mango cookies

top threes
1: Top 3 ice cream flavors
3.Cookies and Cream

2: Top 3 disney movies
1. Beauty and the beast (old and New)
2. Moana
3. Little mermaid

3: Top 3 vacation destinations
1. Europe
2. Japan
3. Korea

4: Top 3 places to shop
1-3 hahaha hindi ko alam eh

5: Top 3 school subjects
1. Visual Arts
2. Photography
3. Music

6: Top 3 make up products
1-3. (hindi po ako nag mamake up)

7: Top 3 music artists
1. Brendon Urie
2. Hayley williams
3. Harry styles

8: Top 3 spices/herbs
1. salt
2. cinammon
3. magic sarap chareng…

9: Top 3 drinks
2. tea
3. Raspberrycoke

10: Top 3 apps to use
1. Tumblr
2. Vsco
3. Spotify

11: Top 3 months of the year

12: Top 3 clothing items
1. Converse
2. cotton on
3. Halleinstein

13: Top 3 tv shows
1. GoT
2. Friends

14: Top 3 romantic dates
1. Watch Stars till midnight
2. Kumain ng turo turo (romantic yun wag ka..)
3. Simple lang kasi talaga ano ba… XD

15: Top 3 kinds of flower
1. Rose
2. tulips
3. sunflower…

16: Top 3 christmas movies
1. The Nightmare before christmas
2. Home alone
3. Grinch

17: Top 3 OTPs
1. Clay and Hannah
2. Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson (hahahah hindi na ako aasa pero sila otp ko chareng)
3. Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee (yes yes yes!!!)

18: Top 3 quotes to describe your life

19: Top 3 characteristics you love about yourself
1. Medyo madaldal
2. Tahimik
3. Masayahin

20: Top 3 kinds of candy
1-3 Everythings Gummy Bears.

21: Top 3 ways to exercise/ be active
1-3 Bed is a way to be active chareng hahahha “PAINT”

22: Top 3 spirit animals
1-3 EWan

23: Top 3 pet names
1. urie
2. ash
3. oli

24: Top 3 books/genre??
1. Novels
2. Fanstasy
3. romance

25: Top 3 most used websites
1. Tumblr
2. Vsco
3. Free Movie websites…

26: Top 3 people you last texted/message
1. Timang-sincebirth
2. Yournumberonefun (vibe)
3. EWan..?

27: Top 3 hashtags you use
1. #pogi
2. #GPoy
3. #instapogingpogisasarili

28: Top 3 instagram accounts you follow
1. grichela.m
2. marlon.cabalitan
3. pocha_no

29: Top 3 guilty pleasures
1-3 this is too much LMAO

30: Top 3 summer activities
1. sana sa boracay
2. sana sa palawan
3. sana sa marikina

31: Top 3 things to draw
1. Nudes
2. doodles
3. expressive sketches

32: Top 3 aesthetics
1-3. ewan?

33: Top 3 things you’d buy if you gained three million dollars
1. bahay
2. bigay yung kalahati sa charity
3. bigay sa family

34: Top 3 ways to treat yourself
1. chokolate
2. going out and getting some fresh air
3. kumain hahahahhahahah

35: Top 3 celebrity crushes
1. Ruby Rose
2. amelia Clarkson
3. kristen stewart

36: Top 3 books from your childhood
1-3. the three little pigs (yun lang haha)

37: Top 3 accents to hear
1. French
2. Japan
3. Korea

38: Top 3 scents
1-3. Bench men (yun lang talaga)

39: Top 3 “friends” quotes
1. True Friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart.
2. All you need is someone who joins in on your weirdness.
3. Minsan bigla talaga mararamdaman kung sino ang totoo sayo.

