manic moment

so i was bored, a tad bit tired, & extremely motivated to expand my vocabulary & improve my writing, so i figured i’d share. under the cut is a LONG ASS masterpost of anything you could think of to improve vocabulary & such. there will most likely be a part two considering i have so much left to write, & i’ll definitely post that if people enjoy this one ! like/reblog as you please, i just hope this helps some people !

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Request (one-shot)

Oops, guess who’s back with yet another Swerve ship that nobody but me ships

Also definitely inspired by this post by @sinpom​ oooooops

Title: Request

Series: MTMTE/Transformers IDW

Ship/Characters: Megatron/Swerve with guest appearances by Ratchet and Ravage.

Rating/warnings: Explicit for heat cycles, size difference, fingering as far as the eye can see, probably praise kink because i don’t think I am capable of writing smut without it, and some gross fluff


“This is about the request,” Megatron confirmed, taking one step inside the hubsuite so the door would close behind him. Swerve’s cooling fans roared and his gaze was completely focused on him. “I’ve come to accept it.”

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szczepter  asked:


Anonymous said to loose-leaf-teacanons:                                                            Kagakuro, from one to ten please ^_^            

1. Who liked the other first?

Kuroko becomes aware of it gradually over a few months, as Kagami keeps doing and saying and being things that make his heart clench with a quiet, helpless affection. He knows it’s getting– well, no, not worse, because while it does ache it’s more the kind of ache that comes from having not enough space inside himself for this much fondness, this much “I want to see you” and “I’m glad you’re with me” and the hundred tiny sparklers popping when he gets the inkling that Kagami might be thinking along those lines, too.

He knows it’s love, but he doesn’t really label it as the romantic kind until one tournament, where Kagami just grabs him round the waist in victorious enthusiasm, hoists him up above the joyous push-hug-shove of their teammates and just keeps grinning up at Kuroko all aglow with giddy pride, and that’s when Kuroko realizes that– oh.

He’d really, really, quite definitely and most certainly unreservedly like to kiss Kagami.

(Of course some two seconds later while Kuroko is having his epiphany, Kagami has an epiphany of his own – namely that he’s got no idea what to do with Kuroko now that he’s lifted him up, so. um. er. Shit. Sorry? *sets down, fixes his wrinkled jersey, blushing furiously*)

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disclaimer: this is my own version of scourge and does not follow canon
I just really want scourge to have a bumblebee collar ok??

more under the break for anyone who is interested

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anonymous asked:

So I've been thinking about something for a while now: When Even comes back to Isak (and Isak kicks the boys out) was he manic back then? Is that the reason he actually came back? Because I feel like he wouldn't have went to Isak if he wasn't manic, you know? Does that make sense?

Hello my love. I don’t have enough experience with manic episodes to tell you if he was manic in that moment. But honestly I feel like that didn’t have an effect in him coming to Isak. 

Isak texted him and Even thought he was going to lose him

and as we know that was the most terrifying thing for Even…to lose Isak forever. 

that is why he hid his illness in the first place. 

I actually believe that he was going to tell Isak the truth. He wanted to protect this boy he loves so much by taking himself out of Isak’s life, but then all he saw was how miserable it made Isak too 

and the Isak sent him that message 

and he knew Isak deserved answers, even if it wasn’t gonna happen with them he deserved to know why it won’t. he needs to.

so he was gonna tell him, but the Isak looked at him like that and kissed him and oh my god this is everything

he is everything. 

Even had him again, he wasn’t losing him and that is the moment Even decided

he won’t ever let himself lose him again

so he hid his illness and then…chaos. 

so yes I believe he would have gone to him no matter what. He loves that boy and he would do anything to make him happy and to have him in his life. 

sansoftimeandspace  asked:

🐩+ Rei

While her appearance is based off of Madotsuki from Yume Nikki, her rigid personality is based on me. I may not be overly clingy, but when I was younger I’d try to force relations with kids my age and well…sometimes adults. Being stuck in the hospital for so long made me completely oblivious to social ques. I ended up offending a lot people without realizing, much like Rei with her inappropriate jesting. 

While I have medication for my manic moments now, I also had a crazy side like Rei. Got myself suspended from school on several occasions because I was the ‘justice mongrel’ sort of kid. I’d fight to protect other people, even if they weren’t necessarily being bullied. (I jumped the gun often as well)

Mayday Part 4: Universe

You return to the tower and receive some unexpected assistance from Vision and Wanda.

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mental illness, fluff, eventual violence and some smut. Rated R.


“How exactly does Tony NOT know we’re gone?” I asked as we got off of the motorcycle in the garage of the tower. “It’s his tower…”

Bucky shrugged. “The others didn’t tell him we left. Obviously someone figured it out when your camera went down. But we look out for each other.” He took Cap’s helmet from me and replaced it back on his bike. “Besides, like I said before, you aren’t captive. And Tony isn’t King.”

“They covered for us? For me?” I was surprised. I hadn’t gotten a chance to spend a whole lot of time with the Avengers. They were all basically strangers.

