I started working on this coloring last week but since my wrist started hurting and i had tons of school work, I stopped but now I finished! It’s actually a bit swollen but yolo🤗😂 The quarter still hasn’t ended but I’m almost done with my exams so I can finally start posting everyday and maybe do some requests and collabs again❤ Changing how I color a bit cause why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ © @keiid for this beautiful lineart!😻

I can’t believe my short break is already over 🙃 well we’re back to stressful all nighters and mental breakdowns bc of school. Anyways, this Jerza art by Mashima killed me i had to color it 🌚 I’ll be posting the SPEED PAINTING of this on my youtube account! Stay tuned❤️