orichá or orixá in Latin America) is a spirit who reflects one of the manifestations of the supreme divinity (Eledumare, Olorun, Olofi) in Yoruba religion.

every single random girl u meet in the toilets at a club who compliments you and is your best friend for about 2 minutes of ur life before disappearing back into the void forever is a manifestation of the spirit of roxy lalonde

Orisha Rulers of the Zodiac

An Orisha is a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God. Being four hundred and one of them in total, each playing a role within the Yoruba pantheon, twelve of them can be equated to the twelve signs of the Zodiac along with their respective houses. The following is a brief summary of each Zodiac House along with the Orisha that is associated with it.

The first house of the Zodiac is the home of the Ascendant, and symbolises the acting self and how your personality appears to others. The ruling planet of this house is Mars, which is also the Roman God of war, making Ogun the warrior god the Orisha equivalent. Like Aries, Ogun possesses assertive and aggressive characteristics, and is the patron deity of soldiers, police officers, surgeons, railroad workers, welders, body builders, or anyone employed to work with iron and steel. Like the blacksmith who molds his creations to perfection, the first house deals with molding the inner and outward Self and realizing your highest potential.

Taurus is the ruling sign of the second house, which is said to be the house of possessions. This should not only be understood as material possessions but also as traits and characteristics that we value about ourselves. The ruling planet Venus is also the Roman goddess of love, whose Orisha equivalent is Oshun. Oshun is the goddess of fresh water (as opposed to the salty, ocean waters of the goddess Yemoja), sensuality, prosperity, love, and fertility. Oshun is presented as a beautiful young woman who is widely loved for providing protection and needs for the poor and healing the sick.

The third house is ruled by the cosmic twins Ibeji, the Orisha equivalent of Gemini. This house deals with communication and the way you think and operate mentally. An emphasis is put on siblings within this house which is properly represented by the twins, along with short journeys and writings. Ibeji also represents duality and balance; the yin and the yang found within all life. Though presented as twins, Ibeji is actually one Orisha. To the Yoruba people, twins are considered sacred and are said to be one soul inhabiting two bodies, linked together by destiny for life.

The fourth house of the Zodiac is ruled by Cancer and deals with issues surrounding the home life. Cancer is known for being maternal, protective, nurturing, and instinctive, qualities shared by the Orisha Yemoja, the goddess of the ocean and mother of all the Orisha. She is the patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women, whose name is a contraction of the Yoruba words “Yeye omo eja” which means “Mother whose children are like fish”, representing the vastness of her motherhood. Her ebb and flow of the tides of the ocean are a result of the moon which is the ruling “planet” of the fourth house.

The fifth house of the Zodiac is the house of creativity and pleasure, ruled by the sign Leo. This house deals with gaining pleasure through acts of creation, artistically and even procreation i.e. the creation of offspring. The Sun, the ruling “planet” of the fifth house, is a symbol of creative energy, illumination, and knowledge, all of which the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge, and divination Orunmila reflects. It is Orunmila’s duty to record the destiny of individuals at the moment the breath of life is given to them by Yoruba creator Olodumare, who creates because it brings Them pleasure to do so.

The Orisha Eshu is the ruler of the sixth house, the equivalent to the sign Virgo. Health, work, and service are central to the sixth house, which is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods within the Roman pantheon. Eshu is the Orisha that stands at the crossroads between the physical world and the spirit world, whose duty is to be the intermediary between man and the Orisha. Therefore, when one wishes to call upon the Orisha, he or she first gets permission from Eshu. This is symbolic of clearing and preparing the mind to receive whatever message the Orisha have for you.

Oba is the Orisha of marriage and personal transformation, making her fit to be the ruler of the seventh house, the house of partnership. Oba was the first wife of Shango who tended to his castle and everything that he requested, making her the ideal wife before being tricked by her sister Oya into trying to ensnare Shango with witchcraft. After this betrayal she fled to the cemetery in which she went through a transformational journey into her true power. This house is about expediating our life’s purpose through partnerships, whether that partnership be marriage, business relations, contracts, and/or treaties. Through these partnerships we learn a great deal about ourselves, transforming and enhancing our lives, making them fuller and bringing us balance on the scales of Libra.

Oya, the goddess of winds and storms, is the equivalent to Scorpio and is the ruler of the eighth house which is the house of transformation, regeneration, death, sex, and rebirth. She is the powerful force in nature that can change the face of the Earth, embodying the tornadoes and twisters that uproot trees and houses with her destructive winds. This powerful Orisha is also responsible for carrying the spirits of the newly departed to the spirit world.