Bucky nodded. “Of course. You’re one of us now.”

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Bad Pickup Lines All the Time

Iwaoi oneshot, 1,893 words

Tags: shitty lines I found on tumblr and elsewhere, bad pickup lines sorta, thirsty Oiks, fluff with like lowkey crack, slight hanamatsu if you squint


When the rest of the team stepped into the gym, Oikawa and Iwaizumi had already finished their stretching. Iwaizumi had taken extra care to make Oikawa stretch out his knee. He pulled the setter to his feet and bent over to touch his toes again. “What warm up should I do first?” Iwaizumi asks.

Oikawa tried in vain to not stare but honestly, that plump round ass was a magnet and oh man is he attracted. His fingers twitched achingly for just one good squeeze.

The setter sighs and wonder if he could attempt one of those things teammates to where they slap each other’s ass and laugh with loud proclamations of ‘no homo’. Despite what Iwaizumi thinks, Oikawa does have some sort of self preservation. He wisely realizes that it would probably end up with him on the ground bleeding no matter how many times he’d repeat no homo.

He also meant homo, all the homo. No hetero.

“Do me,” Oikawa says absentmindedly. He hears a choked snort from Hanamaki and he jerks out of his reverie in a panic.

“I mea-WHAT. Who said that.” He flounders for an air of indignation like he wasn’t just blatantly staring at his friend’s ass. Oikawa hears smothered laughter off to his right and it’s definitely Matuskawa.

“Said what?” Iwaizumi straightens and turns to Oikawa curiously.

The setter forces the embarrassment down and clenches his teeth when he smiles. “Nothing, Iwa-chan.” The boy looks at him with a strange face but shrugs it off.  

“Alright, call everyone over we’re doing warm up laps in five,” Iwaizumi says and walks off to get his water bottle. I hate it when you leave but I love to watch you go, Oikawa thinks wistfully.

“Do me, Iwa-chan,” comes a high pitched swooned voice. Oikawa whirls around and glares at the two other third years and they laugh.

“Shut up,” Oikawa hisses, blush returning to his cheeks.

“God, we wondered how bad could get, but this-” Hanamaki titters. Oikawa stomps away and later during practice, Hanamaki gets quite a few close calls, stray balls of a spike or serve getting dangerously close to his face.

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Bloodlust [Indulge] + CS Fanfiction

The fourth in a series of soon to be smutty things about vampire Killian Jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.

Rating: M 
Word Count: 4,516

The world was a blur around her, the rich reds and golds of the walls and it’s adorning art melting together as her mind went dizzy. The floor seemed to vanish between her bare feet and the light feel of air beneath her body replaced the tingle of the hardwood on her toes. Killian’s arms were strong, one palm pressed hard against her lower back and the other hand holding her jaw as his kiss deepened. His fingers tangled in her damp hair, twisting loosely as he pulled her body tighter against his. It was like he was trying to swallow that single word - that agreement she’d given him. This kiss was his forfeit. It was the final breaking point of his last thread of resolve. It was his complying promise to walk the thin line between existence and execution, but his broken ability to resist was not where the actual threat was waiting.

No, Emma was almost sure his lips and that thing he did with his tongue were going to be the true end of her. She was also positive that somehow, he’d never allow such a thing.

No, this was Killian. He’d keep her safe. He’d protect her. He’d care for her. He’d ravish her - and he would completely and totally devour her. That combination of things was worth the sacrifice. If indulging in the possibility of this man was a sin, then she would gladly take the next available ride to hell.


Her name caught hard in his throat as he slowed his unnatural speed, bracing her against the intricate brass railing of the stairs. She’d barely noticed the way he had literally swept her right off her feet and up the long hallway to the foyer. His lips fell on her neck in a heated trail as she recalled the last time they’d been in this position. It was a stance full of that same fire, only the solid wood door that he’d held her up against was now replaced with the cold metalwork currently making indents in her back.

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A Year Every Minute Pt. 47

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic

Papyrus held up on his promise. As soon as he finished school he got a similar sentry job to Sans, his post being in Snowdin and closer towards the outskirts of town. He even got his brother one nearby, figuring that two wouldn’t be hard for his brother to handle at all since he could nearly be in two places at once already. It would keep him busy.

The two brothers walked along, beginning their trek towards the end of the village.

“I WISH WE GOT COOL ARMOR LIKE THE DOGS DID.” Papyrus commented, glancing back at one of the posts as they passed.

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After a fun filled tour through the aspd tag, I am now both a bit disturbed and a bit fascinated by this disorder and the ramifications of its existence upon people I know. Who’s hiding who they really are? Who might be manipulating me for shits and giggles? And now, I’ve worked myself into a paranoid frenzy.

Hello everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts but I recently moved to another city and I don’t have my computer with me at the moment.

Anyways, Manic Panic just launched a new color it’s called Siren’s Song and it’s so beautiful! It’s a sea foam green and I can’t wait to try it. I think it’s now available on their online store, what do you think of this color? I can’t wait to try it!