Get up early enough to set your intentions for the day in stone, a good morning is the beginning of a successful day. You are capable of everything you want to do today. You are strong, secure and able to achieve. There is no task too hard when you believe in every ability you hold, you are determined to hit every goal. Do not give up on yourself.

Morning Mantras by Amy Kennedy


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How To Attract What You Desire

Before you begin:

• Know what you want. What you really want. And don’t think of “how” you’ll get it.
• Write the desire in present tense on a card. It is now your goal card.
• Carry this card with you and read it often. This is putting the desire into your subconscious mind.
• Check if your goal is really what you want. Can you imagine bigger? Are you letting fear stop you? Are you answering your soul’s calling with this?


• How you fall asleep determines what shows up in your life. Everytime. Without fail. So we start our day how we fell asleep the night before, actually. Ask your self one question before you sleep: “If my wishes were fulfilled, how would I feel?” Fall asleep to that question satisfied.
• Record an MP3 or voice note of your OWN voice, reciting positive affirmations. Get examples online but personalize them. Your subconscious mind trusts your own voice. Use it.
• Never ever let yourself fall asleep feeling stress or failure. Don’t invite it in.


• When your eyes open, set your intention for the day.
• Did you have any dreams last night? Write them down.
• Write 5 things you’re grateful for. Increase to 10 after a while and begin to include wishes that are yet to manifest e.g. “I’m grateful I now weigh __”


• Read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (PDF’s online) Read slowly and reflectively.
• Read Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard (PDF’s online)
• The Secret book/DVD is great for beginners but you’re going to have to dig deeper to pull this off.
• Do what makes you smile. Read, play your music, call a friend, go for walks. Do whatever you can to lighten your mood.
Write about your desire as if it’s already happened.
Visualize your life ASSUMING the desire has already happened. How do you feel? What are you wearing? Where are you? Was manifesting easy and fun?


Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Big Sean, Conor McGregor and countless others have used this formula. It works, and it will work for you.

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Magics for Wishing

Updated: July 31, 2017



Wake up and drink your water, take a minute to do something for yourself. Time is slow, whether you want to actually admit it or not, you have all the time you will ever need. Allow yourself to focus on your life, the beauty within it and the glory of this day for one moment. Gratitude is the first step to success. Be thankful for all that you have, all that surrounds you and all that you are.

Gratitude and Success by Amy Kennedy


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“Make It So” - A Full Moon Tarot Spread

I explicitly made this a larger spread - ten cards to show completion. The Full Moon is about manifestation; it’s about releasing that which no longer serves you so you can turn around, use your magic, and create your own reality from the lessons you’ve learned - completing the cycle that began with intentions set during the new moon.

Here are the card positions:

1. Where you stand physically
2. Where you stand emotionally
3. Where you stand spiritually
4. What to release
5. How to really let it go
6. What to manifest physically
7. What to manifest emotionally
8. What to manifest spiritually
9. How you will grow
10. The magic you put out there

Please enjoy this spread, and please do not forget to credit me if you use it (and don’t steal, of course). Now, onward!

Mistakes and set backs are not the enemy, they are preparation. In order to know how to face every challenge, we must in fact, face every challenge. Nothing that comes easy is worth having, take the mistakes in your pride. When you reach your goal, you will be proud to look back and see how much stronger you are.

how to gain strength by Amy Kennedy


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What you think about, creates your life around you

The truth of realizing what you are projecting out, from within.
2: The clarity to to see what it’s trying to teach.
3: The ability to see what will manifest as a result.
4: The wisdom to use all manifestations as tools for your future.
5: The inner power to manifest something even better!