40: Top 3 cupcake flavors
1. chocolate
2. mocha
3. carrot

41: Top 3 fruits
1. strawberries
2. Banana (pota-syom)
3. oranges

42: Top 3 places you’ve had amazing pizza from
1. Pizza hut
2. Greenwich (sana)
3. Dominos

43: Top 3 sports teams to watch
1-3. (not watching i wish i can)

44: Top 3 crayola colors
1. Black
2. blue
3. red

45: Top 3 things you hope to accomplish in college
1. Grad
2. Grad
3. Grad (to make my family proud)

46: Top 3 fanfictions you’ve read
1. Harry potter
2. Hobbit
3. Divergent Trilogy

47: Top 3 people you miss right now
1. papa ko
2. friends (philippines)
3. myself

48: Top 3 fears
1. ipis
2. medyo heights
3. falling out theets (nightmares)

49: Top 3 favorite literary devices
1. simile
2. methapor
3. Repetition

@timang-sincebirth hoy hahaha eto munang kalahati hahahaha

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all clace otp questions

Lmao this gon be long

1. Who texts more often?

Jace likes to text Clary often because he loves talking to her and just checking up to see if she’s okay but she’s is the type of person who always leaves her phone down and forgets about it and so when she comes back she usually has lots of sweet texts from him, he also always sends cute morning and night texts as well as middle-of-the-night textswhen he cant sleep

2. Who is better with kids?

Jace is which surprises everyone except Clary because she knows he’s a giant kid himself, it takes clary longer to warm up to them especially younger kids, shes not good at baby talk

3. Who tops/bottoms?

Jace is tops Clarys bottoms, but sometimes they mix it up ;)

4. How do they eat ice cream? What’s their favorite flavors?

Jace is that guy who full on bites into his icecream and it makes clary cringe and so he bites hers too, Jace likes chocolate but Clary always orders weird flavours like maple bacon and carrot mango and jace looks at her like shes crazy

5. Do they go on dates? What are they like?

theyre always together, clary loves to take him to her favourite places in new york, like the comic book store she and simon have been going to since they were little and her favourite music shops, and theyre always in cute little coffee shops, jace also takes her to all the cool downworld hangout spots lol

6. Do they stargaze? Expand.

They spend tons of time on the roof of the institute and in the greenhouse, they always bring picnics from their favourite restaurants and will stay up there till sunrise, while clary makes up her own constellations, sometimes theyll talk and talk for hours other times they just lay looking up the sky in silence

7. Who’s the laziest?

Clary is super lazy she never wants to train and has become an expert in distracting jace from what hes doing and at persuading him to stay in bed, most of the time he has to pick her up against her will to get her to go train

8. Who complains more?

Clary complains about everything, most of the time shes joking and just trying to wind Jace up 

9. Who wakes up earlier?

Jace is always up way too early for Clary’s taste, he tends to be full of restless energy and wants to get up and get going, he likes to make clary breakfast too

10. What do they smell when they smell amortentia?

Clary smells crisp green apples, jace smells honeysuckle

11. Who sets the other’s ringtone to something loud and obnoxious behind their back?

Jace does, he’s always playing pranks on Clary, and she doesnt have a passcode on her phone and she always leaves it down

12. Who uses chopsticks/Can either of them use chopsticks?

Both are very used to using chopsticks because they love chinese food and just generally excel at everything

13. When they can’t sleep what do they do?

Clary draws because it relaxes her and jace plays piano, clary has often been woken up at 3am by the soft sounds of his playing

14. Who’s clumsier?

even with surefootedness runes clary is constantly tripping over her own feet, jace always ends up catching her and likes to pick her up and carry because he claims she slows him down with her two left feet

15. Who would hold the umbrella in the rain?

Jace doesnt let clary hold the umbrella, because she’s way too small and he’s been poked in the eye by her umbrella too many times

16. What do they argue about most?

Clary is really untidy and tends to leave her dirty dishes in the sink and she always steps out her clothes and leaves them on the floor, which drives jace-the-neat-freak crazy 

17. Which one is a secret snuggler? 

Jace loves to snuggle and is always hanging on to clary and loves to lay with his head on her lap while she plays with his hair

