Illustration of women from different ethnic groups of the Belgian Congo with their traditional hairstyles and adornments

[There are over 250 different ethnic groups in DR Congo but these illustrations only include (in order from left to right) Bambuti, Wasongola, Bangala, Bayaka, Bangelima, Babali, Basengele, Baluba, Bambala, Batetela, Mangbetu, Azande, Wagenia, Sango, Bushongo (Bakuba/Kuba), Arabisée (/Swahili Waswahili/Baswahili), Ngombe and Banyamulenge (Tutsi Congolese)]

From the collection titled “Peuplades du Congo Belge” (People the Belgian Congo”)  part 1 , part 2


Mangbetu man, Medje village, Congo by Eliot Elisofon, 1970

The photograph depicts man wearing traditional barkcloth ‘nogi’. “The main item of men’s clothing was the ‘nogi’, a piece of barkcloth wrapped between and around the legs and held in place at the waist with a belt.” “Mangbetu hats combine basketry with feathers in various ways. Most hats were made to be purely ornamental, but some had special meanings.” [Schildkrout E., Keim C., 1990: African Reflections, University of Washington Press].


I’m looking for at least two mods to help me out with this blog. I made a similar post before and got people who were interested in being mods but they never got back to me, if you’re not 100% sure if you want to be a mod or not then don’t message me

To be a mod you’ll have to be Congolese, doesn’t matter if you’re only half or a quarter etc and this is only people from DRC not ROC

Any ethnic group, not just Bantu ethnic groups. I encourage Congolese people from Sudanic and Nilotic ethnic groups like Alur, Mangbetu, Bari etc to apply and if possible indigenous people as well

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak or understand French/Lingala

You have to be knowledgeable about Congolese cultures. I can be either traditional cultures or the modern culture (and also just your own)

No Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi sympathisers. But this doesn’t mean Congolese who are part Rwanda/Ugandan/Burundian can’t apply, you definitely can just don’t be a sympathiser (and this doesn’t mean you have to hate those three countries)

No pro-U.S or Belgium folks

No pro-Kabila folks

No anti-Banyamulenge folks

No anti-LGBT folks

If you’re not indigenous, meaning if you’re not Mbuti, Twa, Baka or Babinga then please be willing to educate yourself on discrimination they face 

If you want to be a mod just message me and I’ll ask you questions and I’ll be able to answer any you may have