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10 Whiskey BottleDesigns You Can’t Wait to Show Off

By Emily Elyse Miller 

With an entirespectrum of golden tones, aromas and brands how does one make an educatedchoice on whiskey? By the bottle of course! Ok, we know it’s not all about the bottle but in the case ofthese ten whiskey brands, it sure does help. These brands display a beautiful design and contain a delicious libation — our top two criteria when choosing a whiskey. If it’s going to sit on your shelf (hopefully not for too long) then these bottles will impress your design-loving friends while proving to others that a pretty bottle can still house a mighty fine drink. See for yourself… 

1. White Pike Whiskey

White Pike was designed to be a white whiskey to live in the cocktail world.  We wanted the bottle to feel natural in a bartender’s hand and speed rack with the vodka shaped bottle, that’s half black and half naked (to show the contents of the liquid).  - Founder, Steven Ljubicic

2. Van Brunt Still House

Sourcing rye and corn from upstate New York farmers this brand knows how to look and taste great. With everything coming out of their Red Hook, Brooklyn distillery this brand is a local gem that you can be proud have one on your shelves, but mostly in your glass.

3. Barrell Bourbon

A unique flavor, color and character comes out of each batch of Barrell Bourbon so it’s no surprise that their bottle design will catch your eye as well. The brand compares their attention to detail, “Much as an expert craftsman’s choice of wood makes each piece of fine furniture unique.”

4. Kings County

“For the branding, it came out of when I was making moonshine out of my apartment. I was putting the spirit into mason jars for while, but eventually that seemed a little “on the nose,” and so we looked and found these great flask bottles, so that was the inspiration.  We wanted smaller bottles, not for the bar, but something you could take with you. (We sell a larger size now, the 375ml bottles, but most of what we sell are the 200ml hip-flask size).

“To me, so many spirit brands are over-branded, and so we wanted something that would communicate that we are very small and indie without a lot of resources for packaging. I also don’t like typography–there are so many possibilities, but by focusing on the typed labels, that kind of removed a lot of variables and the constraints were very helpful.  So the front labels says only what the government requires. And it seems to be paying off! We just won a gold medal for packaging at the American Craft Spirit Awards in Seattle.”
-Colin Spoelman (Distiller) 

5. 77 Whiskey

Made from entirely New York State grains, 77 Whiskey is made from scratch and with love in Brooklyn. This brand strays away from the traditional and seeks to stand out in taste and design.

6. Hudson Whiskey

“As the pioneer of craft whiskey in New York State — it’s very important to us that each consumer knows where the bottle comes from.  Each bottle is a singular expression in and of itself…that being said, we label (handwritten) each bottle with a year, batch and bottle number — and it’s finished off with a hand dipped wax seal.” - Han Shan, Hudson Whiskey Brand Ambassador

7. Manhattan Moonshine

As if a glance at this bottle doesn’t already put you in a daze of speakeasy’s and swing dancing, then a sip of Manhattan Moonshine will sure to the trick. Decked out in deco this small batch un-aged whiskey is ready to fly off the shelf and into your glass.

8. Great King St.

The packaging was designed by the award-winning Stranger & Stranger.

“The thinking behind the design was to reflect the inspiration behind the creation of our Great King Street range, namely the golden age of Scotch whiskymaking and craft blending in the 19th century, but also to give it a contemporary feel that fitted with our desire to evolve tradition through innovation. So, a combination of traditional and modern.” 

“But above all we wanted the packaging to look original and appealing, to match the delicious versatility of the whisky itself. -Chris Maybin (Commercial Director, Compass Box Whisky Co.)

9. Whistle Pig

A black and gold label already alludes to good things but then when you add 100 percent rye grain, 100 proof whiskey you get a beautiful thing inside and out.

10. Orphan Barrel (Barterhouse) - right
“Barterhouse whiskey packaging nods to the inspiration behind the whiskey’s name. A vintage khaki and brown label features a sly fox front and center after he’s made a smooth deal at the local trading post. Because when there’s no money on the table, Barterhouse whiskey turns give and take into an adventure in provocation and persuasion. The liquid reflects this with a smooth body, but long memorable finish – just like the fox after he gets the upper hand!”
-Ewan Morgan (DIAGEO Master of Whiskey)

Orphan Barrel (Old Blowhard) - left
“Based in a beautiful nautical blue, Old Blowhard whiskey packaging features a powerful whale exhaling through its blowhole before launching into another opinionated debate. Powerful fonts rooted in swagger proclaim Old Blowhard whiskey has an impressive age statement and status as a Kentucky Bourbon. A full, woody taste to the liquid reflects the whale’s power and influence.”
-Ewan Morgan (DIAGEO Master of Whiskey)

The above brands were all discovered at this year’s Whiskey Live.