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doctor who | the angels take manhattan | september 29th 2012

There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story.

Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived and save a whale in outer space.

Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond…

And this how it ends.”

Lost Souls

Summary: You’ve been able to see them for as long as you could remember. Ghosts. Spirits. Souls. It didn’t matter what you called them, they plagued you day and night. Reapers couldn’t always convince them to pass on to the other side, which meant you saw them all the time. You’d stopped trying to help after a vengeful spirit had tried to kill you ten years ago. 

That all changes when you see a handsome ghost protect someone from… other ghosts?

AU where Bucky dies in 1945 and never becomes the Winter Soldier.

Pairing: Ghost!Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Language (as always), mentions of death/violence

Word Count: ~4,419 (why am I like this)

A/N: Third one shot in the monster series. One more left (four total for my 400 follower celebration).

This makes me sad to write just on principle… But stick with it, folks, and I promise an incubus Bucky for the last part.

Masterlist // The Monster Series Collection

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You didn’t look at them. The ghosts. In fact, you avoided eye contact with almost everyone. If people died in recent years it was almost impossible to tell them apart from the living. Sometimes it was obvious; people wore clothing from two hundred years ago, or used slang you didn’t understand.

The wicked scar that stretched from your left shoulder to the left side of your stomach was enough of a reminder of why you avoided them.

You’d tried to help them, once. The dead, that is. You’d tried to help them finish whatever business they had and get them to move on, but when a vengeful spirit took its anger out on you and nearly killed you, you’d promised yourself you wouldn’t interfere with their world again.

You’d gotten pretty good at spotting ghosts without them spotting you over the years; you’d had to. Though you still flinched a little every time you walked through one, trying to blend in with the people around you.

You were walking home, sipping your coffee on a chilly October afternoon when you spotted him for the first time.

He was following a tall, muscular blond man closely. Even from far away you could see his steel blue eyes scanning his surroundings carefully, his posture tense. If you had to guess by the clothing and rifle strapped to his back, you’d guess he’d died in the 1940′s; you’d seen enough World War II ghosts to recognize their weapons by now. His dark brown hair was also in a style indicative of the late 30′s and early 40′s.

What surprised you, though, was the fact that he wasn’t wearing a uniform. It was also surprising that he was sticking so closely to the blond man, but didn’t seem to be trying to talk to him. Usually when ghosts fixated on a person they were yelling bloody murder trying to get the person’s attention (not that it ever did them any good).

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I’ve lost too many people to bad influence: Ethan Nakamura, Luke Castellan…We almost lost Nico, too…. No. No more. You can’t give up on Meg. You guys are bound together. Besides, she’s one of the good guys.
—  Percy Jackson
Agent — Part 2 — Avengers X Reader

Part 1

Before you ask me any questions, make sure you’ve looked at my FAQ’s page!



Summary: You and the team travel to the abandoned steel factory in Canada to bring down Dimitri. After you had no choice but to come clear to the team about what was going on with you, you encounter a familiar face.

Warnings: None.

Words: 3 673(-ish)

A/N: Finally I’ve got part 2!! Hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think :)

Also, tell me if you want this to be Steve X Reader, Bucky X Reader or if it should just continue as Avengers X Reader with no romantic relationship with the reader!

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3… 2… 1… And we’re on Canadian soil.” Clint stated from the pilot seat of the Quinjet, eyes looking down on the GPS system. “Anyone feel any nicer? Like they enjoy hockey a bit more?”

No one answered him, especially not Y/N. She had been silently seated as far away from the others that she could through out the entire flight. Natasha wasn’t able to do anything to help with everyone else being so close. She had simply watched Y/N from a distance to make sure that she at least physically appeared to be alright.

Natasha knew it was hard to live multiple lives as multiple people. She had been through her fair share of difficult decisions due to feelings that had developed for someone they definitely shouldn’t have. Y/N was an amazing agent, but she was only human. Even the worst people on earth have the possibility of being heartbreakingly kind when they so wish, and she had fallen for that curtain that had been hiding all of the bad when she was around.

Y/N had done nothing but think about the situation she was in since they left New York. Dimitri was a ruthless murderer who was planning on killing her friends, but they had formed a bond within just a few weeks of knowing each other that she couldn’t possibly explain. He had just been so broken and she had so long had a stupid dream of fixing a broken man. She had fallen for him without even noticing.

“Hey?” Steve called out towards Y/N. “You with us?”

Her eyes dragged up, staying silent yet paying attention. Steve remained eye contact with her. He could tell something was up. She had been her normal self when filling them in on the case but she had drastically changed after that. She was so lost in her own mind she hadn’t even heard Clint talk to her nor had she join in on any discussions during their two hour flight and counting.

“Did you hear Clint?” Steve asked even though the answer was obvious. Y/N looked up to the marksman who was flying the aircraft.

“I just asked if you want to tell us a little bit more about this place we’re going to?” Clint repeated himself.

“It’s heavily guarded both day and night.” She began, her voice as good as monotone. “Dimitri is a first-class hypochondriac when it comes to everything relating to his own safety. It’s essentially impossible to get inside in stealth-mode. That factory is more or less a fortress.”

“What about practical things? Lookouts, dead ends, weak spots in the structure… Anything that can be to our advantage?” Bucky had also been very quiet, but that was far from uncommon. At first it had been because he still did not feel at place with the Avengers but the silence stuck even after he began to settle in. It was simply who he was, or at least what he had become.

“There is a sniper post on the south east side of the premises. An old silo, very difficult to see. The two trucks at the back are not just parked and waiting to be used. They’re stationary monitoring centers for the security cameras as well as break-rooms for the guards, and forget about the gates on the loading bay of this place. They’ve been barricaded from the inside with old storage crates loaded with unused steel. They’re unmovable.”

