manic subsidal


Here is Manic Subsidal with their song Hopeless. They soon changed their name to The Offspring whoireallyfuckingloveargh

catchy as fuck. 

Hot Mess

SFW, SFF, 1.355 words.


Hot Mess

Maybe Ashley is taking this YouTube concept a bit too far. Just maybe the blonde is getting too good at this hot mess attitude. Lyle isn’t too sure whether the younger girl is just having a really good time, or whether she’s entirely off her face, but even she has to admit that watching Ashley on a night out is amusing.

“Lyle, come dance!” Ashley shouts from a few metres away, “This guy over here,” She gestures at a dark haired man that’s grinning brightly, “What’s your name again? Tony? Tony.” The blonde turns back, “Tony can get us into The Box a few blocks down, what do you say?”

“Sounds great.” Lyle gives her a thumbs up, because resistance would be futile here. Ashley gets what Ashley wants. “When are we going?”

“After Tony gets me one more shot of whatever this is.” Ashley grins.

This is another difference between them, Lyle thinks as she sips from her own drink. She likes to pay for her own drinks, because why would anyone else have the right to buy her anything and then expect anything from her? Ashley, on the other hand, seems to make it a challenge, see how drunk you can get without paying a single thing.

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