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Legends of Tomorrow AU, where Rip Hunter took advantage of the fact that he’s got a time ship and therefore he doesn’t have to stick to just one time period when assembling his crew.

Mick Rory is an Irish immigrant in mid-19th century San Francisco - also a firebug. Rip picks him up in 1851, just as the fire is getting a good grip in the paint shop he broke into to get a bit of money.

Lady Sara Lance is a courtier at Versailles during the height of the reign of the Sun King - also, secretly the local representative of the League of Shadows, spying on state secrets and occasionally ending a life when required.

Ray Palmer is a brilliant businessman and inventor from the late 21st century and part of a group of like-minded individuals engaged in the founding of what they hope to be a succesful new way of running a state: The Kasnia Conglomerate.

Martin Stein was part of the Manhatten Project, where an extraordinary experiment bonded him with Ronnie Raymond, an engineer from the Navy, turning them into Firestorm. Some twenty years later, Ronnie died under tragic circumstances, leading to Stein ending up having to - somewhat mutually reluctantly - bond with one Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, who mostly volunteered to be tested for compatibility hoping to find a way not to get shipped off to Vietnam along with the rest of the drafted soldiers.

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, thief and supervillain from early 21st century Central City. He keeps a heat gun among his possession, twin to the cold gun that gave him his name, but has yet to find someone suitable to wield it.

The reincarnations of Chay-Ara and Khufu from pagan Rome, from the life they both spent fighting and killing as gladiators in the arenas during the reign of Nero. Rip picks them up on the eve of their final battle, where Vandal Savage has arranged for them to fight each other to the death.

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Okay, but what does AM stand for?

Sensei’s chapter titles are never really straight forward, but I can think of a few possibilities?

  1. “Am” is the chemical symbol of element Americium, which is number 95 on the periodic table, the same number as the chapter. Considering last chapter, sensei grabbed for Surah 94, I think this is a safe bet as to at least part of the meaning here. I’m no chemist or nuclear physicist so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but Americium is mostly made and found around nuclear power and was found as part of the Manhatten Project. 

    Considering the imminent explosion here, and the cancerous by-products of all the ideologies and anger and hate on display, I’d say that’s pretty fitting. Plus, theirs the location of Rushima which ties it all back to WWII.

  2. AM would be the western order Romaji initials for Akira Mado, who is really the emotional center of this chapter. Her confession about how she truly feels and how she has always seen herself in relation to the investigators around her is one of the most honest and emotional she’s ever been in the manga.

  3. AM is a form of the english verb “to be,” as in “I am”. This chapter is a lot about what these characters see themselves as, or actually truly are behind their facades. It’s about what the different characters want to do, intend to do, or are going to do.

  4. AM is the first half of Amon, and he is very prominent in this chapter. Speaking of who characters are under facades, instead of the attempted reconciler and bringer of salvation he was sort of trying to be, he’s all rage now. Just violence and rage, even as he tries to do the same sort of thing. He activates his kakugan and doesn’t hide it, too.

  5. AM stands for ante meridiem, or before midday, which could indicate both where we are in the day - it could be early morning at this point, we really don’t know - but also thematically. Unfortunately, AM is any time from midnight (a very dark time, symbolically), to dawn, to morning (which would symbolize good things). But if this is what sensei is getting at, then maybe it’s saying that we are at least marching towards dawn now?

  6. AM stands for Amplitude Modulated, a type of radio frequency, as opposed to FM, Frequency Modulated. It’s the older of the two and capable of traveling further distances and is easier to detect, but more susceptible to noise. Honestly I doubt it’s this one, but it’s probably worth remembering that Akira and the Quinx, as well as Juuzou’s approaching squad, technically still have a radio link to Matsuri and the command ship, should any of them care to use it.

  7. AM is the antagonist of the classic science fiction short story I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, but that’s probably not relevant here. At least to the non-Kanou part of the island…