Natasha looked over at Y/N in concentration, wishing the agent would have just stayed at home like Natasha had asked her to. “What about possible points of entrance?”

“The main gate is the crown jewel of this place and the most heavily guarded, but from the sheer aspect of getting inside, that’s the easiest. The only other option we have is finding the entrance to the unused sewers underneath, but even if we manage to find where it leads out, it’s still guarded and there is only one way forward and one way back.”

“We can’t take the risk of getting ourselves locked in like that.” Natasha didn’t like any of their options but bursting through the front door, guns blazing, sounded better than being trapped with open fire from both ends of a sewer.

“What if you head inside alone first?” Bucky suggested to Y/N. Natasha’s eyes snapped up to him, still and expressionless as a stone despite screaming at him to shut up inside her head. “You could lure him out or at least tell us how many guards he has mustered up since you left.”

“Good idea.” Y/N agreed, not a single sign of emotion within her which Natasha found more than unsettling.

“Not a good idea.” Steve corrected her disapprovingly to Natasha’s relief, as well as Y/N’s, even if she was too blinded by the complicity of the situation to realize that. “No matter where you will be able to lead him or what information you will be able to give us, you’ll be in the heart of it all once we attack. You’re not going in alone and that’s a final, undebatable, order.”

“What other options do we have, huh?” Y/N spoke back, her voice nearly shouting, which was more than proof for everyone that she wasn’t herself. She had never argued with Steve, never about anything significant and definitely not about anything work related. Her first and only job apart from SHIELD was in law enforcement. That meant she was given orders and was given them by a captain, the same way it worked at SHIELD and when being the Avengers’ liaison. It was in her very nature to follow orders, a stipulation she had worked under for all of her adult life.

If she went against orders despite her flawless loyalty and equally as impeccable history, there was no doubt that she was not in her right set of mind. Y/N defying orders had the same sense of meaning as Steve ripping an American flag apart or Clint choosing a gun over his bow. It put the entire team in silence, no matter how dramatic that seemed, because to them it wasn’t.

“You’re telling me whatever it is that you are not and you’re doing it now.” Steve stated, his tone a mix between demanding and worrying and reflecting his own emotions perfectly. Y/N was not only a skilled agent and therefor a coworker but she was also a close friend. She came to every one of Tony’s gatherings, whether the guests consisted of what seemed to be half of Manhattan or the Avengers alone didn’t matter. If she hadn’t been wearing a SHIELD badge and working alone so much she would practically be part of the team.

“I’m focused on the mission.” She lied, a white lie, but still it wasn’t the truth. “I’ve been undercover for two months and I don’t want to waste that time by making a mistake.”

Y/N.” Natasha called out and Y/N knew exactly what she wanted. Natasha wanted for her to come clean, but that was so ridiculously much easier said than done. How was she even going to justify what she had done? She couldn’t. No aspect of her actions was acceptable as an excuse. She could blame her emotions and falling for Dimitri all she wanted to but as an undercover operative it was in her contract to be able to leave feelings out of the picture. Not only has she failed that, but she had done so at one of the more inopportune missions that it could ever have happened on.

Steve looked between the two women, frustration building up by being in the dark of whatever the two of them seemed to know. “What’s going on?”

Natasha raised her finger to silence Steve, eyes still on Y/N further down the Quinjet who had her eyes fixated on her trembling hands that fidgeted with her belt anxiously. “Everyone here understands.” Natasha reassured, causing Y/N to let out a sharp and breathless laugh as she looked up in the ceiling to control her tear-burning eyes.

“Really?” She questioned, sounding forcefully humorous.

“Yes, we do. You know a lot about most of our tragic backstories, a handful of he mistakes we’ve made too. You should know we understand. I even dare to say I believe you’re the most fault-free out of everyone here by a long shot… We all have to make mistakes, at lest one, and that includes you. Despite what we all may be capable of and the things we have all gone through we’re all human at the end of the day…”

“Y/N?” It was Bucky that time, and his voice was laced with nothing but pure and concentrated worry along with a hint of uncertainty as he wasn’t very good with consolation in any form. “I don’t know what you’ve done, but I believe Romanoff. Whatever this is all about I don’t doubt we’ll understand you.”

“Really?” She repeated in the same tone as before, looking straight at Bucky and then at the others. “Are you able to understand that I slept with a guy who is out to kill you? That I spent more nights beside him in bed that I can count on both of my hands, listening to him talk and falling for him more and more?”

Bucky, who had already had few words to say, found none after she was done talking. Luckily, Steve had plenty.

“Yes we do.” He promised, staring her right in the eye and not breaking away in hopes of that she would understand how genuinely he had meant that. “You are one of the most loyal people I know. You would never intentionally break that loyalty, and you still haven’t, even if you may believe that.”

Bucky had to speak. He had begun to process everything and he had too much on his mind to stay in his usually quiet and mysterious character. “You can try and convince me and the rest of us if you want, but I know that you weren’t aware of his intentions when you were with him. Nothing you can say will change that.”

She shook her head, looking away as she bit down on her trembling bottom lip. Of course Bucky would be able to figure out the case. He was just as good of a soldier as he was a detective. He could see the case of the situation as clear as day, understand the small mistake that Y/N had made and theorize accurately about what had happened. He didn’t need her to go through the pain and suffering of explaining it to him and he knew the rest of the team were on the same page as he was.

“You shouldn’t fight this. I’ve been in the position where I’ve had to fight people I’ve known and loved before, and there is nothing more damaging to one’s own soul than to do that…” Steve became more poetic, hoping the new tactic would have a better effect.

