mango peach salsa


Peach Mango Salsa floam by Glitter.slimes of IG

The signs as Yankee Candles
  • Aries: Fireside Treats, Early Sunrise, Storm Watch, Bright Summer Sky, Red Hots, Camping Out
  • Taurus: Chocolate Truffle, Soft Blanket, Maple Pancakes, Cozy By the Fire, Mountain Lodge, Afternoon Picnic
  • Gemini: Mango and Peach Salsa, Pink Dragonfruit, Bath Bubbles, Margarita Time, Ocean Winds, Treehouse Memories
  • Cancer: Home Sweet Home, Honey Glow, Pain Au Raisin, Apple Pie, Kitchen Spice
  • Leo: Kilimanjaro Stars, Island Spa, Sparkling Lemon, A Royal Wedding, Amber Glow, Gold Dust
  • Virgo: Clean Cotton, Fresh Mint, Spring Days, Cottage Breeze, Silvery Moon, White Linen & Lace
  • Libra: Angel Wings, Shimmering Champagne, Fresh Cut Roses, Queen Anne's Lace, Vanilla Satin, Pink Lady Slippers
  • Scorpio: Black Cherry, Ginger Dusk, Spiked Orange, Black Satin, After Dark, Suede Noir
  • Sagittarius: Midsummer's Night, Pineapple Cilantro, Turquoise Sky, Autumn Festival, Ginger Snaps, Open Air
  • Capricorn: Cinnamon Stick, Sicilian Lemon, Peppermint Bark, Frosty Air, Arctic Glacier
  • Aquarius: Moonlight, Drift Away, Sparkling Snow, Alaskan Lights, Magical Frosted Forest, Wild Sea Grass
  • Pisces: A Child's Wish, Fluffy Towels, My Serenity, Pink Sands, Cinnamon Roll, Fairy Garden, Rainbow's End

With pregnancy comes cravings for the darnedest things. Blaine finds out the hard way when his husband starts whipping up concoctions that only those in dire straits might eat - and that’s not the most of it!


Warning: Lots of food talk in this one. If you aren’t keen on reading a fic about food mixtures (think: chocolate and hot sauce, etc.) I’d pass this one up! Just lettin’ ya know what you’re getting into. (Also, the final food Kurt eats in this one is something I ate as a kid. Because my tastes were… ummm yeah! Ha!)

It started off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a spoonful of grape jelly.

The first (countable) pregnancy craving Kurt ever had came after a normal dinner of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. He was in his sixteenth week of pregnancy and they’d been in the process of cleaning up the mess from their meal when Kurt turned to Blaine and muttered something about dessert. All of a sudden, Blaine’s pregnant husband was dishing out bowls of ice cream and plopping one hearty glob of sticky purple jam onto his portion, the hungry look in his eye increasing tenfold when the jelly rolled down the side of the frozen dessert and settled into the bottom of the bowl.

It was unusual to say the least, especially to a very confused Blaine. “Grape jelly? Normally you loathe grape flavored stuff.”

His husband could barely answer, the spoon already in his mouth while a small smudge of jam dripped down the side of his lip. “Huh?”

“Nevermind… how’s the ice cream?”


“That good, huh?”

Kurt just hummed in response again, savoring the taste and ignoring Blaine in the meantime. He didn’t even move from his position at the kitchen counter; the silverware and bowls, tub of ice cream, and the jar of jelly sat neglected around him as he ate. The only thing that mattered at that very moment was his dessert and all Blaine could do was smile and watch as his hubby enjoyed the strange concoction he normally wouldn’t eat any other day.

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