mango dip

Attention Pretz Fans!

For a limited time only, when you purchase two boxes of Pretz in Japan, you get to chose one of four different favored sauces to dip them in!

Your choices are cilantro & chiles, mango, habanero salsa or black honey with kinako powder…

Available while supplies last.

Hello everyone! It’s been a few days, hasn’t it? Have you missed me? Of course you have, you’ve been living off of cup noodles and vending machine cheetos since you don’t have Taako to lead you to culinary enlightenment.  Well bad news, fellas - Taako still ain’t back yet, not for real.  I know, a tragedy. But don’t fear, food fans! I heard it was @tazladyweek, so while I’m out of the office, I thought it’d only be appropriate to bring on one of my favorite girls, best students, and biggest fans! She saw my show and was inspired to pick up the spatula and wand, and made her way to the town of Refuge, where she now runs the bar at the best (and only…) hot spot in town - The (soon to be famous, I’m sure) Davy Lamp! So, I’ll hand this over to the one and only Ren! She’ll take fabulous care of you, and I’ll catch you all later! Peace! 


Wow! Hi everyone! It’s Ren! Ren the dark elf! From Refuge! Which is a town that I live in. Uh, wow, ok, this is really uncomfortable huh? Taako makes this whole “charismatic chef/tv host” thing look easy. Um, ok, starting over. Hi I’m Ren! I’m so excited that Taako asked me to share a recipe with you all! It’s one of the first original recipes I made, back when I was still living in the Underdark! 

In the Underdark, we didn’t really have, uh, easy access to a lot of ingredients surface folks have. After seeing Taako’s show, I tried copying his recipes but when you live underground in a series of dangerous and deadly caves, obtaining things like fresh produce or spices is no easy quest! So, I had to adapt and create my own recipes, using the stuff I could find back home… which… wasn’t a lot. 

But! Taako and his magic cooking inspired me! So I’m so happy and proud that he asked me to share one of my favorite and first original recipes with you all! The first time I made this, I used cavern spores, mold cheese, and giant cave crab as the main ingredients. I probably would NOT recommend that route (especially if you aren’t a Drow or a Deep Gnome or something - or aren’t good friends with one - to help with the crab situation. Those guys can be nasty when they’re untamed!).  When I moved up to Refuge, I found that regular old mushrooms and non-deadly crabs work just as well, and that cheddar cheese is better than the blocks of mold we’d import in the Underdark… Oh, yeah! And, up here, I found the joys of fresh produce like stone fruit, or mangos! 

Combining the flavors from my old and new homes (and the spark of magic I learned from Taako, of course!), I finally managed to create something I’m really proud of! These bad boys are a happy hour favorite down at the Davy Lamp! I hope you’re excited for today’s dish…

Ren’s Underdark Snack Attack Special! Crab stuffed Mushroom Caps! (With mango salsa!)

I’m excited to get started! 

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How Ebony met Echo, part 1

One lovely night, in a peaceful park, Ebony came across a bat pony with a juicy mango dipped in chocolate. She was sad that she couldn’t have it herself, but continued to watch on in case an opening showed itself.

“Hey over there!” Said the bat, “You’ve been eyeing me for a while now. Say, want some of my mango? I’ll share.”

This made Ebony happy, and she started to head on over and grab a piece. In her eagerness, she lost control of her magic and started carrying the bat pony and her mango. The poor bat pony was terrified.

To be continued…

All done by @batponyecho

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 7)

So we are going in sin direction. Note to you: this is literally one of the most innocent things that happen in this story lol.

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Chat sometimes wondered just what the fuck did he do for fate to fuck him up this much. Sure, he was a murderous pirate, but there were hundreds like him and he doubted they had beautiful mermaids sexually frustrating them. It was incredibly irritating. On one hand, he was attracted to her, on the other hand, he seemed to forget that he will sell her soon enough so what the hell are you doing getting attached to her, Noir?

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Late night snacks Lao-style: sour, crunchy underripe mango with spicy salty dipping sauce (nam pla, sliced shallot, dry red chili pepper, toasted ground rice (traditional Laotian ingredient), and sugar). This is one of my favorite things.

Peek into tango mango’s other world

Contrary to what some of you might think, I can wield a pen or brush just as well as any spatula or wire whisk. I thought some of you might be interested to see a few of the tools I use for lettering.

Some of these represent only one of a multitude in my stash of others that are like them, such as the Pentel Color Brushes, folded pens, or “cola pens”, the Copic markers, flat and round brushes, and of course, all of the tens of Speedball and Mitchell Roundhand nibs attached to holders.

From left to right:

  • The essential pencil
  • Handmade cola pen – what I used to create the word, “Calligraphy”
  • Bamboo dip pen
  • Wide flat brush
  • Chisel-edge dip pen
  • Tiny chisel-edge dip pen
  • Long bristle pointed brush
  • 3.8mm Pilot parallel pen
  • Handmade copper chisel-edge dip pen
  • Copperplate dip pen
  • Extra fine Zebra ballpoint pen
  • Old bamboo brush (possibly my favorite tool here)
  • Pentel Color Brush
  • 6mm Pilot parallel pen
  • Pointed brush (not sure why this particular one made the lineup)
  • Pigma Micron pen
  • An old chisel-edged dip pen – one that dispenses ink superbly
  • Copic marker 
  • Another handmade copper chisel-edge pen
  • Pointed brush
  • Small flat brush
  • Small embossing tool
  • Coit split pen