“I would never be able to live with myself if I was to sit this one out and any of you would get hurt. It’s already tough to have you guys here as it is, because whatever happened between Dimitri and I shouldn’t have gotten this far… I should have followed protocol and classified myself as unsuitable for the mission let some other agent handle it.”

Clint huffed, smiling slightly as he turned on autopilot and spun around in his seat to face the others. “No other agent would have been able to execute this mission as well as you have.”

She would have liked to believe that, but it wasn’t so easy. She had spent more time with Dimitri than with the Dimitri assignment, and she could only begin to imagine at what expense. How much more information on Dimitri’s operation would she have been able to gather if she had been focused? She feared it was a lot.

The equipment in the cockpit began to give off a calm alert, causing Clint to turn back around to look into it. “We’re approaching. T minus five minutes.”

“We need to settle for a plan.” Bucky looked in between the team that agreed with him completely. Whether the options they had were good, bad or simply not liked, they still needed to make a decision.

“It’s your call, Captain.” Y/N looked at Steve. She was far from a state where she trusted her own judgement. She would much rather have Steve act out his role as leader of both the mission and the team.

Steve wasn’t sure what the best decision was. He was used to being put before tricky situations that required tricky measures, but Y/N’s personal connection with their target made things even more complicated, no matter if he and the others understood and forgave her or if they didn’t.

To have Y/N enter on her own had little to no good possible outcome. If Dimitri was as obsessed with security the way she made him out to be, Steve doubted she would be able to get him outside in the open. Even if she somehow managed to, she would be far too exposed with no way to have her back covered. The risk of her being injured weighed far too much to even consider her going solo.

They could come in front and make one hell of an entrance. It would allow them to have their backs cleared, the element of surprise to their advantage, but risk Dimitri taking to extreme measures in one way or the other whilst they were digging their way inside to him. Still, Steve found it to be the best idea. If Y/N said that going in quietly would be near impossible he wouldn’t question it nor would he take the chance of being caught and having no where to seek cover.

“T minus 3.” Clint informed, Steve rushing to come up with a solution.

“Alright, we hit them straight from the front with everything we’ve got-”

No need for that, Roger-erino.” Someone emitted from the speakers around the aircraft, the voice all too familiar.

“Tony?” Clint turned evidently to look towards his right, and surely, Tony was flying beside the Quinjet in his Iron Man suit. Y/N unbuckled and walked to the cockpit, staring at Tony who shouldn’t at all be there.

“What are you doing?” She questioned, realizing how suspicious she sounded for being so hostile.

Relax, Y/L/N… A little bird told me that you were on a mission and I decided to look into it. Saw that whoever this douchebag is has an army of mercenaries so I decided to help out a little bit.” His tone was almost suggestive, causing her to become suspicious.

“What did you do, Stark?” Steve also got up and walked to the cockpit.

You should never hire mercenaries to serve your cause. They are loyal only to those with money – so – I split my last month’s pay in between all 75 of them and they were willing to keep up their act until we arrived… For those of you who are still a bit lost; they’re neutral in this. They’ll let us take this guy and waltz our way out. I doubt they’ll keep him down if he tries to make a run for it however. I simply asked them to act as if they had never talked to me and ignore us once we showed.”

Y/N was speechless and she couldn’t really put a finger on why. She had never even thought to question the loyalty of Dimitri’s men. She would also never have thought that his capture would be served on a silver platter the way Tony had more or less done. She felt as if she was defeated even thought it was they who had practically won.

First lesson in Leading an Army 101; make sure your soldiers are on your side by their spirit and not for their profit.” Tony began to lower his altitude gradually. Further ahead rose the old factory in a clearing of the thick forest stretching out as far as they could see. She felt her heart skip a beat, the intimidating and dark structure bringing back nothing but bad memories and holding an eerie sense of familiarity to it. Two months wasn’t a long time, but it felt like it had been so much more than that.

“You okay?” Steve, who stood beside Y/N behind the pilot seat, placed his hand on her shoulder and met her eyes.

“I’m fine.” She assured. Whether it was true or not wasn’t important in the moment.

Clint began to guide the Quinjet down towards the ground, and as Tony had promised, the hired mercenaries were seen simply standing on the ground as they arrived. Clint aimed down towards the car-free parking lot and landed smoothly. A few of the soldiers sauntered up to the aircraft and towards Tony that landed after them. Natasha made her way to the chute in the back and pressed the button that opened it up, her other hand on standby at her hip where her gun was holstered.

Steve grabbed his shield from the wall where it had hung for the journey, Clint standing up and grabbing his bow that had been hanging beside it. Y/N was already armed and simply waited as the team prepared, eyes watching Bucky as he lastly grabbed his assault rifle off the weapon rack and walked to the back of the jet where the chute finally reached the ground.

Three guards stood outside, weapons in their hands, but that wasn’t so strange. If they would have wanted to kill them they would have done it already. They had kept their word. Remained loyal to the best price.

Their eyes landed on Y/N who they undoubtedly recognized. They shared a look with one another but remained silent. She didn’t know if it applied to the three men before her, but she knew that some soldiers barely spoke English, which meant they tended to stay silent instead. She tried to not think about what their opinion was of her after seeing her clearly be on the side of the so-called enemy, but it was difficult. All her life she had cared too much of what others thought of her and that never went away.

“Alrighty…” Tony stretched his arms out and relaxed with a sigh in his usual, nonchalant manner. “Ah, that’s some real clean air we’re breathing. You feel that? You can’t get this back in the Big Apple, let me tell you.”

“Tony?” Steve called out, his voice low and eyes staring into Tony’s as he had withdrawn the mask of his armor. Tony could sense that there was more in the air besides less carbon monoxide. His eyes moved to Y/N who was uncharacteristically withdrawn and hesitant before back to Steve who almost seemed pleading. “Not now.”

