mangaka: abe miyuki

It was announced the cover of the magazine emerald edition spring for April 27, 2017 Cover by Aiba Kyoko sensei

【By Aiba Kyoko】
With a double-colored door function “God ☆ Darling”
“We’ve been forced to have a younger boyfriend.” Neck door
★ “I’ve been forced to boyfriend.”

【By nakamura shungiku sensei】
★ “~ In the case of the world’s first love ~ Ritsu Onodera”
★ "Junjo mix"
★ Novel “In the case of the world’s first love - Hatori Yoshiyuki ~” novel / Fujisaki Miyako
[Apparently does not say something of act 45 of romantic junjou, I hope and we have the following act because sensei nakamura very well left the previous one]

【By Miyuki Abe sensei】
Super Lovers
hakkenden touhou hakken ibun 
new Hakkenden novel by abe miyuki

★ special appendix
“I’ve been forced to a younger boyfriend.” Drama CD
DISTRIBUTION: Daisuke Hirakawa, Takuya Sato

Okay, here’s a thing

If Abe Miyuki wanted her manga “Super Lovers” to be defined as pedophile, incest, disgusting then Ren and Haru would straight up have sex after the first few chapters in the manga, believe me, it would be way worse. But NO, she chose to give Ren a PAST, let them have their bonding times, and let Ren experience  the feeling of having a family, friends and people who care for him. For a child that had an abusive past, those things are too good to wish for, even though Ren just wanted to stay by Haru’s side but he got more than he expected and he knew clearly how much he’s loved. She even showed the problem Ren had trying to study Japanese and dived into Haru’s trauma when it came the day visiting his parents’ grave,…..

Let’s make this clear first, Haru was straight, he did have a relationship with a woman and he has never, I repeat, never thought of Ren as a sex partner. He even said Ren literally had zero sex appeal. But Haru loves Ren, be it brotherly love or as a lover, because Ren is the only one who is able to get behind Haru’s mask and Ren loves him too. They bonded over loneliness and understood each other’s feelings.

Ren official age in the manga is 16 and Super Lovers has 23 chapters, each one has 50+ pages, but Ren and Haru still didn’t have sex. Don’t tell me that 16 isn’t appropriate enough, some 16 years old girls in real life already start dating and having sex in the same day. I don’t know about the place you’re live in but mine school have already told the students to stop doing sex after school in the toilet.
Between Haru and Ren, it’s consensual. Ren is fully aware of what he is doing, he’s more mature than kids his age. Heck, he even says he wants to possess Haru because Haru has always been surrounded by women. While Haru is unsure about their relationship and he still wants to label it as ‘brotherly love’.

Last words: If you have read the manga, but still couldn’t continue it, then fine, you’re good to go. But don’t be like those people who haven’t read the manga, bother enough to write how they hate it and how illegal it is. You think typing out those kind of things is the right things to do, like fighting against something evil? No, it just makes you sound like an ignorant person.
I have seen a post go as far to say the writer should be killed, seriously people, maybe you and I don’t agree on the same stuff but at least I clearly know that if I don’t like a series, I won’t hope the author  to be killed.


Okay, so I won’t be satisfied until I get this out my chest but people need to STOP giving Super Lovers bad review when they barely even watch it or watch it with a close mind (NOTHING is ever will be right if you do it with a close mind, might as well don’t even come near it)

I get it, I’ve been there, the age-gap was slightly shocking, I mean 7 years? I was a bit weirded out too. I even once dropped it because I can’t seem to get comfortable but then when they decided to adapted it into an anime, I also decided to pick it up again but this time with an OPEN MIND.

And what happen?

I was pleasantly surprised, Haru and Ren while at the surface seem problematic with it’s age gap and Ren’s age turn out to be one of the most healthy couple I’ve come across, it’s healthier than most of Shoujou I’ve come across, healthier than most of Yaoi pairing I’ve known, healthier than some of big canon pairing I’ve known.

Remember that, age-gap can mean that there’s an imbalance power but you need you to take in other elements that will played out too. Haru never like using those power if it’s not for Ren’s own good and I mean really for Ren’s own good, not just because it’s what Haru think is good for Ren.

There are moments where Haru pushed too far, but he more often than that, he will stop when Ren even look slightly uncomfortable, Haru stop even when Ren said he’s not uncomfortable while he actually is.

And at times when he didn’t, which I remember happen only once, Ren was never scared to stop him and make Haru remember his mistake. Haru was always ready to apologize when he realized he was wrong.

There are even a time where Ren feel guilty for pushing Haru away but Haru yelled at him to not apologize because Haru know that he was the one who’s being selfish and spoiled.

Haru and Ren both are so considerate for one of another that sometime it’s so tooth-rotting sweet.

But there’s still problems with them, right? OF COURSE! Like any other couples, they have problems but they TALK about it. They have always TALK about it.

I seriously don’t remember a moment where Ren or Haru or both feel troubled and didn’t ended up talking about it to each other or to someone and then to each other because that was what this series is about.

It wasn’t about how sweet they are, it wasn’t about how perfect they are. No! Problems always come back after another was solved but they talk about it, like an actual couple should.

All of you should really give it a chance because this is not some fetish-focus fifty shade of gray, this is a series who know what they are carrying and trying to show how to do it correctly.

Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike  by Abe Miyuki

Fujishima Takara goes to high school and will start living in a dorm because he has lost all his family except for his father, who’s always away for his work. Takara has to share a room with Hosaka Kiyomine. Living together isn’t easy, and many rows ensue. Kiyomine is very introverted, while Takara is just the opposite. At first the two get on each other’s nerves because of those differences. But things turn towards friendship and later on, towards love?

Genre:  Comedy, Drama, School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice Of Life