I’m eh on these (the idea was better in concept than in execution) but I love the colors. Dark brown with a shimmer? Bold copper? Hell yes. The base is Essie Frock n’ Roll, the pawprints are Essie Leggy Legend (and I love that it’s obviously named for Tina Turner, who is simply the best) and I shouldn’t do my nails after eleven pm because I’m gonna have sheet creases on them in the morning, even with the fast-dry topcoat.

so it’s almost 3 am and I’ve been doing my nails and I ended up with too many layers drying at the same time => the top is gonna dry and the in-between layers are gonna be wet and everything is gonna move while I sleep and I’m gonna have a horrible manicure to wake up to

and then I used a can of batiste to speed dry them.  And it worked! They’re both perfectly dry, I can even zip zippers (pants, sleeping jacket, etc) with them! and they aren’t scratched!!

The right hand looks like it was already dry perhaps before the batiste, but the left hand is a little bit matte??

I’ll fix it with some top coat in the morning.