Tony decided to listen. He may be a bit of a douche at times and just as many times he balanced on the line between okay and not, but he listened that time. All things considered, their mission was serious, even if it had become drastically easier due to Tony’s brilliant move to pay off the mercenaries. A guy still wanted death to the Avengers, and people usually don’t tend to strive for something they know is impossible to have. If that principle applied to Dimitri, then he had some kind of plan that none on the team knew about.

They made their way around the jet, Steve leading their group of six towards the large entrance of the factory that truly looked like a fortress as Y/N had said. The soldiers looked at them but showed little to no interest about what they were up to. The only thing that peaked their curiosity was Y/N walking in the middle of the group, head hanging low but clearly visible and recognizable with her hair pulled back for practicality.

“This place is giving me the creeps.” Clint confessed as he wandered to Y/N’s right. He stared up at the towering building that was so dark that the top of it, where the light from lampposts on the ground did not reach, seemed to blend right in with the cloudy, night, sky.

The entrance gate of reinforced steel suddenly buzzed and began to creak open, a soldier in the small control booth nearby steeping out shortly after with an expressionless look on his face just like the others.

Steve turned around towards the team instead of proceeding inside. “Bucky, you stay out here with Y/N.”

“What?” Y/N took a step forward to be at a normal speaking distance with the leader.

“It’s an order. Will you follow it?” He regretted his words as soon as he had said them. He shouldn’t use Y/N’s single slip-up against her to his advantage. It wasn’t fair, but he didn’t find it in him to apologize in the moment. He would have to raincheck it for later.

She swallowed dryly, lowering her head again and nodding just enough for Steve to see it. Bucky walked around everyone and took a few steps back the same way they had come from to clear out the entrance way, Y/N joining him shortly after.

Steve waited until Y/N stood beside Bucky and turned around to face the entrance again, feeling somewhat relieved that she had complied. Even if Y/N was tough, the task she was putting herself up for was absurd. She shouldn’t have to deal with Dimitri at all. If Steve would have known sooner, Y/N would have been in the Stark Tower or at home and not in front of the building she had worked undercover in for nearly two months.

Steve let out a short sigh and looked between Natasha, Clint and Tony who waited for his signal. “Alright. Let’s get this over with.”

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You sat on the couch in your Manhattan apartment, only half paying attention to late night sports highlights that played on the huge tv. You were mad. You were disappointed. You hadn't decided whether your husband would be subjected to the silent treatment or a shouting match when he got home. Your ears perked up when you heard the front door open and promptly shut. Your anger quickly dissolved when Carter trudged into the sitting room looking dejected and exhausted. (1/5)

“Hi baby”, you greet him softly. He gives you a soft smile and doesn’t quite reach his eyes as he flops onto the couch. You reach out and comb your fingers through his hair as you both watch the tv for a minute. “How was your day?” You ask quietly. He just shakes his head. You lean over and kiss his cheek. “There’s pizza in the kitchen if your hungry,” you murmur against his skin before kissing his cheek again. That earns a smile. “I love you..” he sighs. (2/5)

You reach down and intertwine your fingers with his as you watch the baseball results on screen. You sigh. “You forgot..” you say quietly. You look up at your husband, who’s eyebrows are knitted together in confusion. It takes him a minute. He shuts his eyes and sighs deeply. “We had a reservation. Baby I’m so sorry” he says. “I know you are…I just miss you is all. You’ve been working so much lately and I know it’s necessary and it won’t be forever but…I miss you..” you reply. (3/5)

“I’m really really sorry..” he says, looking at you with those big blue eyes. You kiss him in response and lie your head on his shoulder as his arm snaked around your waist. You just enjoy each other’s company. You sat there for longer than you intended and you startled Carter when you sit up quickly. “I need to go to bed. The boys will be up in like 6 hours” you groan. Carter smiles and rubs your back. You stand from the couch. You lean down to kiss your husband before heading to bed. (4/5)

He fiercely kisses you back. You rest your forehead against his. “If you have something for dinner put your plate in the dishwasher or I will start up knock you out” you whisper. He laughs softly and kisses you again before you stand and head for bed. (5/5) I’m so sorry this is so long and so bad compared to other submissions you get 🙈😭 I just love CEO!Carter ❤️ and I love you!! ❤️❤️


Fluffy Friday™

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RedLights!Gold sees Belle with another, younger man and can't help but think that she deserves more than him. Cue Gold trying to leave, Belle being confused, and lots of kisses and cuddles.

Set post-White Flags, but honestly I think this mostly works even if you haven’t read it. In which Gold has a panic attack, Belle gets defensive, and make-up cuddles follow.

They’d agreed to meet at the Met, at one pm. 

Gold checked his watch again, and again, but it was the same answer: five past, and no sign of Belle.

He looked around, desperately hoping he’d catch sight of her. He hated New York. He hated the crowds, he hated the noise, he hated the smell. But it was Christmas, and Belle had had a friend in the city who wanted to get coffee anyway, so they’d agreed to tag along with Neal and Emma on their visit to the city. Isaac had spent the morning Christmas shopping, for the things he couldn’t purchase in Maine or online. That alone, he thought, spoke volumes about the horrors he was willing to endure for the sake of his loved ones.

Ten past. Still no sign of Belle.

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Class Clown Part 9

So I’ve gotten a ton of requests for part 9 which is AWESOME but I don’t want this one to end because like it was my first fan fiction ever and it’s hard to end it, so maybeeee I could do some college ones of them and then end it? I don’t know tell me what you think. Anyway thank you guys so much for all the support!! So here it is, part 9, here we go. 



