in his spare time, thranduil is also the king of roller derby.


You gotta hand it to the night guard, he really puts up with a lot.


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“We know that the videos are important but do not take them too seriously. We finished the video for the new single, “Fever”, but we do not want to ruin the surprise so there will anticipate anything!”
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Jeg mangler noget. Jeg ved ikke hvad. Kan mærke en lille gnaven i maven, som indikerer, at der mangler noget. Hvad mangler jeg?

Jeg ved ikke helt, hvad jeg føler. Jeg føler mig måske lidt tom?

Jeg føler, at… nej, jeg ved det ikke. Jeg kan ikke engang sætte ord på det. Jeg mangler ord. Jeg mangler svar. Mennesker. Noget at give mig til.

Nej. Jeg ved det ikke. Årh! Det er irriterende og trættende. Gør én lidt rastløs, lidt ked af det også.

Det ligger i hjernen. Svarene. Men det kan ikke komme ud. Jeg kan i hvert fald ikke få det ud. Ikke som ord i hvert fald. Men følelserne er der. Det er sådan, det kommer ud. Men jeg vil gerne vide, hvad det egentlig er helt præcis. Ellers er det svært at gøre det bedre.


“A laundry folding machine is possessed by a demon from Hell.”

The Mangler, 1995, Tobe Hooper (adapted from Stephen King short story)

Here’s the 2nd of 9 subjects. It’s the scientist’s(Vladmir) first successful experiment in resurrecting animals as well as grafting the bodies and DNA of different organisms together, which in this case is most likely a goat and some wild dogs or jungle cats.

It’s name is Mangler, but I may want to change it. I came up with a couple of different names, if you guys want to help me choose. The names are Auriga, which is latin for charioteer, but also the name of a constellation. The other name is Maaz(pronounced Maws), which is the name of a major star in the same constellation, and it means “goat”.

Once again, any design suggestions would be greatly appreciated.