Kuroo and Kenma Character Profile Coloring

So I colored the character profiles of these two adorbz. 

First up is bedhead-kun. \(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ 

Then next is pudding-head-kun :))

Coloring Haikyuu related stuff is too fun, I might quit college and do it for the rest of my life~ loljk.

I decided to color these two guys because 1. They’re adorable 2. Them being childhood friends is too precious considering their personalities (one is a laid-back, game-addict loner, the other is an intimidating leader-like guy with the most badass sense of humor, lol). They’re basically my two non-Karasuno favorite guys. :)

Thanks to for posting the translations. 

I don’t know if I should color the other guys… should I?