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Klaroline superhero prompt for you! Caroline works in an office w/ Klaus & basically everyone knows he's a superhero but he thinks he's so secretive no one has figured it out. So basically Stefan covers for him during meetings, Caroline covers his calls, Katherine keeps Elijah from asking too many questions about paperwork. And Bonnie refills his first aid kit all the time. Their whole cover is blown when Kol gifts him a new costume to fight battles in during the secret santa gift exchange. Thx❤

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY JEN (my almost birthday twin). I wanted to get this done before I went away. Thanks for the prompt, I love me a bit of superhero Klaus : ) Hope you like it. I also hope you have a wonderful day next Thursday (with lots of cake and have some of that amazing Texan BBQ for me while you’re at it). 

Wind Beneath My Wings

December 23….

Last night had been particularly rough, Klaus was lucky to make it home in one piece. Who knew a crazed idiot with bleached, blonde hair and a maniacal laugh riding a lawn mower (of all modes of transport) could do such damage? He was starting to wonder where these new and decidedly eccentric breed of villains were coming from. 

After an extended shower to ease the bruised muscles, Klaus dressed in his usual suit and tie combination to head into work. Klaus was joint CEO of Mikaelson Construction with his older brother and their company had basically built half of Manhattan. He’d started out from practically nothing but now he was a billionaire. Not too bad for a young kid from one of London’s poorest suburbs. 

It was after he’d acquired his first 50 million that Klaus began to get bored, he always did love a challenge and work was no longer providing that spark. His siblings as usual had offered their opinions. 

Elijah suggested playing the stock market, Kol suggested a friend with benefits (or multiple) and, although she was in London, Rebekah went with Pilates. She insisted it was good for core strength and channeling the desire to want to punch Kol in the face. As much as he wanted to hit his younger brother at times, he wanted a different kind of thrill. Something worthwhile that would help people at the same time.

Fast forward nine months and Klaus was trawling the streets for bad guys. He’d seen a news report on CNN about crime levels increasing at an alarming level in New York but the cities police force didn’t have the manpower or resources to combat the threat. 

Klaus considered himself an extremely fit person. He’d trained in three different martial arts (basically from boredom) and regularly took part in marathons and triathlons. All he needed was a suit to keep his identity secret. Unfortunately his face was recognisable in business and social circles so it took a bit of work on the sewing machine (yes he had mastered that skill too, not that he broadcast it). 

“Where is that paperwork from the Ferguson deal?” Was the first order Elijah barked at him when he walked through the glass doors.  Klaus figured once he got laid on a regular basis the stress would abate with his uptight, elder brother. Obviously not. 

“I put that on your desk, don’t you remember?” Katherine interrupted, her brown eyes flickering over his toned body. 

“I don’t recall,” he stuttered, his gaze now firmly focused on the fitted, black dress that hugged every one of her curves. 

“How about I jog your memory in your office?” She purred, it didn’t take long for his brother and their public relations manager to disappear. The King of decorum, Elijah was fastidious about professionalism but when Katherine Pierce had come on board he was unable to resist. For the record Klaus and pretty much everyone else were happy for the distraction. 

Klaus discreetly hobbled his way towards the supply closet, realising that the hastily applied bandage on his leg was peeling off. He’d sometimes wondered just how the first aid kit seemed to be fully stocked all the time but he wasn’t about to complain. 

As he turned the corner, he noticed Bonnie rummaging around. Klaus knew he had to play it cool though so as not to arouse any suspicion. “Morning, Bonnie.”

“Hi, Klaus,” she smiled, closing the cupboard door quickly. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” Klaus lied, realising that in his extreme pain he’d barely even looked up at the sky on his way into the office. 

Bonnie was in human resources and Kol had taken an immediate liking to her. The feeling wasn’t mutual at first (hardly surprising when it came to his younger brother) but in some magical turn of events he’d managed to convince her he was worthy. They’d been married on Long Island six moths earlier. 

“I should really get back to work but is there something you needed?”

“No it’s fine,” he murmured. “I just got a cut on my finger that’s all.”

“You’ve got to watch that paper, it’s dangerous,” she grinned, moving past so he could access the first aid kit. She’d obviously been taking sarcasm lessons from Kol. Klaus consulted his watch, hoping that his day would start moving a little faster given the excruciating pain he felt. 

“Finally,” Caroline drawled as he approached her desk. “Given your quick exit last night I assumed you’d be in on time. Don’t worry I’ve got the phones covered, as usual.” 

She looked stunning, her blonde waves cascading down her back, that cobalt figure hugging dress only accentuating those brilliant eyes even more. Even after all this time, she still had the power to stop him dead in his tracks. 

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Movie Night

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Requested: By a very sweet anon!

Pairings: Peter Parker/Spiderman x Reader

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 810 (sorry it is a bit short!)

A/N: I loved this request and had a lot of fun writing it! I have a bit of a headcanon that Peter loves learning about space and will watch a bunch of documentaries about it, so I incorporated that into this just a bit! I hope that you guys like this one, and feel free to send in any requests that you have!

Fridays had always been your favorite day of the week. Not just because it was the end of school and the beginning of a small slice of freedom. Fridays were your favorite because it was movie night. Peter always requested the night off and you made sure that you were free.

The two of you, along with Aunt May would lounge around, munching on some snacks and watching any movies. Sometimes they were tear jerkers, sometimes they were awful B-movies, and sometimes, Peter got to pick, meaning that you were in for a long night of documentaries. Peter had been talking your ear off all day about a new one that he had found, so you knew that you were in for a long educational night.

When you got to the apartment, you knew that something was off. Even if she wasn’t watching the movie with the two of you, Aunt May was always around in case the two of you needed something, and besides, she was a bit of a homebody. But when you walked through the door and didn’t hear her bustling around in the kitchen, you knew something was up.

“Peter?” you called, setting your bag down by the door and kicking off your shoes.

