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“We met online.”

How was the first date?

“We went to a movie. Typical. Then we went to a bar…”

“And now we’re here.”

Why choose city hall to get married?

“Because we want a million dollar wedding and we’re not millionaires yet. That’s in the future so we’re getting this out of the way.”

If you could have your first dance right now, what song would play in the background?

Lana Del Rey. Video Games

Describe each other in three words.

“Amazing. Passionate. Beautiful.”

“The love of my life, I mean that’s not one word but it sums it all up.”

The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask, and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 2/4

Part One / Part Three / Part Four

Summary: After a chance encounter, you start to see the fabled “Spider-Man” everywhere.

A/N: Part twooooo. I hope you lot enjoy, let me know if you are and the next parts (which honestly do get better) will be up soon.

Warnings: Light swearing. Honestly just full of fluff. Spider-Man x Reader.

It was hard not to think about the Spider-Man after that. And yes, that was his “official” name, according to the weird side of the internet where people spent day in and day out analyzing the kid’s every move, trying to figure out who he was.

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“We’ve been 28 years or so together so we thought might as well do it now.”

How was the first date?

“Our first date was good, it was on Valentines Day in 1987.”

I was born on Valentines Day, 1987!

“Are you serious? No kidding!”

“You could be our child.”

“We met in Astoria in a bar, on a random Saturday night. He approached me and said that his friends… actually I’ll let him tell you the story.”

“Yeah, I went over after a couple of hours us looking at each other and my friends were taunting me saying that I should go over there because they thought he would turn me down… and I went over and I said “Excuse me, but my friends over there don’t think that I have the balls to tell you that I find you attractive".. and then I laughed at him and he laughed at me and he invited me to sit down with him and here we are 8 years later.”

“We met years and years ago. Downtown Brooklyn. Just hanging out.”


What did you do to impress her? How was the first date?

“Well, for a change I actually had my t-shirt on.”

“The first date was crazy.”

“Yeah, we were teens back then. You know how it is.”

Why the decision to get married at City Hall?

“Money wise it just made sense.”

“We just wanted to get it done. We’ve waited long enough.”

First dance song?

Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran. He sings real good for a white boy.“


“We met on facebook… well actually we met through a mutual friend and then connected on facebook.”

Why choose City Hall/New York City to get married?

“We had a religious ceremony in our mosque back in August with some family present… and this right now is just to make it legal for benefits and insurance purposes, etc.”

“We’ll be having a bigger event later on.”

What are your plans for the holidays?

“I’m going to work tonight, I’m a firefighter.”