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Hello! Can you or anyone else in the hartwin trash heap help me with fics? I was hoping anyone could rec me some really good fics and even blogs or fic blogs to follow. I was hoping you could help or even point me in the right direction? I have been specifically looking for fix it harry hart lives with Eggsy not taking it too well? Thanks in advance and have a lovely day!

I’ve tried answering this twice and each time my internet crapped out and I lost all the progress I made on this answer. I’m cursed, I swear.


Let’s start with blogs. Blog are important.

For writers, there are a lot! Obviously I won’t be able to list everyone here, but hopefully some of my fellow authors can point you in the right direction!

And it goes as follows: @missbeckywrites @listentotheshityousay @elletromil @insanereddragon @hartwinorlose @notbrogues @kingsmanhartwin (both the original and the new one, Nickygp and LadyEmrys respectively) @annaofaza @zombiisheep @persephoneggsy @galahard @sententiousandbellicose

For strictly fics, there’s the usually AO3 specific blogs such as: @ao3feed-hartwin @ao3feed-kingsman

Now onto fic recs! I have some already pre-made (and found a few others) which I’ll list before I move onto your specific request!

Harry Lives But Eggsy Isn’t Taking Him Being Alive/Being a Kingsman Too Well Fic Rec

Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin) by @xxjinchuurikixx​ (Complete, Explicit)

**In which Harry Hart returns to confuse the shit out of Eggsy, and make his life a bit of rough.**

Kingsmaker by @manic-intent (Complete, Explicit)

“Eggsy, I really don’t think-“ Merlin began, and stopped, because at that very moment, Eggsy walked right into a lamp post.

Across the street, at a sidewalk corner cafe, reading a paper, sandwich part-eaten on a plate, sleek, long legs crossed neatly under the table, was Harry Hart.

make a true believer by kafkian (Complete, Explicit)

In which it takes more than just an apology to rebuild trust after Harry comes back from the dead.

Blood of an Englishman by @mongoose-bite (Complete, Explicit, Personal Fave) 

Or, the one in which Harry is officially dead, actually a wizard, occasionally a small dog, and utterly unable to keep his distance from his young successor.

Lagavulin and Guinness by Snarfle (Complete, Explicit)

Plenty of people had looked down on Eggsy throughout his life. He had gotten fairly used to it. Didn’t mean it was fair, but he knew how these things worked. What really sucked was that the new Arthur was worse than the old one.

“Eggsy grimaced. He didn’t know how to explain to Harry – who seemed like he hadn’t been discriminated against a day in his life – that the new Arthur kept giving him what amounted to suicide missions, and that he was currently bleeding out in a warehouse because of the deliberately bad intel she had given him.”

Hope that helps!!

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Please can you make a rec list of the best grammander fics? I'm trawling my way through the tag but would love to see your favourites. Thank you!

Alrighty! This has been a long time coming, but here we go, in no particular order, a handful of my favourite gramander fics.

Basic Instincts by manic_intent @manic-intent

“Are you an Auror?”

“No. I’m a magizoologist.”

Graves exhaled, exasperated. “A what? Is this a rescue or are you a hostage?”

“Sort of neither,” Newt admitted.

The heaviest weight of all by EvaBelmort (warnings for suicidal themes)

“I’m very sorry,” Seraphina Picquery said quietly, her imperious mask softening to show genuine regret. “I hope you understand that, under the circumstances, we simply cannot afford to have you continue in your role as Director.”

Percival Graves cleared his throat once, and then nodded. “I understand. The Director has to be above reproach, and I am potentially compromised.” He felt his mouth twist without his permission, and smoothed his expression again.

Case In Point by kissingandcrying

Seraphina’s winding her finger in circles above her cup of coffee. The small, wooden stirring stick is moving lazily beneath it. She fixes Graves with a look and says, “Goldstein seems convinced that the case is what Scamander uses to transport his magical creatures in.”

“I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. He’s…” and with a quick roll of his eyes skywards in search of a more appropriate word, says, “unconventional.”

A.K.A - Mr. Scamander runs an old zoo for magical creatures in New York. MACUSA’s very best is sent to clear up it’s issues.

Flame by esama @esamastation

Newt isn’t very well suited for war and Graves isn’t very well suited for peace.

Masquerade by prosodiical

MACUSA’s annual New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball is the largest, most magical event of the year - and Newt, dressed to the nines and miserably bored, really just wants to leave.

But when a handsome man in a wampus mask comes to his rescue, Newt finds himself very quickly swept away. 

