014 - Football Maniac 

Sorry folks, I meant the soccer fanatics. 

These postcard illustrations are part of a project called “Personal Spaces”.

It’s a collaboration with Supermart Collective and Individium based on their popular Human Periodic Table brand T-shirts. Generally it’s my personal take on these personalities and how they looked like. 

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A reference to Nullmetal Alchemist: (2:35 - 2:41)

Gosh I love Zeromotions’s art so much… her style is so beautiful I just can'tskdfja;skdfaj;dslkf

Her art on Tumblr: (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)
Her Alfred Ask blog:

The art in the background of the first panel belongs to her. (Yes I have permission to put it there)


I have never received so many compliments about both me and my art in such a short time before!!! REALLY!!! This is amazing, thank you so much everyone! I really never thought I’d ever inspire anyone with my art and then here I am being told that I am! It’s like a dream come true! I am so grateful to you all! I’m so grateful that my art is liked/loved enough to just kaj;sldkfjas;dlkfasj;d thank you thank you thank you I love you all!!! My heart is just racing right now~!!!

Sorry the picture is so crappy, I did it really quickly! QAQ