mango rose


i found my uncle dead on a saturday morning. it’s been haunting my head ever since.

i called andie, as soon as i had a chance. she didn’t answer.

she must’ve rung me back during the long, awkward silences of informing my cousin his father had passed.

i called her back. she asked if i could use some company, and offered to cancel her plans.

i told her she didn’t have to, but she insisted on holding my hand. i broke down a few times on the drive to her house.

we held
each other
in her bed
for nearly
fourteen hours.

learning the softest parts of one another until we slipped into slumber.

we awoke to our alarms, only 3 hours after.

andie kissed me goodbye, for the first time, just before that sunrise and she went back to sleep.


*Reddieforyou’s Witchy Giveaway!*

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be able to have a giveaway for you! I have received so many amazing followers and spirit family lately that I really wanted to give a little something to you all! I will list the rules below as well as the contents of each winning set. I love you all!

~This giveaway is in no affiliation with Tumblr. All items were purchased by myself.~

*This Giveaway will feature FOUR winners!*
There will be four different set prizes.
1.The Altar and Spell prize.
2. Relax and Unwind self love Bath prize.
3. The Artsy Witch prize.
4 The Charm and Glamour Prize.

*Contents in each prize*

#1 The Altar and Spell prize contains the following.
- A Purple mesh bag filled with Dried Roses, Dried Sage leaves, and a bag of dried spearmint leaves.
- A hanging Wall decoration .
- 30 random assorted incense cones.
-A Rose Quartz pendulum.
- An Aquamarine, A rose quartz, and a fluorite stone.
-2 White taper candles.
-2 Red taper candles.
-1 homemade Spearmint and Thyme candle made my myself.
-1 Wood wick eucalyptus candle.
-2 tin canisters.

#2 The Relax and Unwind Self love bath prize contains the following.
-Relax and unwind adult coloring book.
-A soap rose.
-Mango bath gel.
-Bath and Body works lotion.
-Lavender Epsom salt.
-Cinnamon candle.
-2 face masks.
-Foot pedicure set.
-Dried rose petals. (Not in photo but I will add them to the prize.)

#3 The Artsy Witch Prize Contains the following.
-A Cute Cat beanie.
- Glitter packs.
-2 packs of Deco tape.
-A box of Blank Cards and Thinking of you cards.
- A blue sparkly spiral notebook.
-4 packs of stickers
- An adult Mandala coloring book.

#4 The Charm and Glamour Prize will contain the following.
-A goody bag filled with Different accessories. Rings, earrings, Bracelets, and necklaces.
- Crushed Sapphire eye patches.
- A face mask.
-A lipstick pen.
-A colourpop lippie stick in the shade button.
-A Rimmel Chap stick.
- A handheld mirror and compact mirror.
- Beautiful by Estee Lauder perfume.


#1. PLEASE DO *NOT* TAG THIS AS A GIVEAWAY! It can mess up the notes and that won’t be good for anyone! :D

#2. You have to be following me (reddieforyou).

#3. REBLOGS AND LIKES count as entries. You may reblog as many times as you like but please be courteous of your followers!
#4. You must be 16 (with parents permission for under those under the age 18) and older and live in the United States! (I sadly don’t have enough funds to ship many things internationally! Hopefully soon I will for another giveaway!)

#5. Please Tag your reblogs with the prizes (you may tag more than one prize name so if someone has claimed one you can get another on your list) you wish to win and the name of your blog. This will help me make sure each person wins what prize they want!

#6. You must respond in 24 hours with your name and address once I contact the winner or another winner will be chosen.

#7 Everyones Entries will receive a number and be pulled by a random number generator.

#8. Please be kind and respect my rules and have fun!

*GIVEAWAY ENDS AUGUST 29th 12am!!!!*

I love you all!!! 💗💗💗💗


Cherry Blossom: She’s probably in her room. Come on!

Misty Rose: Ooo! You must be Mango! Hello!

Tea Rose: Welcome to the sweet states. I’m Tea and this is Misty.

Misty Rose: We’re your sisters now!

Mango: Yes, hello to you both of you. 

Misty Rose: Oh, she is so adorable! I’m in love!!

Tea Rose: What’s it like in France?! What’s the shops like there? You have to tell us all about it!

Mango: Well, it is, how you say, less colorful?

Tea Rose: Really? That is so fascinating. Tell us more.

basedyatsuhashi  asked:

Ok but imagine this: orphan Ruby going to a supermarket with all the others and asking to buy a yang, Blake, some cinder, and so on, and the others getting upset with how much of a little shît she's being

I don’t think they even care about it anymore

it’s really sad and hilarious how utterly beautiful women are and how horrendously ugly men are. and i don’t just mean women who slather mangoes and roses and the blood of cows on their face for their elaborate uwu skincare routines lol i mean all women are just intrinsically ethereal, meanwhile men are so sleazy and ugly and disgusting. i am a certified goblin woman. i look like an ogre. yet i’m still more attractive than most men. 

I’m just saying if companies want their skincare products to smell okay they could just use non-volatile oils like rose hip/mango/grapeseed etc. like it’s not that hard