mango faces

Made another Alex because I am weak and remembered that SOTD is a thing soon.. 

Bonus gif because it is 18 August and that means that its my blue food loving son of poseidon has existed another full year!!! And I am relieved he is still alive and salty like he should be.

errormacroalice  asked:

I know character customization doesn't exist in the Pokémon games until XY and Sun/Moon, but do you have an image of Mango in your head that's different than the default female trainer or are you okay with the default look?

Everytime i play a pokemon game I pick the female character and name them Mango , its a tradition at this point and Mango I guess is a time defying cryptid but protagonist wise !! I LOVE THE BW2 PROTAGONIST !! SHES SO CUTE AND LIKE … THATS THE MANGO OF MY HEART 


So then she starts head first into her I’m better than you, deal. And of course immediately starts talking trash about mo-     

The family… really rude and hateful things, and Mint, I think his name is Mint, he stood by snickering. Usually I let her sugar go. That day I couldn’t ignore it. So I prepared to get in her face, but Mango beat me to it.

anonymous asked:

what kind of birb is Mango? (btw I'm obsessed with your blog omg)

This mango is a peach-faced lovebird of the orange-faced mutation. :) She was also handfed as a baby, so though Sammy has a naturally shy disposition, she was a bit easier to bond with.

Thank you for your support. It really means the world, and I so appreciate it.

Chirps from Sammy~