“In here,” Peter called from the living room. You found him sitting in his spot on the couch, a wide array of snacks spread out in front of him on the coffee table.

“Where’s May?” you asked, sitting down beside him and propping your feet up on the edge of the table.

“She had a trip planned with some friends for the weekend,” he explained without looking away from the TV.

You hummed a response, rolling the idea around in your head. You had no idea why that made you uncomfortable. Peter was your best friend for goodness sake. The two of you had sleepovers all the time. But then again, Aunt May was always with the two of you.

You had come to terms with your crush on Peter a while ago, but that didn’t mean that you were willing to do anything about it.

Nevertheless, you shoved the butterflies creeping into your stomach down, along with another handful of popcorn. Peter fiddled with the TV for another five minutes before settling on the same documentary that he had been talking about all day.

After a few minutes of the movie, you were starting to get antsy. You couldn’t find a comfortable position on the couch. You had shifted from one end to the other, crossed your legs, sat propped up on the arm of the couch. Eventually, you settled on slumping into the back of the couch and stretching your arms on either side of you. it wasn’t the most comfortable you had ever been, but at this point, you were okay.

After a few more minutes, your back was starting to feel a bit achy and you were considering hanging off the couch upside down like you had when you were a child. You were about to give it a shot when you felt something ghost over the tops of your fingertips.

You could feel the blush creeping up your cheeks while you tried to rationalize that you had probably imagined it. You and Peter were incredibly close, but you weren’t the holding hands type of best friends.

You sat up, pressing your back against the couch and silently screamed at yourself to get a grip. Even though you were ninety percent sure that your best friend wasn’t trying to hold your hand, you left it in the middle of the couch. Even though the idea that Peter might feel the same way was so bizarre, you couldn’t convince yourself to draw your hand away. So you left it in the middle of the couch. you couldn’t say that you didn’t feel a bit foolish, leaving your hand there with the hope that Peter might take it in his own.

Just as you were about to draw your hand back to yourself, you felt his strong warm hand wrap around your own, much more confident and pronounced than the first time.

Your heart was about to beat out of your chest. You couldn’t believe it. Peter was holding your hand in his own. It felt strong and warm and wonderful, like everything you had never dared to dream it would feel like and more.

Even though your heart was soaring you refused to look over at him. You had felt the blush creeping it’s way up your neck since the first feather light touch of the evening, and you had no doubt that by now it had made it’s way up to cover your entire face.

It was a bit of a shame though, because although Peter lacked your blush, his smile could have lit up half of Manhattan.

I don’t read Marvel as much as DC, so I wanted to post a list of all the Jewish characters I remember within the DC Universe:

Katherine “Kate” Rebecca Kane AKA Batwoman

Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn

Gim Allon AKA Colossal Boy

Rory Regan AKA Ragman

Albert Rothstein AKA Atom Smasher 

Eric Strauss AKA Doctor Fate

Harold “Hal” Jordan AKA Green Lantern

Wesley Bernard Dodds AKA Sandman

Raymond “Ray” Palmer AKA The Atom

Dr. Jonathan “Jon” Osterman AKA Doctor Manhattan (Before Watchmen)*

Ursula Zandt AKA Silhouette (Before Watchmen)*

Martin Stein AKA (half-)Firestorm [Arrowverse]

Felicity Megan Smoak AKA Overwatch [Arrowverse]

*The original version of this post had Daniel Dreiberg (Nite Owl II) as a Jewish character. However, after someone told me that he was only assumed Jewish, I did some further research and found nothing that confirmed him as Jewish in canon. Instead, he’s supposed to be a “lapsed Calvinist of a Dutch extraction.” Fans, throughout the years, assumed that he was Jewish because of his name, residence in New York, and personality (apparently there’s a trope for that called “Ambiguously Jewish”). However, during my research, I found out that Doctor Manhattan is a half-Jewish German immigrant and that Silhouette is a Jewish-Austrian immigrant in the Before Watchmen version of their characters.

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Idk isn't owning a three bedroom in Manhattan just about the same as owning half of Manhattan i mean really

bumlets: owning half of manhattan means they have connections and therefore more sugar daddies

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Hi just wondering if you could do a motion sick Percy?

Could you do a sickfic where Percy is car sick with annab e h on the way to new rome and it gets pretty bad and he’s miserable and annabeth is upset for him and idk I am dying to read something like this I might cry

Annabeth’s fingers flexed along the steering wheel, forcing down her irritation. It wasn’t Percy’s fault that he was so horribly carsick, but she could only handle so many pit stops along their forty-hour drive, before thinking they would never make it to California.

Percy burped, wet and sick, muttering a muffled apology into his fist. They had stopped six times already, having left Manhattan half as many hours ago. It was July now; if they kept at their current pace, they might make it to New Rome by Christmas. They could even stop (again) along the way to pick up presents for everyone.

“I’m sorry,” Percy mumbled.

Annabeth chanced a glance in his direction and the sight of Percy, gray-faced, sweaty, and shaking with the effort of trying to suppress his nausea, sent a wave of guilt through her chest. She flashed him a sympathetic smile, reaching across the center console to massage the tension from his shoulders.

“It’s okay,” she said, steering the car back to the side of the road. “I love you.”

Percy nodded distractedly, his mouth pressed into a thin line. Once they came to a stop, he pushed open the passenger door, doing his best to lean out the car as he gagged uselessly onto the asphalt. He retched painfully, before scraping the very pit of his stomach, the last of his breakfast reappearing in a flourish.

Annabeth rubbed his back, making sure he was still buckled and not in any danger of falling out on the side of the road. Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought. Maybe it wasn’t too late to turn back now, have Percy endure another three hours of perpetual carsickness before being back at home. They could go to New Rome another time, after stocking up on motion sickness pills.

