Decided to put together a list of nail polishes that I’m excited to wear this fall! What are some of your favorite fall nail colors? I’m always looking for new polishes, so let me know! 😊🍂 From left to right: Essie’s Off Tropic and Playing Koi, Deco Miami’s Tied Down, another Essie polish called Penny Talk, an unnamed brown polish, Maybelline’s Sapphire Siren, and Sally Hansen’s Yummy Yam.

“The New York Times interviewed more than 150 nail salon workers and owners, in four languages, and found that a vast majority of workers are paid below minimum wage; sometimes they are not even paid. Workers endure all manner of humiliation, including having their tips docked as punishment for minor transgressions, constant video monitoring by owners, even physical abuse. Employers are rarely punished for labor and other violations.”

This is a pretty damning piece of journalism on nail salons’ treatment of a vulnerable, largely immigrant work force.   The article focuses on salons in the NYC area, but there are almost certainly similar problems at salons across the country.  There’s also a companion piece on the health risks faced by salon workers.  And they even have some suggestions on how to avoid salons who abuse their workers.   All my nail polish-loving people out there, please be aware of the exploitation that can lie behind our luxuries, and take care to avoid contributing to businesses that are unethical, illegal, and cruel.