18. Which one offers their jacket to the other when they complain they feel cold?

Clary does this as a joke, which illicits much teasing from jace about how his huge muscles wont fit into her skinny little arm holes, but he loves giving her his clothes because she looks adorable

19. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

Jace remembers all sorts of little things like this about Clary, mostly because she’s a creature of habit and totally predictable

20. Who reaches for the other one’s hand while driving?

Jace does not do mundane driving so clary drives them everywhere and he loves to play with her hands while she’s driving

21. Who gets the window seat?

Clary does because jace need to stretch his long legs out in the aisle

22. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it say?)

the dont really need lunch but clary likes to leave sticky notes around the house like on the bathroom mirror she’ll write “stop admiring yourself and get out x” as a joke

24. Who falls asleep while watching a movie?

Clary, she’s always sleepy

25. Who’s prone to wearing socks indoors (or to sleep)? 

Clary always wears socks and likes to slide around the floors in the institute

26. Who has bigger cravings? 

Jace always craves chinese food and will go out at midnight to get some he doesnt care

27. Who reminds the other to put on sunscreen before going to the beach (or pool)?

Clary, as a red head is the queen of sunscreen, she wears it everywhere, but jace always forgets and she yells at him because she doesnt want him to get burned, but he always makes her apply it for him, she doesnt mind

28. Who carries all the important documents while traveling? 

Jace is super forgetful and disorganised, despite being a neat freak and clary always has to double check everything with him, she has got her shit together

29. Who sneaks in cookies in the shopping cart? 

Jace, he’s not used to mundane shopping, but clary likes to do it but he alwsys sneaks in cookies and mangoes and whatnot

30. Who cooks at 2 in the morning? 

Clary is always hungry and she doesnt care what time it is she needs pancakes now!

31. Who gets extremely competitive playing Mario Kart? 

Jace is really bad at mario kart, almost as bad as he is at real driving, but that doesnt stop him from shouting at the screen while clary laughs, and he always tries to cheat and distract clary but she’s too good she always wins

32. Who takes longer getting ready? 

Neither of them do alot to get ready, clary doesnt like to wear too much makeup but aaaaalways struggles with her hair, sometimes jace comes in and braids it for her

33. Who likes doing the dishes? 

Neither, but Jace is always the one to do it because he cant stand the mess, clary would let the dishes pile up for days before touching them

34. Who points at a dog when they see it? 

Jace gets very emotional about dogs and will gasp and get excited whenever he sees one and insists on petting it, clary’s more of a cat person

35. Who’s prone to road rage?

Clary does all the driving and gets super mad when people dont turn on their turn single and is constantly screaming at drivers like “oh no, drive slower it’s not like i’m trying to get somewhere” Jace finds it hilarious

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Ice Cream and Baby Names ~ Got7 Mark

Requested: a scenario with mark from got7 in which you’re pregnant 

Word Count: 1,743

Your sister who had two children of her own had told you today that pregnancy suited you. ‘I’m so jealous,’ she’d moaned, ‘why do you get to look adorable? At thirty two weeks I looked like a whale.’ You’d told her to shut up. She hadn’t looked like a whale, she’d looked beautiful and you didn’t feel adorable, you felt awkward and clumsy and huge.

You were so done with being pregnant. Getting out of bed, walking up the stairs, walking down the stairs, getting dressed, getting undressed, getting to sleep… everything was so much harder now.

“I hate you” you informed Mark from your seat on the couch. It had taken him all of ten seconds to tie his shoe laces. That morning it had taken you ten minutes to tie yours. It wasn’t fair. Especially since it was his fault that everything had become such a struggle for you. Or it was partially his fault at least. But even if it wasn’t entirely down to him you were still mad at him.   

“I love you too.” He said, unfazed. He knew you hadn’t slept well the night before. He also knew that spending the day shopping for baby things with your sister had your back aching and your feet hurting.The fact you weren’t in the best mood was understandable.

