1. Base coat
2. Peel off liquid tape
3. White polish
4. Two contrasting nail polish colors
5. Water marble brush
6. Eyeliner brush
7. Top coat
8. Small bowl of water
9. Cotton swabs

We used: UNT Peel Off Base Coat / Color Club French Tip / Color Club Blue-Ming / Color Club Flamingo / Starrily Seal n Peel Latex Barrier / Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat / Models Own Angled Eyeliner Brush / Picture Polish Water marbling Tool; available at Live Love Polish.

Gifs by Jessica Chou, with nail designs by @ineedamani, Operations Manager at Live Love Polish.

Years and years ago, before we even moved to India, @chrissneddonphoto brought me back this bottle of nail polish from his work trip there. I absolutely adore this polish. There is something so unique about the color, it reminds me of the reddish coral inside of a papaya! I thought it’d be a perfect base for this floral design! I hate that the thumb isn’t showing, because it’s my favorite nail, but it’s always so awkward to get all of the nails in without doing the dreaded clawwwwww. #nailsofig #nailsofinstagram #nailart #💅🏻 #floralnails #handpainted #flowers #manicure #thedailynail