Accidental Soulmates by Anonymous (incomplete)

What if polyjuice copies everything from the original person, including soulmarks/soulbonds etc. For most people when they revert back to themselves their own bond overpowers the temporary one made when under the potion. But Grindelwald is one of the few who doesn’t have his own mark so after he triggers Graves and Newts bond he doesn’t have anything to override it when he becomes himself again. So while Graves and Newt are definitely soulmates, Newt and Grindelwald kind of are as well now and no one knows quite what to do.

Graves can talk to magical beasts… no really by Anonymous (incomplete)

Maybe he was cursed or it’s a family trait but Graves can talk to magical beasts and can understand them when they talk back to him. He keeps this ability a secret but ever since he started hanging around Newt there have been a lot more creatures around and they are all very talkative and Graves can only come up with so many explanations as to why he is conversations with magical beasts. 

Grindelwald / Graves / Newt ABO by Anonymous (warning for mentions of dubcon)

Newt Scamander is an omega, though various experiments with the venom of different magical creatures have provided him with a strong suppressant that makes him smell like a beta. Unluckily for Newt, alpha!Grindelwald isn’t so easily fooled. He recognizes Newt as an omega as soon as Tina brings him in. A little bit of lying and a staged death leave Grindelwald free to dump Newt at his hideout with the disoriented alpha!Graves.

Now, if Grindelwald and Graves both bond with Newt, Grindelwald will not only have a coveted omega in his power, he’ll also have the most powerful auror this side of the atlantic at his call. So Grindelwald does what any ambitious dark lord would do - he starts a threesome.

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Any good wing fics? You are awesome!

Thank you!  This is such a neat trope.  Here are some of my favorites.


The Winged Soul by @inukagome15:   It wasn’t until he was three that he realized he was different and no one else could see the wings.

Catechism by manic_intent:  Inspired by fanart seen on tumblr, this is an End of Days story, with all the Avengers as Archangels. Tony had always known that he was a special snowflake. He just hadn’t realized exactly how special.

Half of Me by panna_acida:  Black wings tinged with gold at the end, little horn fading from black to a dark red curving between curly dark hair, red eyes staring at him filled with lust and fear and a slick tail swishing from left to right before curling around Tony arm.

Airheart by deadeyeboy: Steve Rogers is an anomaly. One in a million. A man out of time.Tony Stark is an anomaly. One in a million. A man without wings.It’s only natural that they’d meet somewhere along the way.

Winds (or Wings) of Change by Mossyrock: Legend had it that everyone’s wings were the true outward expression of their soul. It followed that a person’s wings would change colour once they met their soul mate, since their soul was no longer just their own, but one half of an unbreakable set.Tony doesn’t believe the legends. Until his wings begin to change and he freaks out, because he’s Tony.

Hope is the thing with feathers by antigrav_vector:  When a person meets their soulmate, the tips of their feathers change color and glow but not before. Of course, it had to happen to Tony at the worst possible fucking moment and make his life that much more complicated.

Give and Take by Raikishi:  Some nights are harder than others.

Care and Comfort by @musicalluna as part of the Feathers series: Tony offers to preen Steve’s wings.It’s been a long time since anyone did something so intimate for Steve. (I don’t usually say this, but this fic is really a gem and a personal favorite, so I encourage you to try it and the whole, lovely series!) 

Safe and Sound by AkikoFumi:  Tony’s wings are long gone. So when his suit malfunctions and ejects him high up in the air, he thinks he will fall to his death.

Safe by Pearl_Unplanned:  Not everyone was born with wings. In fact, most people weren’t.  Tony did.  Then Afghanistan happened. But that was years ago.

Birds of a Feather by LoquitorLatinae:  Tony only ever wanted to be an Alpha with bright feathers, a huge wingspan, and attitude. But he was an Omega, and while he still has the attitude, his lot in life as dictated by society leaves a lot to be desired. But he was Tony Stark, and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way—though he wouldn’t necessarily be against the company of a certain Alpha Capsicle.

Get Some Fresh Air (At Quad) by @sineala:   Steve, newly arrived at the Academy, meets Tony, whose wings are like nothing he’s ever seen before. He wants to know more. He wants everything. And luckily for him, the interest is mutual.

Who Has Known Heights by MountainRose and szzzt: Before his injury, Tony had been a fast, intuitive flier: agile in the air, as those of his wingshape usually were, able to tumble and swoop and then trade back the speed for lift, and always get the best of the bargain.That was how he referred to it; not ‘abduction’ or 'captivity’ or 'maiming’ but injury, the most neutral word possible. Though Steve had never, not once heard him call it an accident.
Vanilla Human Problems - by manic_intent

Prompt: “AU where Tony isn’t Iron Man. He’s a consultant for the avengers, so they still live in his tower, he still builds/improves their gear, but he never invented Iron Man. He’s still close to the team, and is still a genius, so as the non-superhero member, he gets kidnapped. A lot. The team becomes increasingly protective of Tony.”

