mangojellybones draws

Tegakie Sketch Requests

This one is for nicht-alles-gold who requested my Marowak-gajinka-MJ to be transformed into a Lapras-gajinka MJ instead! Woo! I tried to do something a little different with the armored back that Lapras has so it would make a little more sense on a human-ish back. This was super fun to draw and a refreshing color scheme compared to the usual red tones I use to sketch MJ. Thank you for the request, shinkansen, your art is great and you are cool. (:

Tegakie Sketch Request

A safe for work one! Wow! Made for @fruitlafruit who requested theirself and Marowak-MJ together. I just used your mango-y self, mangocheesesnake, so I hope that is ok! Please let me know if you want something different and I will provide! I just really wanted to draw MJ in cut-offs for…some weird reason. Anyway, you’re cool, mango and even though we must be lifelong rivals because we are both mangos, I think your style is awesome and your rps are top-notch. Long life and good juice to you, fellow froot!