manic pixie dream scientist

yo ok help me out with this

so back in like middle school science class, we used to watch these videos that taught us about sciencey shit and it was all narrated by this pixie-cut girl who drove a blue vw beetle everywhere to do the science. it was like ~wow so hip~ and she would use like two dudes in spandex suits to represent atoms or giant exercise balls or whatever idk. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS VIDEO SERIES CALLED?? i’ve been thinking about this videos for like 4 years man please help

fashion4ducks  asked:

You mentioned not liking Charlie Day. May I ask why, other than the fact that he's a damn squeaky toy?


I’m not sure what I specifically said about Charlie Day, unless you mean those tags I yoinked from thaxted, but I don’t actively dislike him myself. I know he’s let some stupid slip out of his mouth in interviews and stuff. Mainly I think his show is terrible and I hate myself for laughing at it. 

Other than that I don’t have much of an opinion about him, and all I know is that I fear revealing the full extent of my love for Newt Geiszler, lest some of my favorite PacRim fandom people disown me.