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Can I ask for a recommendation too? I've been feeling a bit empty after watching the Koe No Katachi film, do you know anything similar to it?? Or a shoujo that has some drama to it but funny as well, like Kimi Ni Todoke and Blue Spring Ride? THANKS


have fun reading them.

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where do you read the manga?

Um I usually just google “bnha chapter __” and click one of the first results. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

But here’s a list of places that usually update pretty quickly:



-mangapark <–this is where i read the latest chapter

obviously there’s a lot more - I just can’t remember them right now lol

If you still can’t find a chapter feel free to just message me and i’ll send you the link if I have it :)

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Hello~ I was wondering, what sites do you recommend to read the All Out manga? I just tried mangafox, but the first 10 chapters or so aren't available. (Not that I could tell anyway, the site wouldn't let me click the links for them.)

All good!

Here is one starting from chapter 1 along with another site

The only (I think) group that is currently translating All Out manga is here 

but they don’t host the entire series on their site. They have it in the highest quality and I try to support tham as much as possible 

I hope this has helped you!

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