Rating: Explicit

Thoughts: This was cute. A little weird thinking of Tony without Iron man, but cute.

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Do you know of any AUs that aren't set in Kansas?

Sure, a ton! What kind of AU are you looking for? 

I’ll give you a selection of some of my favorites to start with:

And there are many others, too! There are European AUs, I’m sure of it…

And also just a note: my upcoming DCBB is set somewhere other than Kansas as well :) Keep an eye out for it!

John Green has stated multiple times that his works are intended to subvert or destroy the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope. And that because his intention was subversion, to read his female characters as MPDGs is erroneous and tone-deaf.

The problem is, John Green also believes in the Death of the Author. He has repeatedly said that authorial intent should not matter; that his stories “belong” to the readers, and can be interpreted as the reader so chooses.

So John Green can’t write a flighty, flirty, sunny, cute female character who is lacking in agency, negativity, or complexity, and then dive behind a barrack marked “authorial intent”. Even if his intention was to subvert the MPDG trope, many people interpret his works as a straight playing of that trope, and by his own admission alternate takes on his work are encouraged and valid.

And in general, authorial intent is not an absolution from problematic interpretations. If your book has a really clearly iffy undercurrent, one that many people see, that undercurrent is real and important to discuss. Authorial intent does not pluck the interpretation and implications from our heads. The work itself inspired those thoughs, and will continue to.

Many of Green’s female protagonists can be read as Manic Pixie blah blahs. If he meant to subvert the trope, he missed the mark. Many attempts at subverting the MPDG have similarly failed: Clementine in Eternal Sunshine, Ruby Sparks, Natalie Portman’s Garden State character, etc; all were intended to subtly comment on the MPDG trope. But all were misinterpreted by scores of straight boys and girls as actual ideal images of womanhood. So the subversion fucking failed.

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Hi! First of all, thank you for the time you put into this wonderful page, has been really useful! Second, I was wondering if you know of any fic that has both Cherik and Xavierine but with end game Xavierine? Also, if you have some time, could you recommend me your favorite Xavierine fics? Thank you so much!

Hi Anon - there are quite a few Cherik + Xavierine fics but not a whole lot out there that have end game Xavierine. Below are a few you might want to check out (full disclosure, many of them are written by yours truly, so you can treat those as FYI vs recs):

Let Them Talk by manic_intent [Cherik, Xavierine,  NC17, D/S verse]

Sub/Dom pairs are created by imprinting. Mutants generally imprint on mutants and Erik who is the most powerful among them thinks that he will have equally powerful sub. Turns out that he imprints on Charles – a brilliant yet entirely human Professor. Cue Erik being disgusted and angry with his Sub, which Charles takes really hard. Erik is ashamed of him, and doesn’t want him to associate with other mutants, but slowly Charles charms his way to the hearts of everyone and one day another mutant (Logan pretty please?) challenges Erik’s claim over Xavier.“

The Professor is the Key by Gerec  [Cherik, Xavierine, PG13]

Based on this awesome prompt: Logan is a colossal, callous asshole, and doesn’t care who knows it, unless Charles is involved. Then he’s a darling fluffy bear, prone to cuddling the professor and making him tea. This surprises everybody, Logan in particular.

Love Won’t Save You by TurtleTotem[Cherik, Xavierine, PG, Mpreg]

Guarding Charles has been Logan’s purpose for over half his life. Now, with the twins to protect, an Empire to fight, and the love of Charles’s life turned to the Dark Side, they have only each other to lean on. Can Logan ever be enough?

The Choices We Make by Gerec[Cherik, Xavierine, PG13]

Soulmate AU: The minute he meets Erik, Charles is positive he’s found his soulmate. When Erik’s name fails to appear on his body, he’s confused, but dismisses it as being too faint to see yet or some other quirk that happens occasionally. Time goes on and he still can’t find Erik’s name, through the beach, through Kennedy, through Vietnam, even though he looks every day, then every week, then only every so often.

Then as he’s showering to pull himself together and go to break Erik out of the Pentagon and he sees the dark letters on the inside of his wrist: LOGAN.

From Lovers to Friends and Back Again by Gerec[Cherik, Xavierine, M]

Logan Howlett meets Charles Xavier on one of his first real auditions, for a T.V. series about World War II. Charles gets a part; Logan does not. They also agree to go out on a date.

