Getting ready for summer with these cactus nails! I was inspired by a phone case that I spotted on Pinterest for this design. 🌵 I used @butterlondon’s Pink Ribbon,’s Feeling Fuego and Petite Palm, @essiepolish’s Off Tropic and On The Roadie, and @sally_hansen’s Black Heart and Electric Pop.


as always, amazing video!! submitted by hairitage93

I was in a spirited away kind of mood today! Enjoy these soot poof inspired nails! Also, if you have never seen spirited away, you should give it a go. Fantastic movie!

Oh, and the little things the boiler room man throws at the soot poofs for food (I think) are little sugar ball candies called Konpeitō. I have had these before and they are like tiny rock candies but ya know… ball shaped. I didn’t read this anywhere so I may be wrong but that’s my theory!

Today I am wearing these gorgeous pressed flower decals by @janesafarian! They are so beautiful and I can’t stop staring at my nails! I put them on top of @butterlondon’s Hush Hush and finished with a matte top coat. Make sure to check out Jane’s Etsy shop for these decals and more! 🌸🌺🌸


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