Cobblestone Streets. Meat Packing District. Somewhere in time, after dirt roads and before asphalt and concrete, NYC streets were lined with cobblestones. They allowed roads to be heavily used all year long and prevented ‘dips’ and mud associated with dirt roads. The roads are noisey as well. The noise was an advantage in the days of carrages and horse hooves because pedestrians could hear up-coming traffic. When someone had a baby or became sick, straw would be thrown down in front of the home to reduce the noise. These days they are even noisier with automobiles.

Many of the cobblestone streets in Manhattan have been covered over with some type of pavement. Many times when road repairs are necessary, the old cobblestone street is revealed underneath. Today cobblestone streets are left intact for historical reasons, a fact not taken lightly by women in high-heels.

Note: The overpass in the back-ground is part of The Highline, Manhattans newest and very popular park.


Taliyah Amaya, a young woman of color from the South Bronx is MISSING. So many young girls and women have been going missing in the South Bronx like Maylin Reynoso. I know I have like no followers but please reblog especially if you live in NYC/tri state area!!!!! If you have any information call the number provided (929) 256 0471 or call the police.

UPDATE: SHE IS SAFE AND SOUND!! thank you all for sharing far and wide! 💚💚💚