My First Valentine!, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

Waffles and Mango got me the most perfect valentine ever!! Not only does it say I am adorable, but also it is squishy, soft, and the color of noms! It is the comfiest, most delicious-looking valentine! It even tastes better than real conversation hearts. I was so excited that I couldn’t stop trying to nom it!

Thank you so much, Waffles and Mango! We love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!


I had to nap after brunch, of course, but later in the day I got to open some valentines!! I got a package from my boy shell @Jeffmusk and one from wafflesworld & mangomusings !! Our mail is super slow cause of that stupid snow so these packages must have been made of magic!

Jeffie sent me a card and ALL THE WARM! We really need that right now. I got candy hearts and GLOW IN THE DARK ROCKS! Humom says those are for her, but they smell like noms to me so I tried when she wasn’t looking.

The package from Waffles and Mango said Par Avion! That means it went on a plane to get here. Cool! Inside was the best magnet of Waffles & Mango! They both look super handsome and I think Mango is singing! It’s now hanging on the fridge with our #Turtpocalypse magnet! Also inside, was a snuggly valentine Heart!! I climbed it and snuggled it and wore it on my head. I love it!!

Thank you shell friends!! You are the bestest! 


My First Birthday Package!, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2)

Last but not least, Waffles and Mango sent us a cute turtle card! Tortles, hugs, and physics—we couldn’t love this card more!! I especially love all the green. I got so excited that I tried my very best to nom the deliciously green little turtle in the corner.

Our friends send the bestest packages! Thank you, thank you so much to Waffles, Mango, and your awesome mom!! We are so happy to be your shell friends! You have made my first birthday the best birthday ever, and we can’t thank you enough! <3

P.S. To all our friends: If you are not already, you should all follow pretty Mango at mangomusings and her big little brother Waffles at wafflesworld! They are the best!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest tortie we know: Mango L. Tortoise! Today marks one whole year since Mango came to live with Waffles’s mom. Mango got off to a rough start in life, but his mom and his big little brother Waffles have gotten him into tiptop shape.

We found a shell-erific card to help Mango shell-a-brate! It’s going to get to Mango a bit late, but we will be sending along something special with it. :}

Happy birthday, Mango!


A Package!, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2)

I got the beautiful snuggle sack that my sweetie Mango made for me! It is perfect! I love it!!

I tried to nom it at first, but then Mommy told me it was for snuggles. It is so soft and comfy inside! Plus, it even smells like beautiful Mango! I am never coming out. Ever!


A Package!, Part 4
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

I didn’t want to come out of my new snuggle cave, but then Mommy told me there was one more present in our package. Beautiful Mango sent me her very own Monkey to be my stuffie!! Isn’t she the sweetest, bestest tort ever? <3

I love Monkey! He is a great listener, just like Mango said. Plus, he is super soft, gives wonderful hugs, and keeps me comfy during naps!


My First Birthday Package!, Part 2
(Part 1 and 3)

Waffles, Mango, and their awesome mom also sent me my very own name plate!! It has my name in big bold letters, three pretty tortles, and even sparklies! All hand-painted in beautiful colors! I was so excited that I tried to nom all three of the pretty tortles right away. Mommy is going to hang my beautiful new name plate right above my home where we can see it every day!


One last Christmas-related post: Christmas is a day for giving, and we made sure to give to our shell friends! I wanted to send friend Waffles Christmas toast for his Christmas dinner, but Mommy said it wouldn’t mail well. Instead, we sent friends Waffles, Mango, and Zoya Pants tortie-sized mugs to help them all toast to the holidays and the New Year! Waffles and Mango use their mugs for lettuce, and Zoya Pants likes hibiscus in hers!

(These photos were naturally taken before we mailed the mugs, so I was still not opening my eyes then.)


A Package!, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

Waffles and Mango's amazingly talented mom gave us the beautiful painting she made of Lunchbox! The painting looks just like him, and it is even more beautiful in person. Mommy is happy that she can see Lunchbox first thing in the mornings again, and I am happy that now I can tell Lunchbox all about the exciting new leaves I found on the deck.