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darkmasterplan: I have new follower… besiderunningwaters is Hannah from US. Hannah is recently tried her hand at writing fanfiction (an ouat fic about Baelfire’s friend, Moraine). You can read that story here: . Hannah just wrote a one-act play and she is going to enter it in a competition, and if possible, get it published.

My new follower is shipping Rumbelle, Snowing, SwanFire, Grova and Frankenwolf. She likes DarkCharm ( Rumple and Charming broship), too. I adore that particular broship

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Besides OUaT, Hannah is watching Fringe, Hannibal, Grim, Parks and Rec. and Community. Favorite movies: The Breakfast Club, Magnolia, The King’s Speech, Lord of the Rings and Disney movies.

How long are you on Tumblr? Not very long. You started blog on 12th of July, 2013. I started my blog on 1st of December, 2012. welcome to Oncers, Dearie

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My new follower isn’t fashionista, but she recently started opening herself up to more fashionable stuff, although she will always be a sneakers girl. Favorite color: Blue. Favorite animal: a sheep.

I am darkmasterplan. I am Milica, Dearie, sister, aunt, RumBelle and SwanFire shipper and Tumblr Expert. I am living in Serbia, Europe. My blog is RumBelle centric, OUaT related with occasional outburst of Doctor Who, Sherlock, How to train your dragon, Coraline, Narnia, Series of Unfortunate Events, Pan’s Labyrinth, Marie Antoinette, Shakespeare in love, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and anything Tim Burton related. I am publishing RumBelle gif sets, fanfiction, fanart, funny conversations and comics, OUaT spoilers, swords, castles, stained glass, fashion, art and everything else I find interesting


I am Little Fire Dragon. That’s my nickname. Thanks for following me, Dearie. Welcome to RumBellers. May all your ships became canon