In fact that was why he was on his way out the door. He knew how crappy you felt and he wanted to cheer you up. He’d decided that buying you ice cream was the best way to do it. It wasn’t something you’d eaten a lot of before you were pregnant, you’d always preferred savoury foods over sweet but you couldn’t get enough of the stuff lately, something Mark had obviously noticed and he was putting that knowledge to good use.  

“Mango or cookies and cream?” he asked as he picked up his keys.

You didn’t answer right away, surprised by the question. When he’d first mentioned ice cream those had been the first two flavours you’d thought of. But how did he know that? Yesterday you’d worked your way through a whole tub of vanilla. A few days before it had been passion fruit. Your cravings weren’t exactly predictable.

“Are you a mind reader now?” you asked, eyeing him with suspicion. You hoped not. This morning when he’d emerged from the bathroom, towel around his waist and hair still damp from his shower your throat had gone dry. It wasn’t as if you’d never seen him half naked before, you had a baby on the way, there’d definitely been some nakedness involved in making that happen but for some reason you hadn’t been able to get the image out of your head. You’d gone on to spend far too much of your day imagining how your morning could have been spent if you hadn’t been in a hurry to leave the house. It was probably your hormones playing up but whatever the reason if he found out the direction your thoughts started taking whenever you thought he looked good it had the potential to become embarrassing.

“I wish. Then maybe I’d know when to stop talking.”  

You nodded, relieved that he hadn’t actually been reading your thoughts. And it was true, you had been a little sensitive lately, more prone to taking things the wrong way and there had been times where Mark could have helped himself by just shutting up. You always felt bad about snapping at him afterwards but it didn’t stop it from happening. Maybe you should apologise since he’d brought it up.

“I just figured that since you’ll be sitting here doing nothing while I’m out there in the cold I should at least get to come back with something I like.”

You threw a cushion at him all thoughts of apologising going out the window.

Sadly Mark managed to step out of the way before it hit him.

He was smiling now, clearly pleased with himself and you frowned. Obviously he’d been looking to get a reaction out of you. He could be such a child sometimes. “I told you I’d come with you.” You reminded him, trying to keep from pouting. He’d only tell you were cute and you didn’t want to hear it. You weren’t in the mood.

“I know, I was kidding.” He told you, still smiling that infuriating smile. “You’ve been on your feet all day, I want you to stay here and relax. That’s why I offered to go in the first place. Now what do you want?”

You thought about asking him to buy something he didn’t like and wouldn’t eat but you knew he was only messing with you because he wanted to distract you from how bad you were feeling. So you grudgingly told him that cookies and cream sounded great.

“Okay, cookies and cream. I can do that.” He said and he jogged across the room and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

That was something else you were jealous of, you couldn’t remember the last time you’d been able to cross a room that fast. You sighed.

“I’ll be back soon.” He assured you, following the statement up with a kiss on the mouth but before you could pull him back for another he was already at the door. “And honestly, I don’t mind going alone. If we went together it would just take ten times longer anyway.”

