Overwatch patch 4.2, Halloween Terror: Zenyatta can now open jars


Anonymous said:
Thanks for your tutorials, they are so simple to understand even for someone quite dumb about arts (me)! If you’ll have time and mood, can you, please, create tutorial for making lineart. I’m fairy bad at that.

Thank you! That’s really great to hear that! :D
If you browse my gallery you’ll notice that lineart isn’t something I use often (so that’s why I digged in my old drawings a bit to get some examples u_u) Anyway, I think there are more competent and skillful people out there whom you can ask about it but this is what I do. Just study other artists’ art, it’s helpful. Try to use different brushes and see what works best. Also things I think are important:
⁎ use bigger canvas (mistakes are less visible)
⁎ don’t use smal brushes with smooth but very defined edges because the lines will seem very jerky and ragged
⁎ vary thickness of your lines to make everything more dynamic but try to make it natural (it’s a little bit like calligraphy)
⁎ practice! lines will be smooth and flowy if you make your hand confident:
- draw traditionaly
- excercise with drawing straight lines and curves
- make quick, long strokes instead of drawing short lines (they’ll look sketchy) or doing painfully precise, slow moves
- don’t zoom in too much
- turn off the stabiliser (at least sometimes))
(Aaaand… you can always use vector drawing tools as a last resort :))

since it’s asexual awareness week I wanna rec some books with great ace characters from all over the ace spectrum 
(some have more than one!!!!!!! actually i think all of my recs have more than one tbh)


Collection of short stories:



more doodles (ノ▽〃) 

I can almost smell a scene like this coming in 13x06/07

Dean: You wanna do WHAT?!

Cas: Don’t look at me like that. It’s the only way.

Dean: You are NOT bringing Jack to Lucifer!

Cas: Dean, he is not your child. He can decide for himself.

Dean: The hell he isn’t! Who do you think was feeding him pb&js when you were busy being dead?! Who showed him how to drive?! Who taught him that Ginger was the supreme Spice?!

Jack (silently to uncle Moose): Are they always like that?

Sam: They have issues. You get used to it.


➸ behind the music: favorite music video directors 

Digipedi: Digipedi (short for Digital Pedicure) is a South Korean video production company formed and led by art director duo Seong Won-mo and Park Sang-woo. Based in Seoul, the studio specializes in the production of music videos, commercial films and visual art.