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Scenes from historic Greenwood Cemetery. This cemetery, located in Brooklyn New York, was one of America’s first rural cemeteries. At a time in America when most people were buried in the graveyard of the town church, this was an early independent cemetery. At the begining no one wanted to be buried there. The Brooklyn bridge wasn’t built yet so it was difficult to cross the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn with bodies on boats. Many times they would fall off into the river. After the completion of the bridge, however, Greenwood became the place to be buried. Founded in 1838, by 1860 Greenwood was attracting 500,000 tourists a year-as much as Niagra Falls in the same period. People had picnics,took carriage rides though the beautiful gardens while also admiring the incredible statues and art. Today this cemetery is a historic and beautiful glimpse of yesterday.
Greenwood Cemetery
Brooklyn New York 1/28/17

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aaahh!! coney island au!! sometimes the newsies from manhattan and brooklyn would tag along, they'd all go out to the beach part and just mess around in the water because it's a big change from the city. when race and spot go, they like to ride the ferris wheel before they go back home. their first kiss was totally at the top of the ferris wheel on a really nice summer night. once, race won spot a little stuffed monkey from one of those ring toss games and spot keeps that little monkey by (1)

OH MY GOSH!!!! Thank you so so so so soooo much for sharing these omg!!! My heart is so full these are so sweet and wonderful and OMG. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUU!!!

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Samus Aran: Zero Suit Character Rotation.
I’ve decided to combine the 5th and 8th character thumbnails from my previous designs. I also made her more of a cyborg. Her arms should be detachable and customizable. Thought it would be fun addition :) 
I apologize for being away for so long. I’ve been rather busy since I returned from Croatia. I actually ended up moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn this past month and I’ve been trying to get everything organized since. There are a few big projects I’ve been trying to take on- but I guess I’ll talk more about those when I have something to show for it. 

I want a car and to travel back to the east coast and show jared all my favourite spots. I want to take him to where the sea meets the city in Savannah and to the beaches in Charleston and point out my dream Barbie house and weird mansions I grew up around and to the art galleries and parks and beautiful hidden cemeteries downtown. I want to show him the hippie and vegan shoppes in Asheville and the little cafe where I pretend I’m in France and drive to the highest point of the Blue Ridge Mountains to prove that fear can stop nothing. I want to sit in a field near the mansions on the sea in Rhode Island where the bunnies hop around us and hold his hand on the busy L train in NYC where we try to not fall over when the train turns into crazy mouse as it passes from Manhattan to Brooklyn and we can eat at my favourite falafel place. I want to swim in the waterfalls in Connecticut and get lost searching for the tiny, remote towns and hike up to the old castles and feel on top of the world and we can lay there and snack on some berries and coconut water and soak up the sun and Maybe then, I have convinced him how beautiful and important traveling is and his anxieties of new things will disappear.

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Spot has banned all of Manhattan from Brooklyn before but no one really knows why he even banned Race








More headcanon plot for Darcy Lewis and Max Black are sisters;

*Darcy brings Max to Avengers Tower to meet her friends and Max is initially intimidated but quickly discovers that Avengers and Co. are easy going and fun.

*Max loves talking to Jarvis and has been known to dance with DUM-I, U and Butterfingers.

*Tony made Max a flip phone for Christmas.

*When Caroline met the Avengers, she was worried that Tony Stark would hate her, like every rich person in New York, but Tony tells her he doesn’t think the kid should be blamed for the actions of the parent.

*Max makes themed cupcakes for the Avengers and Co.

*Max and Darcy switched places at the Diner one day to see if anyone would be able to tell. No one realised all night.

*Once when she was late for work, Pietro gave Max a lift and speed ran her from Manhattan to Brooklyn.    

*Max is dating Sam Wilson.

*After a battle against a horde of Doombots ended in Brooklyn, The Avengers ended up spending their post mission “Shwarmar session” at the Diner. Max and Caroline made it very clear that Han was not allowed to capitalise on the fact that Superheroes had been in the diner.