Vjen nje kohe kur dyshon per cdo gje qe ka ndodhur.Fillon te dyshosh te gjitha ato mesazhe, dedikime,foto…e do te duken sikur i ka lexuar,shkembyer,realizuar dikush tjeter.Edhe pse thelle e di qe je ti ai aty por nuk e pranon.Pse? Sepse njeriu eshte krijese me emocione te forta dhe manipulohet shpejte.Dhe harrojme kaq shpejt qe jemi krijesa te llogjikes dhe arsyes.Kisha pergjigjen por jo zgjidhjen.
Cduhet te beja une edhd pse e ndjeja qe here here ajo ishte akoma aty.Mbase nuk me mendonte po aq sa une.
Te them te drejten kisha kohe qe nuk e mundja naten me te tilla mendime.Ironike por po aq edhe qesharake te tentosh te harrosh dike te humbur qe eshte rishfaqur tani demek me e rritur e matur natyrisht dhe me e bukur, me dicka qe une sdo ta kem asnjehere. Aftesine per ti thene jo!
Por arsyetimi im pak manget me thote se ai i dashuri i saj te cilin e kishte shok, jet, shpirt,dreq e nje mije pseudonime te tjera, nuk mundet te jap me asnje nga keto te gjitha.
Dhe besoj se nese te ka munguar ka qene me te gjitha defektet ashtu sic me ke munguar ti.

Mbase ti ishe e qarte ne mendimet e tua e dije se cfare kerkoje e thoje, por une jo! Doja vetem te ndjeja ethe e dritherima, doja te ndjeja veshtirsine ne frymemarrje.Mbase nuk e di edhe te te puthja te ndjeja stomakun te vibronte e te mos pushonte. Ndonjeher do te te jape te drejte, por thelle besoj qe jo.

For some reason I keep imagining Magneto singing Barbie Girl now

Erik: I’m a magnet boy, metal brings me joy
Life in metal, it’s so mental!
Try to read my mind, you’ll fail coz I’m not blind
Imagination, you gotta love mutation
Charles: Come on Erik, take off your helmet!“

What do you think so far? 

A Chick Manget

@abyssaldespair  BathBomb memes

The day seemed fine, everyone else was gone for the day and Haruhi could sleep in with the peace and comfort of silence. It was magical: just her in her bed listening to the sounds of the birds… and the rooster singing outside of her bedroom door…. Rooster outside her bed room door!?!? She jolted up just to make sure this wasn’t a dream but, there he was! 

“Wh-?!” She had no word as she shooed the bird out of the house but low and behold there were a cluster of 4 baby chicks peeping in the hallway. 

She paused from ushering him out and carried the young-lings in her arms. “How are these birds getting in here?!”

Then it was starting to click as she heard a symphony of clucks and chirps from the bathroom. She sighed in heavy annoyance, mentally bracing herself for what was to come, it was Obito. Looking over roughly 17 chickens. In her family’s bathtub.

“WHAT. ARE.YOU. DOING!?” She screamed at the top of her lungs

Your fave is problematic: Preston Garvey

  • Laughed a lot at the Jaimaica Plains treasure. He just laughed at it
  • Said he once saw a bloodbug fly away with a brahmin, didn’t bother to go into details. We need details man
  • Gets all flustered when Sole tells him they like him
  • He once said ‘’howdy’’ out loud
  • Has definitely said ‘’howdy’’ more than once
  • He calls his partner cute-as-Hell affectionate things like ‘’babe’’
  • Cares a lot about everyone and everything
  • Too nice
Flashback Friday: Best of Missy Elliott

I’ve been listening to Missy Elliott non-stop since she dropped the video for “WTF” so I put together a little playlist of my favorite Missy album cuts, singles, and featured spots.  I stopped just short of putting my favorite Missy productions on the list too because I already had 55 tracks without including songs she wrote or produced but didn’t appear on.  There are some notable omissions because some of the songs aren’t on Spotify (”Fighting Temptations,” “Car Wash,” “Ladies’ Night,” etc) but it’s still a pretty good overview of one of the most creative voices in music of the past 20 years.  Happy Friday!

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Lovelive! 2nd season bluray 02

Bought my bluray today. 

The first thing I did was to look at the CD. (nicomaki duet)
I love how it only has the words Maki and Nico on it. 



Front cover of the BD

Back cover

The special note

2nd page (I will be translating the interview, it’s a nicomaki interview) 

It also explains about the song Mangetic today and there’s the lyrics too. (which I will also translate) 

School Idol festival UR code

Maki UR

Nico UR


In short. 
I will be translating 
1) ずるいよ、Magnetic today (NicoXMaki duet) lyrics
2) Nico Maki interview
3) ずるいよ、Magnetic today’s explanation (I might dump it with the lyrics) 

4) pixiv doujinshi (there are a few that are not nicomaki but I really like them, so I’ll translate them when I’m free) 
5) Bluray 1 diary
6) Nico’s diary
7) there are probably others that I wanted to do but it slipped my mind. 
8) Manga 
9) Doujinshi (I’ve bought a lot, but I’ll put these on low priority because it’s too much effort lol) 

Events Reports (I’ve been there, taken the photos, but I’ve not written the reports yet) 
> Akuma no Riddle exhibition
> Gochuumon usagi desuka? exhibition
> Project Diva 5th anniversary 
> Lovelive displays