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Alex Standall Bipolar Headcannon

Ok y’all here we go. This should explain my URL. 

Coming from someone who has bipolar disorder, I firmly believe that Alex has some form of bipolar disorder. Lemme explain.

-The car scene. One facet of mania is driving too fast. Now, in this scene he drives too fast in the beginning just to scare Clay, and everyone else was in on it. However, when they told him to stop, he didn’t, and he started to scare them. This is so so so common for people who have bipolar disorder. Driving fast, regardless of what other people in the car say, is definitely something I’ve done while manic.

-The pool thing. Now this one is a little less obvious, but I still think this action, represents a greater mood disturbance in Alex. Whether it’s manic of depression, it’s hard to say. But either way, no one told him to do this. It was an impulsive decision he made on his own accord, and impulsivity is a huge symptom of bipolar disorder. 

-The fight. So I don’t know about you, but I feel like that fight was sort of out of place. Then I was thinking about it, and it totally makes sense with the bipolar headcannon of Alex. Because one thing bipolar can do is give you a lot of energy. That’s what mania is. And sometimes that energy is channeled into anger the manifests itself in fits of rage. That fight was a prime example of that. Not only that, but it was another impulsive action that lead to harmful consequences. 

-The suicide attempt. This one is kind of obvious, but as you may know, the depressive side of bipolar can often lead to suicidal thoughts. Throughout the show, Alex seems pretty manic like I described before. But towards the end of the show, it seems to me that he becomes subdued. There are signs that I won’t go into that allude to him being suicidal. And that would make sense because most manic periods last either months or weeks and it had been a few months. 

All in all, I could argue that there are multiple mental illnesses represented in this show and that’s why I love it. Although they don’t outright say it, there’s clearly issues with alcoholism and depression, and it can be argued that there are also issues such as autism, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, etc. 

Seth Rollins - Breakeven

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Summary - Part 4; Seth and Reader have been together for just over a year and it seemed they knew all about each other to every little detail. Seth had proven over time that he is true to his character portrayed on screen, ‘The Man’ however when he finds out some life-altering news, will he allow his old cowardly ways to take over.

Warnings - Angst (Again I’m sorry guys)

Word Count - 2,844 words.

A night to myself… Surely that’d be anyone’s ideal right? A single night where I could just let go of everything even if it was just for a few hours… But as of now, those passing minutes would lead to a whole load of thinking which inevitably would result in numerous different emotions all running wild around my mind without any restraint. Was it a dream or a nightmare? I couldn’t quite put a finger on it; it seemed the conscience of my body was seeking the answer as well, the answer dictating whether my current state was either a dream or my worst possible outcome. Overwhelming was a word that perfectly defined the state I left myself in… Every time I tried to just set my mind on something, it wandered back to him, even whilst I was asleep. Was that a sign or just my distant memories catching up to me? Whatever it was; I couldn’t figure it out before the shrill sounds from my bedside table erupted throughout the room and blinding rays of light seeped through the windows ultimately causing me to stir back to reality.

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Watching Out - Harry Hook x Evie

[Requested by @heather-l-wood ]

The streets of the Isle were extremely dangerous, especially when they had to watch their backs and the King’s. Ben had decided that walking away from Mal’s apartment was his best option when in reality that was the most stupid thing he could do. “Mal, it’s Evie. Let’s talk for a minute,” Evie said into the pipe that ran all the way up to Mal’s apartment.

“Go away!” Mal yelled out and Evie held back a cry as she too started walking away. She didn’t mean to go as far as she did, but she saw Ben knocked out and being dragged away by two pirates. She went to scream, hoping to alert Jay and Carlos, but before she could a piece of cold metal was pressed to her lips and the one they call Harry Hook stepped from behind her, a crazed grin on his face. He pulled the hook from her mouth but gestured her to be quiet.

“Harry,” she breathed out and her eyes filled with tears upon seeing the boy she once liked more manic since the month away from the Isle. He grinned and let out a chuckle.

