Introducing Miss Minx to the AU

The gem in the drawing does look like a chaos emerald, but I was just using it as a ref, so I just kept it in the final pic. Mainly bc I’m too lazy to get an actual purple diamond soooo.

anyway, story.

Purple Diamond is the ruler of Homeworld. She rules like a tyrant. She is also one of the strongest gems, no one dares to defy her. Because of her evil way of ruling, the crystal derps escaped to earth. Because of this, Purple diamond now sends corrupt and strong gems to earth to try and destroy them and the planet. So the cyrstal derps must protect their new home


So my parents got this stick, and cut a little off to use in the laundry room. They gave the rest of it to me, and told me to use it as a weapon. So I colored on it with my sharpies, and drew the gaming/game related channels I’m subscribed to on YouTube. It took all day, and a lot of stains. It turned out pretty good, better than I expected really. But I’m glad I got pictures when I did, because my dad totally ruined my hard work. He went to spray it with the stuff that seals the color in, but instead of a light spray he caked it on. So it got all wet, and the sharpy ran. So now it’s ruined, and I’m really mad. It took so long and put so much work into it only to have it ruined. I know he didn’t mean to, but I’m really sad now.

*sees hate on markimoo and other awesome youtubers

No. Just no. Don’t hate on those
People. You have no idea how hard these guys work to make the videos they do. They do this for US. They want US to SMILE. And SEIZE THE DAY!! (Carpe Diem)
But really people.. There are children who watch these guys for petes sake! Have some
Decency! You don’t want them to grow thinking youtubers are lazy and pathetic!?
Or even growing up to just hate them!
Treats these guys a little better for they need and deserve respect.


Everyone needs to see this


Town of Salem Official Music Video: Town of Salem Rap by Minx and Dave

damned-to-be asked:

Speaking of youtubers. Would any of the cycle characters sound like mangaminx. Cause her voice with an electronic edge to it would sound awesome



She could probably be one of them ye ye