My First Valentine!, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

Waffles and Mango got me the most perfect valentine ever!! Not only does it say I am adorable, but also it is squishy, soft, and the color of noms! It is the comfiest, most delicious-looking valentine! It even tastes better than real conversation hearts. I was so excited that I couldn’t stop trying to nom it!

Thank you so much, Waffles and Mango! We love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Long overdue thank you / favorites list / follow forever ?

original photographers edition:

I’ve never made one of these but I thought it was time I did! Thank you guys for all the likes, friendships, and for sharing your photography. I know this list is quite long, but I encourage you to check out some of these blogs if you don’t follow them already. (just throw a dart at your screen and check out the blog it lands on (not literally, that’d be a traumatic experience for you and your computer)) I apologize in advance if I forgot someone or if one of the links doesn’t work.

I made a separate list for non original photography blogs here.

activeoblivion • alexmilsommedia • allabouttheview • amexxvphotography • 

ampphoto • annkphotography • anthony-samaniego • artsinmyheart •

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youknowthatthing-photography • zocher

These are not necessarily nature photographers but they upload their own content so they deserve to be on this list too!

adventuresofcalico • hennerzartwork • mangomusings • thewhimsyturtle •

tortellinitales • wafflesworld

*updated with a few new blogs 12/30/15


A Package!, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2)

I got the beautiful snuggle sack that my sweetie Mango made for me! It is perfect! I love it!!

I tried to nom it at first, but then Mommy told me it was for snuggles. It is so soft and comfy inside! Plus, it even smells like beautiful Mango! I am never coming out. Ever!


For my second birthday several weeks ago, friends Waffles, Mango, and Torty sent me a fabulous birthday present! We have been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to share the fabulousness of my present with you all yet!

Sweet Mango wrote me a lovely card with the best nom-like colors, and Waffles and Torty wrapped my present in the most beautiful ribbons! Even the wrapping paper was amazing: It was covered with colorful friendbeasts! After admiring my card and the wrappings on my package, we opened my present…a new senior friend for me!

Brunhilda and I hit it off right away (after a minor mishap when I almost tried to nom her pretty pink belly). Now I won’t be lonely when Mommy is out. We are going to have so many adventures together!

After getting this incredible drawing of Zoya made by waffles & Mango’s humom, I let Zoya examin it. She’s sure this is the greatest piece of art ever created. I agree, though we’re both a little biased when it comes to the subject.

The one thing we’re absolutely sure of?  wafflesworld 's humom is unbelievable talented!  Its even more incredible in person. After she admired it for quite a while, we’ve framed it and placed it right by Zoya’s enclosure.  <3 <3 <3 


When Mommy went to Alaska, she helped me pick out a special cuddle buddy for beautiful Mango: The cuddliest Alaskan moose ever! We have not been able to make it to a post office all summer, but we finally mailed Moose to Mango last week! Before we did, I made sure Moose was super cuddly and asked Moose to give sweet Mango lots of hugs for me. We are happy to see Moose is doing just that!


We were still in bed this morning when the doorbell rang and the post man had a box for us! We were so excited to see it was from best friend Kirby! There were two presents in there, a belated hatchday present for mangomusings and small Christmas present for both of us. We loved the card and the most wonderful letter inside from Kirby and his mom thewhimsyturtle. In the little box were two little Santa mugs that mom taught me how to use. Apparently, you don’t eat the mug, you put stuff in the mug and then eat that! I feel so refined. Thank you so much Kirby and Whimsy