“Hello, Princess,” Harry said the word with so much venom that Evie took a step back in shock. “How’s Auradon be treatin’ you? Good, eh?” his smile softened for a minute before his eyes glazed over and became manic again. “Well unfortunately for you Princess I’m going to have to use you for bait, just encouragement for Mal to join our little party.”

“Harry, you don’t have to do this,” Evie told him as she went to put her hand on his shoulder. He tensed and went to take a stab and her hand with his hook making her jerk her hand back. “Okay, not a fan of contact, note to self,” Harry growled at her and grabbed her arm with an iron grip.

“Now, now, Princess. Maybe if you be a good little girl Uma’ll go easy on you, eh. Just keep your mouth shut and this will be over faster than you think.” Harry dragged her back down the way she came and she heard Carlos and Jay’s relieved voices, believing she was coming back with Ben.

“Guys, don’t scare us like that!” Carlos’ panicked voice drifted to the ears of Evie and Harry making the latter smirk.

“Don’t scare you? That’s my specialty,” Harry grinned, pulling Evie into the light and showing her off like a prize to Jay and Carlos to show he could easily hurt her if they did they wrong thing.

“Harry! Give Evie back to us,” Jay looked around the crazy pirate, “What did you do with Ben?” Harry grinned and used his other hand to gesture backward.

“Um, we nicked him, mhm. And if you want to see him again ‘ave Mal come to the Chip Shoppe. Tonight. Alone… or else this pretty princess might not be so pretty anymore.” He stroked her cheek with his hook, adding a bit of pressure on her cheek to show he wasn’t afraid to get a little blood on him.

“Okay, okay, we get it, we’ll get Mal,” Carlos said as Jay proceeded to climb up to Mal’s apartment. Harry grinned at Evie and started walking with her backward, keeping her at an angle that would rip open her throat if she tried to run.

He whistled “Chillin’ Like A Villain” as he went and Evie scowled in annoyance, knowing he heard them telling Ben how to blend in earlier. “Ya know, Princess, I don’t fancy hurtin’ you. It’ll be in both of our best interests if you just follow orders, mine or Uma’s, and hopefully, this’ll all blow over in no time.” Harry pushed open the doors of Ursula’s Fish N Chips Shoppe.

“Look what the pirate dragged in!” Uma giggled as she took in the appearance of Evie. The blue-haired princess tried to not make eye contact with anyone, choosing to look at the ground instead. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Princess,” her tone shouldn’t have surprised Evie, it was the same one Harry used when he said the word.

“Hello Uma,” Evie’s greeting was short as Harry dragged her to another room where Ben was tied up. “Ben!” she shouted at the same moment he said her name.

“I’m going to leave you two here if either of you tries to escape… I’ll hook you,” Harry’s voice was cold and sharp as he walked away from the room where he left the two figures tied to opposite poles.

“We’re going to get out of here, Evie. I’d like to believe that Mal will come for us,” Ben told her with a determined look on his face. Evie’s eyes dropped to the ground once more as she let out a strangled breath.

“I’m not going to lie Ben. I’m scared. I didn’t want to get stuck here—” Evie was cut off by Ben.

“We’re not going to get stuck here, Mal will come for us.” The determination in his voice made Evie want to believe him. As she went to response Harry came strolling back through the door.

“I’ve changed my mind. You,” he pointed to Evie, “are comin’ with me so I can keep an eye on you.” He walked over and proceeded to untie Evie from the pole before retying her wrists and ankles. “It’ll be better for the both of you to be kept separately,” he giggled with a certain mania to his tone, “keeps the hope from growing too much.”

Harry dragged Evie to another room this one was farther away from all but two other rooms and had a hammock, chest, and walk-in closet in it. Harry’s Room.

“My, I think you own more clothes than I do, Hook. And I am the daughter of the Evil Queen,” she gave him a soft smile that he returned. He walked over slowly lifting his hook but giving a reassuring glance as he swiftly brought down the hook, splitting the bindings on her wrists in half. Evie breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn’t going to cut her in half.

