So like the rest of the internet I’ve been obsessing over Bee and Puppycat on Cartoon Hangover. There’s a scene in the first episode where Puppycat claws at Bee’s wrist and you can see a close up of her nails (see gif below), and I couldn’t get them out of my head. 

I decided to recreate them, it’s basically a three color half moon with yellow, magenta, and blue. I guess this sort of falls under fan art? I hope y'all enjoy them!


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so my birthday was this past sunday, and my super lovely sister-in-law got me a bunch of nail stuff (she’s starting her own nail blog soon, details on that later)

she got me the creme colors from the sunsational china glaze collection, they’re sort of like pastel neon shades, so lovely! I decided I wanted to do a design that used each color.

I also used school of hard rocks by essie (pointer and middle), secret peri-wink-le by china glaze (ring), and suzi take the wheel by opi (pinky). 


Here’s a mani I did on my nails last week, it’s some what of a simplified graphic sunset in-between two hills, at least that’s what it looked like when I was done! Unintentional but oh well!

I used sally hansen insta dri colors, I love using those when I’m doing taped off multi-layer nails because they dry super quickly. 



So over on my personal blog, I had someone ask the following: how do you get the lines so crisp and clean on your nails when you overlay colours? do you use nail tape?  and I responded with:

Nope I pretty much use washi tape for everything with nails. It’s sticky, but not too sticky. 

basically three things to remember when using tape: 

  1. your base color is absolutely dry, like completely
  2. all the edges of your taped out design are firmly on your nail
  3. remove the tape immediately after painting the design, carefully or else the paint will dry and remove part of your painted design. 

I did a little video to hopefully show how I go about taping my nails. I did a simple triangle french tip dealy. Enjoy y'all!