manifest procrastination

community college gothic

  • there are wi fi dead zones between buildings. silence falls in these areas. weather stops. the birds do not fly. the squirrels do not go there. the trees are judging you. humans do not speak. they know better.
  • the nursing students travel in packs. they do not look at other students. they do not speak to other students. they do not acknowledge the existence of anyone who is not also a nursing student. they exist in a parallel dimension that is slightly out of sync with ours. do not question this. they will recognize you as one of their own if you wear blue scrubs, but do not do this. do not attempt to make contact. you will not be heard from again if you do.
  • you will never see anyone making new graffiti, but it appears anyway. it becomes increasingly desperate. you will ignore it, but it continues to niggle at the back of your mind. maybe it is a call for help. there is nothing you can do for them now.
  • there are students you will see regularly who do not work or go to classes. they are not students, but instead manifestations of procrastination, appearing to remind you that there are better ways to spend your time than on assignments. pay them no mind.
  • nobody looks at the fish in the pond. it is forbidden.
  • the campus will seem to shrink as you become familiar with it. don’t be alarmed. the campus has gotten used to you and has shortened the distances of your paths so you will get to class on time. if you befriend the campus, it will show you the secret portals between buildings. this is the secret of the people who always arrive early.
  • there is a bathroom where the taps are always running. do not go in there alone. nobody knows why the taps are always running, but better safe than sorry.
  • there is another bathroom where sometimes, you walk in to find the floor is full of standing water. close the door and walk away. it’s not worth it to know what caused the puddles.
  • there is a flock of crows that live on campus. they see all. they know all. all fear the crows.