“Look, Evie… there’s no easy way for me to say this, I’m not that good with my feelings or nothing like that, but I know I feel a connection with you. I like you and I wish you’d join Uma’s crew.” Evie’s smile faltered a bit as she lifted her hands to hold onto Harry’s.

“I like you too,” Harry smiled at her, “but we can’t be together.” Evie finished and a cruel snarl made its way onto his face.

“What do you mean we can’t bloody be together?” his voice sounded more hurt than angry which hurt Evie even more.

“First, you’re Mal’s ex-boyfriend so that’s breaking Girl Code, and also my home is Auradon now. I love it there, and although I like you, I wish you’d choose to live there instead of here.”

“Those people would never want a pirate runnin’ round their precious lands. They’d probably curse the ground I walk on and declare someone to drag me back here sooner rather than later.”

He bent down with a suddenness to his movements and cut away the ropes binding her ankles. “I want you to leave, don’t come back when Mal brings the wand, I just want you to get somewhere safe. Can you do that for me?” Evie’s lip quivered as she nodded. Harry gave her a sad grin and cupped her face before giving her a kiss. It was quick and it was bruising and it wouldn’t leave Evie’s mind for a long time to come.

Harry snuck her out through the back of the ship and him being the cunning pirate he is immediately blamed another pirate for the disappearance of the blue-haired princess forcing them to walk the plank.

A few days would pass and only Gil and Uma would question the obvious difference in Harry’s mood. He was never up for scheming, he was never up for anything really. They blamed it on their defeat but Harry would never let it get him down like this. He favored wearing his dark blue undershirts too, instead of his normal ripped gray ones.

It would only be when Harry passed Lady Tremaine’s Curl Up & Dye Shop and saw three Auradon guards walking out with Dizzy would Harry question what was happening to the Isle. He approached the group leading the young girl to the limo parked little ways away. “Where are you heading, young one?” Dizzy at first was shocked by the sudden appearance of the pirate before she grinned and showed him a scroll. She was invited to Auradon by the request of King Ben and his Royal Advisor Evie of the Isle.

“Excuse me, sir,” one of the Auradon guards apparently wanted the attention of Harry as he turned his head to the side and gave a wicked grin. “You wouldn’t happen to be Harry Hook, would you?” Harry laughed and held up the hook.

“What gave it away?” The guard didn’t say anything just handed Harry a scroll that looked similar to Dizzy’s. He was invited too. Maybe Evie was watching out for him.   

fic: Skinny Love

title: skinny love

genre: romance/getting together

word count: 1500.

description: skinny love - when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it.

It’s an uncharacteristically shy glance in Phil’s direction that he can’t explain and the butterflies that come with it.

It’s the crooked smile Phil sends back and the way the butterflies swarm.

It’s being in love with your best friend, your best friend being in love with you, and you both knowing, but the inability to say it out loud.

a/n: this is a lil short thing based off of Dan’s tweet from the other day when he and Phil went for a beach walk because there was something so lovely about the whole thing that I couldn’t get over. I wrote this in about an hour I hope it’s okay, I’m actually really happy with it!

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I am sO here for autistic matt murdock!!!!

Matt Murdock is an autistic, manic-depressive, disabled superhero with sensory processing disorder and i will fight the Whole World About All Of It 

some facts tho, like, canon facts gathered from comics and show: 

