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“Please stop petting the test subjects. ” Dark Avengers.

Lester snorts. “That’s not a goddamn test subject, it’s a cat.”

“On which,” Karla says with a scowl, “I am going to be running some tests.

“The hell you are!” Making a disgusted face, Lester gathers up the tabby he’s petting into his arms, while a calico with a notched ear climbs onto his head. “Cats don’t fuckin’ deserve you. I mean, fuck, nothing deserves you, but especially not goddamn cats.”

“That’s hardly your concern, give me back my test subjects–”

“Fuck, stay off! Ares, Mac, somebody, lend me a fuckin’ hand here!”

As Lester is scrambling away from Karla, looking furious and holding a yowling cat in his arms, the floor creaks. And then it creaks more loudly, and Ares enters the room. He’s carrying a Call of Duty strategy guide and looking irritated. “You’re both very loud.”

“Fuckin’–Ares, whadda you think of cats?”

Ares blinks. “I am very fond of cats.” He’s already reaching out with one massive hand to let a gray cat on one of the tables sniff his fingers. “They are vicious and purposeful, and they keep their own counsel.”

“Well, Dr. Caligari here wants to run tests on these guys!”

Ares frowns. “Karla, is this true?”

Karla says, “Well.”

At the next morning’s team meeting, Victoria Hand’s eyes are streaming, and she blows her nose every few minutes. Nobody mentions anything at first–well, nothing much, there’s the usual mockery–but halfway through she finally says, “I’m having an allergic reaction! Is there a cat in the Tower?”

“Seven of them,” Ares says. “One of them is asleep on top of the filing cabinet in this corner.”

“Wh–seven cats? Where the hell did you get seven cats?”

Karla pinches the bridge of her nose. “Lester’s apparently capable of empathy when cats are involved.”

Daken grins at Lester. “Why, Bullseye. How charming of you to provide us with such company.”

“I object to poor treatment of cats.” Ares leans back in his chair and reaches out, and the cat on the filing cabinet sniffs him and then steps delicately onto his palm, walking up his arm to his shoulder. “So I confiscated Karla’s research.”


Girly Nautical Nail Art ~ Marvellous Manis

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“Starts another johnnydaken fic ”

You’re honestly a blessing to our tiny corner of fandom, do not ever stop :3 *hugs*

Hahahaha well I’m glad that you enjoy it at least :’D *hugs*

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“this is literally the gayest thing i’ve ever written they’re grown men…”

Ohohoh, can’t wait to read it xD

It’s terrible!! But oh well who cares hahaha

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“i’m shrieking bc he’s so tiny oh my god oh my god ”


TY~ I want a million of him hahaha 

Late TMI Tuesday responses

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A kink you won’t ever try but can’t help but think about.

Most of them. In my personal life I am honestly very vanilla.

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It’s Wednesday here, but I’ve been sewing for sixteen hours and misplaced Tuesday. TMI question: Would you ever pierce your nipples?

Naw. I’m kind of a huge baby. I want more ear piercings and Ioccasional consider a stud in my nose, but otherwise I prefer looking at them on other people.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Deadpool (Comics), Dark Avengers (Comic), Marvel (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Wade Wilson, Lester | Bullseye
Additional Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Brotp, Assassination, Slurs, Angst and Humor

Prompt: attention seeking Deadpool and a very unnerved Bullseye who falls victim to Deadpool’s desperate need to talk to someone.

Mobile reply  manicr said “Now I’m just gonna die from anticipation. *sighs*”

It was such a good scene (more evil taunting). No but seriously, I was going to post the scans, but I don’t want to spoil the moment, it was such a good Laura scene, too.