rinse the blood off my space toga

“Can I see? Wait, there’s no shafts? it just.. grows in two colours?”
“Er. Not exactly.”
“The other humans’ plumage isn’t near this bright. Are you a born leader?”
“HAH. no.”
“It signifies caste, then? Or a mating display?!”
“Not even close. I went out and paid an artisan to apply a harsh chemical to rip out my natural colouration, then apply this artificial one.”
“That sounds.. unpleasant.”
“Yeah it burned like a <<dog?>>, my scalp was tender for days after.”
“If it doesn’t create any advantages, what’s the point?”
“Ah, it just looks <<rutting>> <<cold>>. What other reason do we need?”
“..humans are weird. .. .. .. do you think it would work on feathers?”


pocky day w/ kookmin~~ also some mochi eating and uhh glasses jimin [my original tweets] *please don’t repost*

"They called it El Dorado"

The only thing I dont like about the black panther trailer, so in order to lift black people up you have to look down on latin american culture and appropiate our myths.


“Most diverse movie ever”

Blackest movie. Just cause 99% of your cast is black doesn’t mean it’s diverse, diversity means diversity not black people. Black tumblr loves to whine about their lack of representation and suffering but fucking one of us get shot by a cop there’s no hashtag trending on twitter. We voice our problems and some fucking hotep motherfucker crying that we stealing the fucking spotlight.

Than they come crying with their bullshit cause they need bodies for their protests. Than right after when you need some help.

“standing rock? Uhm flint still doesnt have water”

“Police brutality? No hablo espanol”

“Latinos are basically white”

Fuck you mang, we actually built pyramids.

“Uhm afro latinos”

Congrats you remembered slaves were shipped south of the border too, thanks for your contribution to cumbia.

And 11 percent of my dna.

I appreciate the height and the fluffy hair.