Tbh one day Alex is going to walk up to Magnus and say “you look terrible, you look like you rolled around in the mud” and Magnus is just going to slowly turn to him and say “you look like the joker puked all over you” and I’m so excited like blitz please help these lost souls they don’t know what they’re doing

Adriana en el residencial Retiro II, Madrid, España.
(Arq. Antonio Bonet, 1966-78)

Febrero, 2017

Fotografía de Carlos Traspaderne. Hasselblad 500 c/m

fft this took at least 13 hours to do

i hope it looks okay im kinda proud of it

i wanted to do a royal portrait since I assume heejung becomes queen cause yeah 

Jieuns brooch is too detailed ww

ill have the process video up soon and then I’ll share that on this post

doesn’t heejung look cute with bunny ears?? 

also sorry for the crappy background wwwww

Sketching up some fantasy costumes that I might make for Wicked Faire this month. The first one was a sort of spring-themed fairy/elf concept. But then I saw @pepperandpals posting chicken art and I was like “damn, I wish I could do some cool bird fanart. But I can’t draw birds.” And then this sun conure dress happened. Bird costume is fantasy, right? Right? I might actually make that one just so I can have fluttery, ruffly wings. It’ll be made of tulle and organza layered up to make smooth gradients between the colors, and it’ll make for a fluffy feathery texture.