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My Be x Boy magazine came early!

So just read chapter 5 of My Tongue in Your Mouth (I won’t say anything about it yet, other than it’s pretty cute!)  Bad news though, apparently chapter 5 is the last chapter of this series.  I’m sure there will be an extra in the tankou, so I’ll obviously buy that.  I look forward to her next new series, but she hasn’t announced anything yet.  Other than that, this was actually a pretty good Be x Boy magazine.  

There’s actually a new Aniya Yuiji series in here.  It’s called Inga-sei no Beze. It’s pretty, but a bit weird.  Has anyone else read it yet ?  I wonder what other people’s impressions were.  I’m sure it’ll be great, as all her stuff is amazing.  Here are a few pictures from it:

PS - I’m not announcing that I’m scanlating this at all (I still have that aniya yuiji dj to finish too).  I kinda wanna see where this series will go plot-wise before any decisions anyway.  But i’m sure someone will pick this up before then?
onBLUE編集部 on Twitter
“【7/25 ON SALE!!】『号外onBLUE 2nd SEASON vol.4 』扉まとめ公開!✨執筆陣:阿仁谷ユイジ、京山あつき、雁須磨子、akabeko、鳥野しの、くれの又秋、春之、夏野寛子、アラタアキ、ざいん、きはら記子、藤原旭”

Shodensha revealed the line-up of the upcoming volume of Gougai OnBlue available on the 25th of July. The cover has been drawn by Aniya Yuiji.

I miss these guys...

Does anyone else miss Takahiro and Tarou from Mou Ichido, Nando Demo (Aniya Yuiji)?

It’s definitely one of my favorite series (so glad Yuki introduced it to us).  This is from that doujin I mentioned awhile back.  So I actually translated it back then.  A super awesome cleaner will probably be cleaning this when she has time.  But I was bored today, so I decided to clean and typeset this page for fun (LOL, it took me an hour 😰 ~  I’m horrendously slow at cleaning and I tried to match the 8 billion fonts on this page).  But hopefully, we’ll be lucky to have their superior cleaning.  But until then, deal with my cleaning for this tiny spoiler!  Worst case scenario, I can probably just clean this chapter (and just try my hardest).  But I wanted only the best for this awesome couple.   

Anyway, here’s the beginning of how Takahiro gets topped!!!

Anyway, I think it would be best to actually focus on the projects on my projects page.  So we’ll see which one I randomly pick next!  Please excuse my projects page right now.  The html is kinda in limbo right now.  However, I actually commissioned a projects page, so it’ll look REALLY COOL soon.  So definitely be as excited as I am about that hahaha 👍🏻