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55. Bullseye/Daken pretty please with a cherry on top?

Here you go:

Sorry it took so much time, I was much more out of practice writing these two than I expected… Need to work on that in the future, for sure.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it at least a little, I really liked the idea behind that fic and hope I managed to translate it into words.

ajax-daughter-of-telamon replied to your post “Lmao dudes on twitter whining bc Laura is the new Wolverine bc STOP…”

man, I love Laura being Wolverine. It feels so right for the way her character is going … plus I like what it seems to mean for how the role of “Wolverine” has been changing

Yeah, I agree! I think that the ultimate thing is for Laura to take over his role bc he taught her a lot-she deserves the chance to be that to someone else too!

manicr replied to your post “Sees manicr reblogs about a fic but cant read it Bc work This agony…”

I’ve BOTH written and reblogged fic. Mine is VENOM threesome and the rec one is FLUFF

Lmaoooo yeah I read the venom one that was some good shit I’ll tell u what

To Everyone Complaining About How Much Our World Apparently Sucks (Whether I Agree or Disagree is Irrelevant)

This post is for everyone who sits around and complains about how the world is getting worse and things need to change.

If you think the world is getting so unbearable and are upset that no one is doing anything about it, and that’s all you say, okay, fine, at least you have an opinion that doesn’t involve blaming someone else for the world being so awful and never changing.

But I just have one question for you: what are you going to do about it?

Nothing? You’re just going to continue sitting there, complaining? And you’re confident that’s going to lead to change?

Listen. I’m a pretty lucky individual. I’m fully aware of that. I grew up in a good environment and my family was always able to afford just what we needed to get through. 

I’m all grown up now, I have two college degrees and five years of college to pay off. That combined with being in an out-of-state graduate program and currently not having a job (two degrees and no job - that’s for another post) means I am, for lack of a better phrase, completely out of money.

I’m on my own, I’m responsible for affording my own things. Believe me, I understand implementing change can’t always be immediate.

As much as I would love to quit everything I’m doing and do what I can to help change the world (wherever I’m led, however I can contribute), I can’t afford to do that. But just because I can’t uproot myself and go change the world right now doesn’t mean I’m just sitting around complaining about it.

Okay, yes, I’m sitting here in a chair writing this rant about people sitting in chairs writing and not acting. 

But I’m also going to school, and looking for a job so I can eventually afford more school, so I can eventually have the credentials to do what I want to do to change the world. I’m blogging daily, I’m DOING all these other things because one day the skills I’m developing, the relationships I’m forming, they are going to contribute to my mission to help change the world.

I understand sometimes you just have to complain and wish out loud that the world were different.

But I hope, after you voice your heated complaint, you get up and do something that will eventually lead to you being able and qualified to implement the kinds of changes you wish you could see right now.

That is sincerely what I hope for you. I don’t know you, but I know that if you’re passionate enough about something to write a run-on-sentence comment complaining about it, you have enough in you to do something amazing with that passion someday.

Best wishes.