The ninth house is the house of philosophy and is ruled by the philosopher Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter, the king of the gods within the Roman pantheon. Obatala, the father of all the Orisha, would therefore be the Orisha ruler of this house. Obatala is said to be the Orisha of purity and was sent by the Supreme Being Olodumare at the beginning of time to form the Earth along with construct the bodies of humans. Obatala completed his construction of the bodies he created by adding heads to them, therefore becoming known as the owner of heads. The head is symbolic of intelligence, higher education, and deeper understanding, all which the ninth house represents.

The tenth house is the house of public life and social status, being ruled by Capricorn and the planet Saturn. The aspects within this house deal with how you manifest your individual role within society and your work place, along with the energies and challenges you’ll face meeting your career goals. The Yoruba associate the planet Saturn with Babalú-Ayé, the Orisha of disease and healing. Also known as the “Wrath of the supreme god”, Babalú-Ayé’s job is to punish individuals for their transgressions, but also to heal epidemics like small pox.

The house of friends and membership, the eleventh house of the Zodiac is ruled by the planet Uranus and the sign Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with rapid social change, upheaval, and rebellion, traits that all reflect Shango, the warrior Orisha of thunder, lightning, and fire. Once a living king on Earth, Shango is known for working miracles after his death, elevating him to the status of Orisha. Shango is also the brother of Babalú-Ayé, the Orisha ruler of the tenth house. The work in society represented within the tenth house is expressed through the individual in the activities associated with the eleventh house, the planets and energies indicating how group associations and friendships will operate in your life.

The twelfth house of the Zodiac is ruled by Pisces whose Orisha equivalent is Olokun, the god of the ocean floor. This house is associated with self undoing and confinement, which is reflected in Olokun being chained to the ocean floor by seven chains. As this house deals with the unconscious and things beyond the physical plane, Olokun’s aspects are expressed within the astral, the subconscious, and altered states of consciousness that is experienced during meditation, initiation, and spirit possession. Deep and mysterious is this house of the Zodiac, just like the bottom of the ocean; an old Yoruba proverb says that nobody knows what lies on the ocean floor. Olokun is said to be the owner of the Mysteries, and sparks within our being the genius that activates our super subconscious.

Peace, Love, & Balance

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The word Clairvoyance comes from the french word clair which means “clear” and voyance which means “vision.” A clairvoyant is someone who receives intuitive information visually. Some call this third eye visions or second sight. A clairvoyant sees the truth about the past, present, future. Clairvoyance is the natural development of the sixth sense. When your third sense is developed you are able to see things others cannot such as spirits, energy fields, auras, and visual premonitions. A clairvoyance sees what others do not.    

Are you clairvoyant? 

  • You have constant déjà vu.
  • Getting visions is normal for you.
  • Your gut “feeling” is always accurate.
  • You have powerful, vivid dreams.
  • You can “see” trouble and when things are about to go wrong.
  • You find yourself daydreaming a lot. 
  • You have had precognitive visions in dream or meditation
  • You are starting to see flashes of Light or having blurry vision
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye and are constantly double checking that there is nothing there.
  • When you are listening to a conversation and you can visually see the events unraveling in your mind.
  • You often create entire scenes in your mind about the future.
  • You are a visual learner.
  • The aesthetics of you living space is important.
  • Movement in your peripheral vision when there is no movement in the room.
  • Spontaneous images that “flash” before your eyes
  • Ethereal colors surrounding a person or living thing
  • You find it easy to visualize in your mind.
  • You are visually observant
  • You have mental images randomly flash “before your eyes”
  • You see flashes of colors, numbers, and symbols.
  • It is easy to visualize places, people, and events. 
  • It sometimes seems like their is a “movie” playing in your head.
  • You have a great sense of direction.
  • You appreciate beautiful things.
  • You can envision entire plans inside your head. 
  • You have been told that you have a vivid imagination.
  • You had imaginary friends with detailed life stories as a child

If you answered “yes” to most or all of these you have a very well developed sixth sense.

Ways to develop your clairvoyance

  • Do lots of meditation
  • Raise your vibrations and energies
  • Record your observations
  • Practice your visualization. Visualize with flowers, numbers, and symbols.
  • Imagine your third eye opening during meditation.
  • Keep a dream journal. Record and analize their meaning.  