Percy leaned back into the seat, looking no less worse for wear. Annabeth handed him a napkin and he wiped his mouth, leaning over and spitting again into the grass. He brought the napkin to his lips and stifled another burp, this one thankfully small and breathy.

“We have to keep going,” he said, his statement punctuated with a queasy hiccup.


“We have to, Annabeth.” He bit back a groan. “I’ll be fine once I get used to it.”

Annabeth didn’t have the heart to tell him that that wasn’t likely to happen on its own. Brushing back his sweat-strewn hair, she waited a few more minutes before pulling back onto the thoroughfare.


Taken from this post. I’m slowly but surely working my way through my inbox. If you sent me something it’s getting done, it might take forever but it’s getting done.

This prompt was requested by @wavylucaya hope you like it! Sorry it took me forever, I hope to have the L/M one up soonish. 

Line Of Dialogue Series

In which they aren’t diamonds.

Rating K+: angst 

Words: 1197

“Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them.”

“Why are you even still with me?”

“What?” The question catches Farkle off guard, he drops his briefcase to the ground and shrugs off his suit jacket.

“You heard me,” Riley stands in the foyer, hugging herself, looking smaller than he’s ever seen her. “Why are still with me?”

“You’re my fiancé, and you’re about to become my wife.” Farkle loosens his tie and turns and hangs it next to his jacket before flashing her a smile. He points at the glittering diamond on her left hand. “I bought you a ring and everything,” He jokes.  She doesn’t crack a smile.

There’s a reason he works with numbers and not people.

“Besides that.”

He scratches his head. “Besides the fact that I love you, have always loved you, and will love you until the day I die?”

“Yeah,” She agrees, “besides that.”

He pauses a moment then tilts his head, “Something’s bothering you.”

She shakes her head, “No, I just want you to answer the question.”

He moves away from the door, “Something’s bothering you and I want you to tell me what it is.” She looks away. “Riley,” He reaches out tentatively, grasping her warm hand tightly. “What’s wrong?” She stares past him, her eyes focused on the wallpaper they picked out together. He runs his hand over her thin fingers.

“Do you ever feel like you settled?” She keeps talking not giving him a chance to answer her abrupt question. “That’s what people think. They think that you settled for me. I’d never thought about it like that but now it makes sense. You’re a millionaire and I’m just a lowly kindergarten teacher.”

“That’s ridiculous.” If anything she was the one who settled. He wasn’t the only millionaire who had wanted her heart. But she’d chosen him and he’d never questioned it. Neither had she, until now.

“Is it really Farkle? Forbes doesn’t think so.” A magazine appears out of nowhere and is slammed into his chest. “They seem to think that you can do better than me. And honestly, they’re not wrong.” She strides away leaving him dumbfounded. He doesn’t even bother opening the magazine instead tosses it behind him, following her clicking heels into the living room.

“Riley, I don’t care what some ratty magazine has to say about our relationship. I didn’t settle for you. If anything it was you who settled for me.” He sits down next to her on the couch wrapping an arm around her rigid frame. “You forget you’re not so far behind me. All I have is money and two parents who still insist that they’re fine. I go to work at a job I hate because it’s been my destiny from the day I was born.”

“You, you have everything else. You’re Riley Matthews. Your parents are Cory and Topanga. You have a job you love. Your kids love you.” Not to mention some of the dads. “So don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them.” He places his fingers under her chin, lifting her head gentle but firm. “There’s no way I could ever find someone who would come even remotely close to replacing you. I chose you before all of this.” He motions with his free hand to the big space that is their apartment, it isn’t ostentatious but it isn’t shabby either. “Way before money meant anything. I chose you when you were a princess and I was a vampire. We’re an unlikely pair but we work Riles. We work.”

She sits stiffly, “It’s hard not to feel this way. We got engaged young,” Farkle disagreed, 23 wasn’t young, not by most standards. Riley was still talking, “and even before that we were always together. We never got to meet other people.” She says it like she’s actually considered it. Like she’s actually considered packing her bags.

The knot that’s been forming in his stomach lodges itself in his throat. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

She looks him dead in the eye, “I think we should break up.”

“You’re joking, please tell me you’re joking Riley.” Her amber eyes are full of sorrow and the only punchline here is him. She slips out from under his arm. “Riley!”

He knows he should chase her. Tell her that she’s being unreasonable. That the idea of them seeing other people is completely insane. He doesn’t need to date half of Manhattan to know that she’s the one for him. She’s it. But his muscles refuse to move. He’s still sitting on the couch when she reappears with a suitcase.

“Riley,” He’s on his feet holding out a hand to stop her. “Can’t we talk about this?”

She stops a little out of reach, the purple suitcase stops with her.

“There’s nothing to talk about. I’m tired of feeling second best. I come home splattered in paint,” she motions at her outfit, “And you come home smelling like money.”

The gold cufflinks burn at his wrists, “You’re exaggerating.”

“Maybe I am.” She agrees her hand tightens around the handle, “but I can’t help feeling this way.”

He’d always known Riley was terribly insecure even more so than him but he’d never thought it would be their downfall.

“And I do think we need to see other people. I need to know who I am outside of us.” She raises a trembling hand and tugs on her ring. He can’t look. Can’t watch her slip off the ring he’d worked so hard for during college. Money that hadn’t been earned through his father. Can’t watch her destroy the memory of the happiest day of his life.

So he closes his eyes. Maybe when he opens them he’ll find out that this is all just a horrible, horrible dream.

He opens his eyes, she’s still standing in front of him, disheveled and tearful, the suitcase waiting at her feet.  It’s not a dream, it’s real life and he hates it.

