I finally met Claudia (psycho-s0cial), and a bunch of us all went to the lake again and got fucked up. We were there til about 3AM and decided to leave and stuff everybody into Julias car again. 7 People we piled into the trunk, and then me & Julia in the two front seats. Got to Megans house and Claudia felt sick so I told her to make herself puke. FIRST TIME MEETING HER, I GOT HER SO FUCKING DRUNK TO THE POINT WHERE SHE WAS PUKING. But I’m such a good friend that I tied up her hair for her, and was rubbing her back, and giving her some water, and comforting her, and on the side was taking shots. But overall, ANOTHER AMAZING FUCKING NIGHT! ♥


Friday is 420 so OBVIOUSLY that means everybody is getting high… I don’t smoke weed though D:
I probably will have a couple hits off of my friends spliff or something just cause I’ve never have passed up weed on 420, its like a must.
Then we’re gonna go meet up with more people, and then do a booze run, get drunk, and then head off to the Gay Club to pop our pussies on the dance floor ♥