.Crystals for clairvoyants

  • Lapis lazuli - Opens your third eye. Induces dreams and insights.
  • Clear quartz crystals - Opens your third eye. A powerful stone for visions  and clairvoyance.
  • Amethyst - Helps with psychic development. Encourages deep meditation and higher states of awareness. It also helps with mental control and focus, opening your intuition, and gaining spiritual insight and wisdom.     
  • Azeztulite -  Enhances clairvoyance and bring forth visions from past and future. Enhances third eye activation, precognition, and higher dimensional consciousness.    
  • Azurite - Activates the third eye. Strengthens intuition and insight. 
  • Emerald - Opens up clairvoyant abilities.
  • Moonstone - Opens intuition.
  • Sodalite - Deepens meditation and stimulates the third eye.  

Herbs for clairvoyants

  • Anise - Great for any type of clairvoyance, divination, or any psychic developments. 
  • Bay - Burned to induce visions. Put its leaves under your pillow for inspiration and prophetic dreams.   
  • Cedar - Opens the psychic channels while protecting the operator.
  • Cinnamon - Aids in improving your psychic abilities.
  •  Lemongrass - Used to aid psychic powers. 
  • Lilac - Good for inducing “far memory” and recalling past lives. Also good for Clairvoyance in general.     
  • Mugwort - For clairvoyance, summoning spirits, manifestations and dreams.
  • Poppy Seeds -  For dreams, visions, and clairvoyance. 
  •  Rosemary - Used in pillows for dreams and visions. 
  • Sandal wood - Stimulates clairvoyance. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Mystics==


Active, And Passive Sigil Activation

Once you have your sigil all charged up, and filled with your intent all there is left to do is to cast it into the universe to gain what you want, and desire. This casting into the universe can be done in two ways actively, or passively. Both of these ways have their own benefits, and setbacks, but it is important to determine which way you should activate certain types of sigils, because it changes the way the energy is released into the universe, and allowed to manifest. So we will be taking a look at both these activation styles, and when they would be most effective to use over the other one.

Active Sigil Activation:

In active sigil activation the energy is usually released all at once, or in a very immediate fashion. This is usually done through the means of destroying the sigil to allow all its energy to manifest at once. This type of activation is good for sigils that only have to be used once, or in a single situation. Sigils I would use in this activation method would be sigils for banishing, exorcising, purifying, cleansing, manifesting, summoning spirits, removing negative energy, removing spiritual blockages, removing emotional blockages, and one off curses, among many others.

Ways to activate active sigils:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and burning it in fire
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and submerging it in water until it dissolves.
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and ripping the paper in half.
  • Drawing the sigil in to the sand at the beach, and letting the sea wash it away.
  • Drawing the sigil in the air with your energy, and pushing through it in order to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil out of dust, or powder, and then blowing it away to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil in your mind, and then imagining it being destroyed to activate it.
  • Putting the sigil on food then eating it.
  • Drawing the sigil on a firework, and then set it off.
  • Drawing the sigil on a balloon, and then pop it.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body, and then wash it away.
  • Singing the sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • playing a music, or an audio sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • and much more…

Passive Sigil Activation:

In passive sigil activation the energy is usually released overtime through a very moderate, and controlled fashion. This is done through the means of charging a sigil, and keeping the sigil around with you, or in the area where the energy is needed for it to continuously produce its energy. This type of activation is good for sigils that are needed to continuously affect the world around them. Sigils I would use in this activation method would be sigils for protection, luck, empowerment, healing, psychic abilities, transformation, attracting energy, retaining energy, changing, and continuous curses, among many others.

Ways to activate Passive Sigils:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body.
  • Carving sigils into a candle, and lighting the candle.
  • Carving sigils into soap, and washing your body with the soap.
  • Making a sigil amulet.
  • Writing the sigils upon stone.
  • Placing the sigil as your computer, or phone background.
  • Posting an image of the sigil online.
  • and much more…

yall ever thought about the concept of spirituality and the supernatural in space…. like how far from earth do you have to be to find ghosts? can a spaceship travelling millions of lightyears a day be haunted? alien ghosts? alien spirits? would they manifest the same way earth spirits do? are they more present? more tangible? more powerful? if you do a tarot reading while your ship jumps through a wormhole would it fuck up your answers or what? if you use a ouija board on the moon or some other planet? would it work? what kinda ancient eldritch horrors would answer that are far too powerful to be contacted from earth?