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Keep You Around [P.1] (Newt Scamander x Thunderbird!Reader)

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A/N: As a little background information if you haven’t had time to look into the Ilvermorny houses, the house of Thunderbird represents the soul of the witch or wizard, and favors adventurers.

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✩ word count: ~900

Keep You Around

It was a typical evening in New York, bitter and cold, as Y/N goes on her nightly walk. 

Y/N lived with two other witches, Queenie and Tina, and as much as she loves their bubbly (and sometimes very loud) company, she sometimes needs her alone time.

Buildings tower over her and people chatter as she weaves her way through the busy streets of Manhattan, and rain threatens to fall above from the huge gray clouds cloaking the evening sky. 

Y/N bundles closer to her jacket, cursing that she didn’t change out of her dress before leaving, the exposed skin of her shins and knees reminding her of what an idiotic choice that was. 

Forging on, Y/N finally arrives at her favorite park and breathes a sigh of relief before following the quaint cobblestone path that runs through it (although walking on cobblestones with heels is a pain in the ass, if you ask her). A twig snaps behind her and she immediately stiffens.

This park was a known meeting spot for witches and wizards, but at this hour, there’s no telling what sort you’d bump into.

She instinctively reaches for her wand inside of her coat, staying completely still as she tries to analyze the situation. 

Something black and small runs past her feet, and the beginning of a spell incantation breaks the silence.

Threatened now, Y/N whips out her wand, “Expelliarmus!” The spell successfully relieves the wizard of his wand then, “Accio Wand.” And the slender wooden wand falls easily into her hand.

She looks up, the man does too, raising his hands in front of himself as if to calm her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Y/N asks.

“Well, er, you see- I’m trying to catch my Niffler.” The man replies, oddly calm, pointing with one hand to the beety eyed creature clinging to a metal park bench.

“You’re what?” Y/N scrutinizes the man, he’s got somewhat wild curly brown hair and a yellow and gray scarf, “Whatever that- that- thing is- you- you can’t use magic in such a public place!”

“I don’t see any muggles around,” The man says, rather innocently, looking around.


“Non..Non-magical beings?”

“You mean no-majs?” 

“Yes, yes,” He replies hurriedly, peaking around your shoulder, “I’m very sorry, Miss, I’ve really got to return him to the others.”

“You know it’s illegal to breed or keep magical creatures in the United States?” 

“Well- um- yes, I do.”

Y/N tilts her head, rather curious about the man, “Who did you say you were?”

“I um, I didn’t-” He smiles nervously, “I’m Newt, Newt Scamander, and I’d really truly appreciate it if you returned my wand?”

Y/N cracks a smile as the man inches closer to her, “I’m Y/N Grimm, and I’d really truly appreciate it if you took me along.”

“Looks like I’m going to have to,” The man- Newt- looks at something behind her, gives her a shy smile, and grabs her arm, “Hold on tight.” 

“What? Where are we-”

And before she could finish her sentence, he had apparated them both, apparating in front of a jewelry store.

“By Greylock, haven’t you a clue of how many rules you’re breaking?” Y/N asks Newt, amused.

“I’ve got a faint idea.” He grins at her before glaring at a small mole looking creature standing perfectly still with necklaces draped over his arm. Newt sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. 

“Is that the niffler?” Y/N asks, laughter in her voice.

“I’m afraid so.” 

And with that, Newt with Y/N right behind him, proceeded to break into the jewelry store, filled with priceless gems. 

“Be very still-” Newt holds an arm out in front of Y/N as he stares down the niffler. 

The two creep closer to the small black creature.


They stare at it.

It stares at them.

And just as Newt is beginning to open his briefcase, the Niffler sprints away and Newt lunges after it.

“Newt- Newt,” Y/N reaches out to steady a tall shelf filled with glittering diamonds, “I-I’ve got an idea.”

He looks up at her quizzically, trying to crawl after the small rodent.

“Here- you said the thing likes jewels, right?” 

He nods, looking quite funny half underneath a counter. 

“Well, I suppose we can’t get into more trouble than we’re already in, right?” Y/N grins at the man before removing a hugely over bedazzled diamond and ruby crown and placing it at her feet.

This time it is Y/N telling Newt to stand still as she holds a box expectantly over the crown.

The Niffler looks up. Stares at the crown, and in a second sprinting full speed at it, scuttering across the floor towards the sparkling crown.

Y/N drops the box easily over the small animal, lifting it up momentarily after and giving it to Newt, who is staring at her wide-eyed.

The looks in the box, then back up at Y/N.

“Well I guess I’ll have to keep you around.” He grins at her.

“I guess you will.”

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