Shipping names

I can’t be the only one knowing the difference between OriginalShipping and NamelessShipping, can I? 

Just to make it clear to people:
OriginalShipping / MangaPalletShipping = Red x Green / Green x Red -Manga-verse

NamelessShipping / MasaraShipping = Red x Green / Green x Red - Game-verse

I just get kinda annonyed when I search for OriginalShipping and gets to see a lot of NamelessShipping instead… ._.

mearry1713  asked:

This is not an ask but I'm just going to say I love everything about your blog ok. ♥

Fuck yeah, first comment. You win a picture and quite possibly my scandalously shaking Chimechos.

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Seriously, though, thank you for being so kind as to say so. ❤ Fuzzies baww i love message floof

As for the picture, well, hope you don’t have this already. If you do, here’s one that I doubt anyone’s seen. :) plus there’s always the ton of Red/Greens I post gradually