manhattan meteor

things you should do if you find a ship distasteful:

  1. blacklist it with new xkit which you can find by clicking here
  2. unfollow people who post the ship
  3. don’t go into the ship tag
  4. don’t read fic or view art of the ship
  5. ask people to tag for the ship
  6. understand that people like things for different reasons, darkfic or ‘bad ships’ can be cathartic for survivors, and that what people enjoy in fiction is not necessarily what they enjoy in real life–kind of like how people can enjoy disaster movies and also be against the idea of a meteor obliterating manhattan in real life
  7. possibly report to tumblr staff, if the content produced is illegal or goes against the ToS

things you should not do if you find a ship distasteful:

  1. harass people who ship the ship you find distasteful