Designed by BTS, BT21!

For more info on the origins of these cuties, check out @BT21_ on Twitter!

ver 1 / ver 2 

Characters (in order):

Namjoon - Koya
Seokjin - RJ
Yoongi - Shooky
Hoseok - Mang
Jimin - Chimmy
Taehyung - Tata
Jungkook - Cooky

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UNIVERSTAR BT21 7 icons + 2 wallpapers :D

Universtar BT21 are new stickers on Line created by BTS! They are based on their drawings

Icons from top to bottom (+ descriptions):

  • Koya: Namjoon x
  • RJ: Jin x
  • Shooky: Yoongi x
  • Mang: Hoseok x
  • Chimmy: Jimin x
  • Tata: Taehyung x
  • Cooky: Jungkook x

You’re free to use anything but please credit me if you do♥♥