Somehow it takes them ten years to make it happen.

Obsession by Gerec[Cherik, Xavierine, NC17, Stranger Sex]

Logan and Charles are a happily married couple, looking for someone to help fulfil their dirty fantasies.

Enter one Erik Lehnsherr.

(Aka Erik fucks Charles while Logan watches.)

And here is a master list of Xavierine fic recs!

here’s a fic rec meme, created by @frozen-delight, in honor of Fic Writer Appreciation Day–and heck, look, it’s that time again!

1. an old fic (posted at least three years ago)

Two Part Invention, by @denugis. Dean leaves hunting, and Sam finds him again. I really love how… difficult it is.

2. a new fic (posted within the last six months)

this birthday fic for Sam by @rainsoakedsam, set during Stanford with Sam/Jess, but the reason I love it is the way Dean peeks in, and radiates backward throughout. Very neat.

3. a fic you wish had gotten more attention (less than 50 kudos on AO3 or less than 30 comments on LJ)

Five ways things might have jumped the rails,’ by my good buddy @thebratfarrar. I’m so very glad that I introduced Brat to Hozier, because it led to these excellent little drabbles. (#1 and #5 are my faves.)

4. a genfic

To Repair Broken Men by procrastin8or951. Pre-series, focused on Dean working on a house and trying to figure out how to keep his family together. It crushed my chest a little bit, but it’s very well done.

5. a fic focused on a female character

Lost Girl, by Molly. Very short, very horrifying little look at what Ruby was up to, before she revealed herself to Sam. Love this.

6. a fic which made you see a character in a new light

Lines in the Sand, by @manic-intent. Abrupt departure into Dragon Age fic, here. Blackwall is one of those characters who seems to exist for retroactive irony, and there’s so much to be mined there–but honestly, I just pigeon-holed him as the Sean Bean character, desperate for redemption. Letting him have desires in his own right–and a secret love for softness of a sort, too–was such a revelation. Plus there’s some delightful thoroughness here. The sequel’s hilarious, too.

7. a fic which made you ship something

this unrequited Dean/Cas by @serricoj, and what it made me ‘ship’ is specifically the missed opportunity of Dean/Cas, which I find I like so much more than the ‘happy’ version. It’s so good. And, most importantly, it keeps Sam as an important figure, which I find the majority of D/C does not. Super well done.

8. a fic which inspired you to write

Athelas, by @astolat. This is a really delicious Thor/Loki which delves into actual consequences–always my favorite thing. This, along with a few other fics, really was the goad to me writing my own Thor/Loki fic ‘Indeterminacy,’ and also the still-unfinished WIP which I really like, if I’m honest, but it owes a lot to astolat.

9. a fic with a particularly memorable line

from ‘Rearrange me ‘til I’m sane,’ by @rivkat:

When Dean opened his eyes again, Sam was still watching him. He didn’t look like Dean expected: like he was waiting for Dean to hurry up and get the point, eyes narrowed and not even surprised at Dean’s slowness. Instead, Sam was just—there. Like he’d be there as long as it took, true north while Dean’s compass heart spun and settled.

10. ??? – And for my ‘free’ category I’m going with a fic where those three little words get deployed and it doesn’t make me roll my eyes, because Becky just slipped it in so well. I heart her. Good job, Becky.

this Sam/Dean fill, by @winchestersinthedrift. It kills me. I love it.

Now, since it’s that kind of a day and more recs should happen, I shall pass this along to a few people– @silver9mm, @wetsammywinchester, @marrieddorks, @purgatoan, @sal-si-puedes, @baronsamediswife


Tre metri sopra il cielo (2004) Or alternatively: Young!Santino.

For two amazing people @bachaboska & @manic-intent. Plus -

…. That’s an awfully familiar-looking jacket, Santino. 🙃

manbunjon  asked:

do you have any jaime/dany fic frecs? :)

There are so, so few right now! It’s still a pretty small ship. My personal favorite (Kristen :P) is Dead Man Walking by manic_intent on AO3. Link here. Must be logged in to AO3 to view it as she restricted it. And this one is pretty great too that we reblogged a couple months back. 

I would love to see more people writing for this ship, though! Maybe when we mods have more time we will try to get the word out :D

Live Read 7 - THOR/TONY FICS


these are really more reviews and a reading journal than a live read, aren’t they? 