The princess cut diamond is pressed into his palm. He doesn’t want to take it, wants to get down on his knees and beg her not to leave him, but he does anyways. Closes his fist over it disbelief and confusion written over his face.

“This isn’t the end.” He’s not going to hold his breath. No one ever comes back for Farkle Minkus. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, squeezes his arm, then walks right past him and all over his broken heart.

She’s at the doorway when Farkle makes his last appeal. “I love you.”

She pauses right next to the discarded magazine, his face beams up her. She looks down, up, then gives him a rueful smile that wavers the longer she looks at him.

“I love you too.” His heart soars, she glances again at his polished spread, “But you deserve more.”

He doesn’t hear the door close over sound the shattering of his heart.

The ring lies lifelessly in his hand.

He can’t bring himself to throw it. He isn’t his mother. He just stares at it.

All this pressure and all they got was dust.

He finally allows himself to collapse, they’d turned to dust.

hello everyone it is i, with another au/headcanon

so, in a midst of a sort of lull of crimefighting, something weird starts happening

like, strange pictures? and sightings? no one knows what to make of it at first

  • tony stark is spotted around manhattan with the bottom half of his goatee shave off and has let his mustache grow out long enough that he can twirl the ends of it. he pops the collar on every shirt and wears flatback caps no matter where he is
  • pictures of steve rogers with bright, flaming red hair show up on twitter. it looks like someone’s drawn exaggerated, crude freckles on his cheeks
  • there’s a video that goes viral of clint barton in a strip club jumping onto the stage between sets and going to town on that pole. then another one. and another one? where do they keep coming from oh my god
  • bucky barnes’ metal arm, the one that can break through cinderblock and can pick up 800 pounds of deadweight, is now painted fuchsia with I <3 YANKEES on it
  • bruce banner has dyed a piece of his hair white a la sweeney todd and three of his teeth are now gold
  • natasha romanoff, for some reason, answers everything in a question. everything. she does this with a straight face. interviewers have never been more infuriated
  • thor, son of odin, an actual god, walks everywhere like an exaggerated gunslinger from the 1800s who’s sat on a horse for 3 days straight. when asked, all he says is, “THIS TOWN AIN’T BIG ENOUGH FER THE TWO OF US”
  • sam wilson has been seen in cat ears with whiskers painted on his cheeks, and, if you catch him on his early morning run, in booty shorts that say AIR FORCE SUCKS on the ass

this goes on for WEEKS. eventually tony tweets “@mspepperpotts has banned avengers truth or dare. she says it gets too out of hand. i say she doesn’t know how to have fun” and suddenly a lot of questions are answered

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Please tell us how he fell in the pond! We’ll find you another sugar daddy ;) this group is good at matchmaking ;p

bumlets: how rich is the sugar daddy. are we talking rich like “owns a three bedroom in manhattan” or “owns half of manhattan” 

spot: if i tell you do i get a sugar daddy
Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle for Puerto Rico’s Future
The impoverished island turned to hedge funds to stave off collapse. Now someone has to pay.
By Jonathan Mahler and Nicholas Confessore

The money poured in by the millions, then by the hundreds of millions, and finally by the billions. Over weak coffee in a conference room in Midtown Manhattan last year, a half-dozen Puerto Rican officials exhaled: Their cash-starved island had persuaded some of the country’s biggest hedge funds to lend them more than $3 billion to keep the government afloat.

There were plenty of reasons for the hedge funds to like the deal: They would be earning, in effect, a 20 percent return. And under the island’s Constitution, Puerto Rico was required to pay back its debt before almost any other bills, whether for retirees’ health care or teachers’ salaries.

But within months, Puerto Rico was saying it had run out of money, and the relationship between the impoverished United States territory and its unlikely saviors fell apart, setting up an extraordinary political and financial fight over Puerto Rico’s future.

King Sized Bed

It’s not as if either of them made a conscious decision not to have sex anymore.  It just kind of happened.

Klaine, 1200 words, A03


Kurt and Blaine have a lot of time on their hands after their daughter goes off to boarding school.  Turns out, they don’t really spend it the way they might once have predicted.

Grace insisted on going to the most prestigious school in the area, and with Rachel as her aunt, she knew how to get her way.  And everyone told them that if you don’t start in sixth grade, you fall behind and get left out of the friend groups (read “cliques”) where lifelong connections form.  Surely Kurt and Blaine wouldn’t want to shortchange their only child by selfishly keeping her home. 

So off she went, and now the two of them have their rather spacious three-bedroom, two and a half bath Manhattan apartment all to themselves.  They find that their routine doesn’t change too much, it just expands to fill the empty hours. 

While neither of them retained the burst of fame they experienced eight or ten years ago, they have plenty to keep them busy.  Kurt makes sure to always have a show lined up, not allowing himself any time off in between productions, and fills his daytime hours with work at the shop for his jewelry line.  Blaine signs on to write the book for two musicals in production at the same time, and sits at his keyboard composing late into the night. 

Neither one of them have ever been morning people, and with their schedules so focused on evening activities, well, some personal matters have started to get overlooked.

That’s what it feels like, at first, Blaine thinks.  It’s not as if either of them made a conscious decision not to have sex anymore.  It just kind of happened.

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Imagine you are hit with a powerful blast of Loki’s magic during the invasion of New York. Instead of dying, you are rendered unconscious for several hours, but awake with no apparent injuries. Within a few days, your life returns to its normal pace; well, as normal as could be expected with half of Manhattan destroyed. However, after a while, you begin to notice strange things happening to your body. Objects that you touch turn cold, people comment that your normally warm skin feels icy to the touch, and your hair begins to rapidly turn white in great, long streaks. Eventually you discover that the blast from Loki’s magic did affect you after all, it gave you powers of ice.