The Flint Hills

Location: Manhattan, Kansas

Capture Time: July 19, 2014, 8:14:21 AM

GPS: 37° 17′ 0″ N, 96° 40′ 31″ W

The Flint Hills is one of the many locations in Kansas that has been untouched by human construction. Its vast prairie scenery is one that will make you realize how small you are. The prairie is home to many native Kansas creatures like the American Bison, Horned Toads, Pygmy Rattlesnakes, and various bird species.

The Flint Hills region includes a band of hills in eastern Kansas stretching into north-central Oklahoma, extending from Marshall and Washington counties in the north to Cowley County, Kansas and Kay and Osage counties in Oklahoma in the south, to Geary and Shawnee counties west to east.[3] Oklahomans generally refer to the same geologic formation as the Osage Hills or “The Osage.”

#ManhattanKS has been home for almost an entire HALF year! AND It has completely and utterly captured my heart! It’s humid, there’s tornado watches and warnings, and hardly anyone knows what the heck an @innout is! BUT nevertheless, this California girl loves it here! SO STOP with the “How’s Kansas?! *cough* 😄 *laugh*” ✋ It is awesome here! The people are delightful, their spirit is strong, and the skies are breathtaking! PLUS I choose to blossom and be happy wherever life takes me ✌️💛 😘 🌻 #Happiness is a state of mind and a little place known as #Manhattan, #Kansas. (at Manhattan Hill)