  • matt murdock sleeps under a thick heavy blanket 
  • matt murdock sleeps with silk sheets because “cotton feels like sandpaper on [his] skin” 
  • matt murdock is generally very sensitive to texture and feel of clothing and fabric and can’t life comfortably in ones that are Wrong
  • matt murdock is very sensitive to taste and texture of food and can’t comfortably eat things that are Wrong (oysters) 
  • “What I wasn’t taking into account was maybe my greatest weakness: sensory overload.” 
  • in fact let me just quote that whole section 
  • “For me, it’s not just about warmer weather or navigating traffic. Because of my hypersenses, everything out here is new to me. But the human brain, no matter how smart, can only process so much data at any given time. The more there is to learn, the more difficult it is to maintain your normal level of concentration.” –matt on the difficulties of moving to a new city 
  • incidentally i’m like 900% sure this is a big piece of why matt continues to use a cane even after his identity is revealed (so that he doesn’t have to devote so much of his energy and concentration to orientation and mobility)
  • matt murdock gets sound and smell sensitive migraines 
  • matt murdock hates crowds 
  • matt murdock has frequently gone manic in response to traumatic events in his life and has stayed manic for months on end
  • matt murdock is known to both himself and his friends as someone who struggles with severe depressive episodes and self-destructive behavior 
  • matt murdock literally word-for-word canonically describes himself as having depression. he uses the word depression to describe his experiences. i’m not gonna put the panels in here because they stress me out. 
  • matt murdock (on the show) is a massive fidgeter. he fidgets extensively with the handle of his cane and continues to make those same gestures even when he’s not holding the cane 
  • matt murdock (on the show) uses a script to describe difficult situations, even if that script is not 100% appropriate for the situation (he uses the same script of “world on fire” to describe his supersenses to both foggy and claire, even though it’s not suited to foggy; consistently says “i’m blind” as an excuse for superhero behavior things even though it doesn’t fit the scenario- although lbr nondisabled people are so awkward about disability he probably does this because it works 99% of the time. still a script tho)
  • fisk on the show is So autistic-coded that many many of the things that are like “you’re like me, daredevil” that fisk says/does/the parallels between fisk and matt are actually autistic-coded things
  • when in college, matt wears huge ear protectors and a dust mask to sleep in to mitigate the sensory input of trying to sleep in a room shared with another living person (who is the ever-loud, ever-smelly foggy nelson)
  • matt murdock has super extreme empathy levels for the people in hell’s kitchen, but only hell’s kitchen- which helps to explain why he’s pretty chill with crime as long as it happens outside his neighborhood
  • matt murdock develops extremely close, strong connections with a very limited number of people
  • even though matt murdock cares So Deeply about the people in his life, he is truly terrible at spoken, neurotypical communication
  • matt murdock’s emotionality is Off given his circumstances and the traditional/typical neurotypical response to those situations. foggy comments on this when matt is happy-go-lucky after tragedy, and he’s so known for it that they literally call him the man without fear (it’s not that matt has no fear- it’s that matt presents fear differently, responds to fear differently)
  • matt murdock has developed specific coping mechanisms and behaviors to respond to certain sensory input:
  • “Three-hundred-some pulse rates just doubled. I can’t unhear them, so I use one of my mental exercises. I picture all those hearts as instruments in a giant orchestra.” 

it’s kind of hard to make distinctions between the things matt does because he’s blind (textured suits, specifically organized desk, routines, etc) and things that he does specifically because he’s neurodivergent, and i know folks are going to challenge me on that, because how dare i headcanon a character as autistic. especially how dare i claim a character can be disabled and also mentally ill and neurodivergent

 but i think this difficulty of distinction makes sense, a) because supersenses, and who says that supersenses can’t also be described as sensory processing disorder and in terms of neurodivergence and b) intersectionality of experience; because guess what people can be autistic and blind and you can’t always separate out specific elements of why people respond to their world in certain ways because brains are fucking complicated

recovering from a decade of depression and other issues is going ‘wow i’ve been manic for six months haven’t i’ and then realizing this is just what it’s like to be happy the way people are supposed to feel

sorry ive bbeen gone from tumblr for a couple day, my mental health has been pretty bad. i think i actually need to start seeeing my counselor ag ain, because i feel like something is wrong

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Shelagh/Trixie- 'Help! Help me Shelagh! This hurts!'

Gonna use this in New Beginnings if that’s okay:)? It just fits well with the story and I don’t want to end up repeating myself! {yes I am still writing that, albeit slowly, it’s been a very manic / stressful couple of months so nothing has got done!}