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Kingsman Fic Rec: Post-Canon Edition

It’s Fave Friday again, and you know the drill. This week’s rec list is post-canon Hartwin fics that more or less deal with the aftermath of Harry’s ‘death’ and its consequences. Yeah, it’s going to be a more or less angsty pile of fics this time. 

into the wails of your windfight by fideliant (fideliant)

Eggsy finds Harry alive, five years later. The only fic on that mostly takes place after a significant time skip, so I’m almost cheating, but THIS FIC was my first true taste of sheer Hartwin pain and it made me the trash I am today. 

The Green by Ataraxetta (ataraxetta)

Harry comes back and Eggsy isn’t exactly pleased about it. NO JUST READ IT. THIS FIC IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED. I WANT THIS FIC AS THE SCRIPT FOR THE SEQUEL. I’m really obsessed with this fic, if you can’t tell.

Levamentum by DistractionReaction (dayzed-confused)

Harry’s alive and he’s good with children, (un)fortunately for Eggsy. I truly, madly love this fic because Eggsy’s voice is so terribly genuine and he’s such a terrific big brother in this fic, it makes me melt. And the smut melted whatever was left of my brain.

Kingsmaker by manic_intent (manic-intent)

The one where Eggsy stumbles onto amnesiac!Harry and shit goes down from there. Marvelous world-building, with plenty of Merlin, Roxy, and other characters as well as our two favorite idiots with great characterization. A lengthy, developed plot with some lovely chunks of smut.

so, you’ve saved the world by kuro49

A short ficlet about Eggsy discovering Harry alive in the infirmary. I just absolutely adore the way the author’s way with words in this fic. 

Back With Me by Mazarin221b (@mazarin221b)

Eggsy runs into a dead man in Hawaii. It sounds like a common trope, but this fic deals with beautiful simplicity and so much feeling. The last line kills me every time I reread it.

Every Club’s Got a Secret Handshake by ChuckleVoodoos

Harry has some issues post-headshot; Eggsy helps. This fic is so ridiculously sweet and heartwarming that I fear I must visit my dentist for dental cavities after reading. I love it.

The Fire’s Out But Still It Burns by Vacilando (getinthefuckingjaeger)

Eggsy keeps calling a dead man to come get him out of trouble. I automatically brace myself every time I see this author now. It’s a short fic that packs a hell of a punch. Incredible angst and an ending that makes up for all of the pain.

Friday I’m in Love by Umbrella_ella

The week between Harry Hart’s death and resurrection. Eggsy dealing with grief always grinds up my innards but the ending make everything worth it.

embrace an empty space by fideliant

SPEAKING OF EGGSY AND GRIEF. Yes, I know, I repeated an author, but how could I not rec this fic. Eggsy’s way of coping with Harry’s death just makes me want to throw myself bodily against the wall. I still scream every time I read the ending.

time doth waste me by stereokem (stereokem)

Harry starts to feel his age, or specifically, the age gap between him and Eggsy. This is an excellent take on Harry and the concept of growing old, especially in comparison to Eggsy’s youthfulness. More introspective than angsty, and Harry’s POV is so well-written I’d give a kidney to write like that.

take me to church by driftwoodq

Harry deals with PTSD after Kentucky. The magnificent fic that ruined me overnight and takes us through Harry’s recovery without pulling any punches. It’s brilliant.

Reason to Shoot a Dog by out_there

The one where everybody has a different take on the dog test and Harry’s return to the land of the living isn’t too bad. All I’m going to say is that if you’re not reading this WHY ARE YOU NOT, PLEASE, THIS FIC IS A BLESSING. READ IT.

the parting glass by kirkaut (@kirkaut)

This fic is majestic and hurts like a bitch and still manages to make everything worth it in the end. Just. Read it. If The Green can’t be the sequel, then this is the sequel. This is Kingsman 2. This is going to be canon. I wish I could be more coherent about this fic, but it destroyed me, so.

Your courage is commendable, Son of Howard,” Thor says heartily, and claps Tony on the shoulder, ow, “I shall leave you to your heroic struggle against basic Midgardian concepts of capitalism.”
“What was that about?” Pepper asked, when Thor had wandered off to the nearest balcony to take flight. “Basic what?”
“Asgardian culture is more advanced in every single aspect of life, apparently.

Thor, Pepper and Tony (chp. 1)

Vanilla Human Problems by manic_intent (AO3)
Avengers (Marvel Movies) – Explicit – Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
#Alternate Universe #No Iron Man #Kidnapping #Injuries #Sex

Written for the prompt: “AU where Tony isn’t Iron Man. He’s a consultant for the avengers, so they still live in his tower, he still builds/improves their gear, but he never invented Iron Man. He’s still close to the team, and is still a genius, so as the non-superhero member, he gets kidnapped. A lot. The team becomes increasingly protective of Tony.”