Slow Cooker Freezer Meals | Part Three

I continue to stand by my helpful tips from previous posts: 

  • DO  NOT buy store brand freezer bags.  Go with Hefty or Ziploc. I made that mistake one time and had SO MANY bags burst.  It was infuriating to have fully prepared meals exploding out of bags.
  • Make a list. Stick to it. Also, use your recipe list to group all of the items for each meal together before you prep anything.  This way, you wont use all of the pineapple for one meal when it is supposed to be used with three different meals, for example. 
  • Always put in your meat and loose ingredients first, then pour the sauce overtop - it just makes things easier.
  • Prelabel your bags before making the meals.  Seems obvious to me, but you never know ;)
  • Don’t store your meals laying flat in the freezer.  Store them upright. if you store them flat, it will not fit quite right in the crockpot until it thaws some, and if you are planning to leave the house while the meal is cooking, it will make a small mess.  If you store them upright so that the food collects in the bottom of the bag, you will be able to put a log of frozen goodness into the slow cooker that will fit every time.
  • If you forget to put the food in the crockpot in the morning and realize it at 2 or 3 pm, it’s okay-just cook on high for 3-4 hours. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately ;)

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“By far the worst thing I have ever cooked/eaten in my life.

It was an attempt at mango chicken.

Turns out chicken cubes + over ripe mango + sugar = inedible.”

But it looks so good! I can just about make out the chicken fibres that broken free from the chunks and are laying suspended in the sickly juice of the nearly rotten mango.

Did you cook all of these things together at the same time? The raw chicken? The fly covered fruit? The hard crack like lumps of caster sugar too long exposed to the air ?

You know, that’s not the Nigella way to make it, right?

Recipe of the day: Mango Chicken Salad with Thai-Style Vinaigrette

Look for mangoes that just yield to the pressure of fingers, which means they are ripe but not overripe. Slice the stem end off to create a flat surface, so the mango doesn’t slip when peeling.

Photography by Edward Pond


So guys I have a couple of spare copies of these and sparklingtaylorswift inspired me to do a little giveaway! So non-UK Swifties this is your chance to get your hands on a copy! So I’ve added a couple of British essentials as well! A Standard bar of Galaxy and some Nando’s peri peri chicken rub, so you can create your own at home! (I know the magazine article mentions that Taylor’s fave is the mango chicken one but that was liquid and could lead to one ruined magazine and one pissed off postman!!)

So all you need to do is like or reblog this and I will pick 2 winners at random on Sunday (17th) and let them know! I’ll obviously be posting internationally!

P.S if you’re under 18 make you sure you have your parents’ permission before entering!!