mango wrap

I’m not even in Japan but I eat so much Japanese food: A healthy dinner of the freshest Aburi Salmon Chirashi with Tamago, Grilled Eel and Scallop Sashimi served with flying fish Roe, Watercress and Ginger.

I think I eat so much Japanese food just because it’s the healthy go-to Asian comfort food for when you’re willing to splurge a little but not willing to compromise your health. I actually had salmon for lunch at work, but I would never say no this wonderful superfood packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin B. In the background you might be able to see some Mango-wrapped Prawn maki rolls as well combining my two favourite things, mango and the super lean meat that is prawn! 


One of my best tips for staying fully raw has to be: always be prepared. I have a very busy schedule right now and prepping food, storing ripe fruit, and packing food has never been more important. 

Yesterday I found myself with a spare few minutes in the morning that I knew I wouldn’t have later at night so I whipped up some mango salsa to let marinate together for dinner. Super easy :)

  • 1 mango (half diced the other half just chunks)
  • 3 green onion tops
  • cup of cherry tomato 
  • cilantro
  • lime juice

thats the basics! I also diced up a hot pepper to add in. roughly blend half the mango with half your tomatoes and then add in the diced ingredients. I let this sit while I was out for the day and came home to beautiful salsa. I used this salsa in boats of the most beautiful organic butter lettuce and to make raw living quick I just put cucumbers, peppers, celery, and carrots into my food processor at the same time and had sprouts on top. 

Raw vegan in under 10 minutes.


To-go Lunchbox Ideas:

  • spring rolls w/veggies & peanut sauce*cherry tomatoes*pears*pineapple lemon mango juice
  • romaine wraps stuffed w/veggies*raw pumpkin seed pate*apricot,pepita,coconut trail mix*beet apple juice
  • brussels sprout,lentil,walnut,arugula salad*grapefruit slices*banana coconut milk smoothie
  • cucumber & squash w/sesame seeds*coconut raspberry yogurt parfait*banana romaine matcha smoothie*peppermint ginger chews

*tip: I like to make a fresh juice the night before then stick it in the freezer overnight. In the morning I take it out so by lunchtime, the juice is still cold and sometimes has little slushie bits that I enjoy. 

Japan sees America’s waffle tacos and says “nice try.”

7 Japanese Fast Food Items (Almost) Too Insane to Be Real

#7. Kit Kat Pizza

A $16 medium pie comes with slices of mango wrapped around the Kit Kat bars and some Gorgonzola that is presumably too sick and twisted to use on normal pizza. Of course, this move isn’t entirely unprecedented, as Japan’s unmatched love for the wafers saw a gourmet Kit Kat shop open in Tokyo last January, and they offer an endless supply of Kit Kat flavors ranging from roasted tea to red bean. At this point, pizza seems like the sanest option here.

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