maniac kid cudi

    A R E  T H E R E  A C E S  U P  Y O U R  S L E E V E ?  ;
    a Connor Walsh mix

Songs for an insatiable homme fatale with a penchant for dirtier deeds. For the slippage of composure, the cracks in his game face, and finding darker tools than debauchery at his disposal and destruction.

A-side ;

i. for your entertainment– adam lambert ii. the prayer– bloc party iii. nicotine– panic! at the disco iv. secret to sell– mikky ekko v. toxic– district 78 feat. cheesa vi. do i wanna know?– arctic monkeys vii. smoke and mirrors (search and seizure remix)– gotye

B-side ;

viii. lurk– the neighbourhood ix. dlz– silent rider x. satin in a coffin– modest mouse xi. maniac– kid cudi feat. cage & st. vincent xii. probably end up dead in a ditch somewhere– nero’s day at disneyland xiii. blood– the editors xiv. daisy– brand new xv. (i just) died in your arms– bastille

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