Beats me what the actual context to these was cos I can’t really read Japanese, but I liked the panel so I decided to colour it!

This was my first time actually doing line art for a mangacolouring…

(Original panel from Mayoe! Nanatsu no Taizai Gakuen!)


coloured one of my favourite panels and best title-drop ever - shingeki no kyojin.

everything about this name-drop is so well done. the overlay of kruger’s exposition of the freedom-seeking nature of the attack titan and the wings of freedom of the survey corp highlights the parallel between the advancing nature of both the attack titan and the SC.

shadis’ cloak is so well-illustrated and the sun glint streaming from across his shoulder creates this great sense of wonder and hope, as seen by that look of awe (and relief?) in grisha’s eyes.

and of course, the revelation that the title of the series was referring to eren (or at least the attack titan) all along…


 Hypothesizing about never being born is meaningless.
    You’re living your own life.
     Experiences that only you know,
        Feelings that only you feel,
         don’t deny them.
             You’re you.

Source: Tales of the Abyss official manga
Colouring: @seleniahanabira