mango mai tai

the signs as mixed drinks

(Most of these can be found on Tipsy Bartender )

Aries: Adios Muthafucka - Gets the job done and the name is aggressive. 

Taurus: Sleeping Beauty Cocktail - Safe and sweet, and y’all are so beautiful.

Gemini: Double Inception Bomb - Complex, analytical, and the double part I guess.

Cancer: Birthday Cake Martini - Y’all little bitches like your sweet ass drinks.

Leo: Sugar Marijuana Goblet - Y’all can never pass up something as flashy as you.

Virgo: Green Mango Mai Tai - When you classy but need to let loose. 

Libra: You Me and Hennessy - Sweet with a punch, look at that balancing bottle y’all. 

Scorpio: The Dick Sucker Shot - Scorpio does not take ANY SHIT OKAY

Sagittarius: Laffy Taffy Daquiri - Wild and sweet just like you bitches.

Capricorn: Classic Martini - ugh

Aquarius: Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot - Y’all weird AF. This shot is perfect for you

Pisces: Fishbowl - ayyyy lmao



The Flair Bartending Mango Mai Tai. Click on the link in my bio to watch us make this one. Featuring: @brittanydanyelle0 @shaycourt

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