It’s that time of year again - San Diego Comic Con is just a few days away, and once again, I’m going in with themed nails in full force!

This time I’m sporting Bob’s Burgers themed nails hand painted by the lovely Yoko of Mil Nail who has been doing my Comic Con nails for 7 years now (see previous years: Snow White, One Piece, Evil Queen, Totoro, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.)  I had wanted to do Bob’s Burgers nails for a while, but couldn’t come up with a general theme that I liked until I recently saw a Tina tattoo pop up here on Tumblr that inspired the rest of the look.  

Back in 2010, I went to the first Bob’s Burger’s panel at SDCC (I was a huge fan of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil and was super pumped to hear that Loren Bouchard had a major project in the works with FOX, so I had to be there… in the front row… like a crazy person.  ANYHOO.)  The Gene cut out in my pictures was a give away that they did to promote the show that year and you could turn it in for a free hamburger, but instead I hoarded it and it’s decorated the walls of my workstation for the last 5 years.  

Since having a baby (and taking him to SDCC with us) we haven’t had the luxury of waiting in line for great seating at panels, but I’m still a big a fan of the show as I’ve ever been.  I love looking down at Linda on my finger and getting a little motivational Alriiiight! when I need a little extra boost.  Best ever.

Negative space nails using “Neely” by Zoya and “Black on Black” by Sinful Colors. Happy #manimonday ! #negativespace #negativespacenails #nailart #nailartjunkie #nailartclub #nailsofinstagram #nailsotd #lacquerhead #lacquerlovers #mani #manicure #handpainted #losangeles #fashion #beauty #nailsonpoint #nailsonfleek #nailswag #lookatmynails