This time the cushion hit the door as he pulled it closed behind him.

~~~ ~~~

An hour later both cushions were back on the couch. There were two empty bowls on the coffee table in front of you, a half finished tub of ice cream between them. The television was on and the credits of a drama were playing. And you were curled up beside Mark, playing with the buttons of his shirt. Your back still hurt and your feet were still throbbing but you were the most comfortable you’d been all day. He made an amazing pillow.

“Nothing sounds right.” he murmured.

Since you were resting your head against his chest you felt the vibration of the words as well as heard them. There was something very soothing about that you thought as you hummed your agreement and wriggled closer.

You’d been reading the names scrolling across the screen aloud hoping they’d give you some ideas. Your son was arriving in eight weeks or less and so far you had nothing. If you wanted him to have a name when he was born then you needed to get a move on. But Mark was right, none of the names you’d just listed had sounded terrible but none of them had sounded right to you either. And his name was something your son was going to be stuck with for life. He deserved one that some thought had been put into not one you’d both agreed wasn’t that bad.

“Maybe we should just go with Jackson’s suggestion.” Mark said next.

You were about to tell him no way but the baby beat you to hit, kicking hard enough to make you jump slightly.

“Do you think that was a yes or a no?” Mark asked. His hand had been resting on your bump so he’d felt it too. When you’d first started showing you’d found it a little weird, the way his hands automatically gravitated to your stomach whenever you sat close but you were used to it now. And you found the fact he wanted to bond with the baby (that had been his explanation when you’d asked about it) incredibly sweet.

“It’s a no.” you told him. The baby was still kicking just not quite so hard so you took Mark’s hand in yours and slid it under your sweatshirt, finding the right spot for him so he could feel it more easily. His hand was warm and you hummed again in contentment, your eyelids getting heavier.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked. The baby kicked again and he brushed the spot with his thumb. “Maybe he likes it.”

“I don’t care if he likes it.” You told him with a frown. “I don’t care if you like it. We’re not naming our son Jackson.”

“It’s not a bad name. We could do worse.”

You were pretty sure he wasn’t being serious. When Jackson had suggested you name the baby after him he’d told him to stop being ridiculous. But you weren’t going to risk it. “No, it’s not.” You agreed, he was right, it wasn’t a bad name. If you’d have been thinking of baby names before you’d met Jackson you might have considered it. But you had met Jackson, he was Mark’s best friend and thus part of your family now. And he was a lovely person, he really was. You just didn’t think you’d be able to cope with two Jacksons at once. It sounded tiring. “Can you imagine raising a Jackson though?” you asked, tilting your head slightly so you could look up at your husband. “Could you deal with that amount of loud? Because I don’t think I could.”

Mark chewed his bottom lip, seemingly thinking the question over. “You’re right.” He said at last. “One Jackson’s enough. We don’t need two of them.”

“Exactly.” You said, happy he agreed with you. Children seemed to love Jackson though so he was probably going to end up your son’s role model anyway. There was a very real chance you’d end up with a mini Jackson in your house regardless. But if there was any way to minimise the chances of that happening you were going to take it. “Hey, maybe we should just name him Yugyeom. Yugyeom’s a good kid.”

“Yugyeom wants you to think he’s good kid.” Mark countered. “That doesn’t necessarily mean he is one.”

You had no idea what Mark was talking about. Yugyeom was an angel. But you didn’t argue. Mark had known him longer than you had after all. 

“We should do some proper research, sit down and look at one of those baby name websites together.” He suggested. 

“Maybe later.” you murmured. It was a good idea, doing some actual research instead of relying on drama credits and suggestions from your friends might get you somewhere. But right now you were happy were you were, curled up beside your husband, your head on his chest and his arm wrapped around you. Proper research could wait.

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It’s been most probably months since I received this tag and I got tagged again. I was busy and lazy during those months and this time I’ve already managed to make this post. Forgive me if I didn’t use a normal pen for this, I just wanted to use fineliners. Normally, my handwriting changes depending on what pen I am using. But most cases, the ones I am showing you guys is my normal handwriting. Hihi.

Like I’ve said I’ve been tagged before and the one I remembered doing so is tangledinletters. It was a different set of questions though, but I’ll just follow the latest - which was tagged by extrapapers. Thanks guys for tagging me. 

“What does your handwriting look like? If tagged, write this message with your own handwriting and tag 10 people.” For this tag, I’m tagging some who I’m not yet close with: melodyolivas, thepatriverse, lifewithjm, nastassialived, crssrosario, bonjourania, godspamperedprincess, pearltriestoblog, itseverythingnice, yroist. I hope you make some time to do this. It’s alright if you don’t. Hihi.

Things I’m in Love With

1 Song - Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

2 Movies - A Walk to Remember and Pitch Perfect

3 Shows - Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Wizards of Waverly Place

4 People - Meric, Elloisa, Khely, and Emma Stone

5 Food - Cookies, Cheesecakes, Mango Shake, Pizza, Shrimp Teriyaki

That’s it! Let’s see how your handwriting look like. :D